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Amy Rose (Main Star)

This is a movie from Amy Rose and the Looney Tunes

Vemon is on the Loose & he is terrorising the City with Carnage, Makuta, Krekka, Nidhiki & the 6 Piraka. It's up to Amy to stop them at all costs

(Only Kaytlinfencethefox, DARKEST PART OF THE STORM and Spongebob100)


Chapter 1: The Rise of Spider AmyEditEdit

(We see Amy walking through the city of Station Square)

Amy: (Humming) I wonder am I gonna do today?

(A black ooz falls on Amy's new Dress)

Amy: Huh? Ew! (scraps the Black ooz off of her new dress) I gotta get going

Jack: Hi Amy (steps on the Black Ooz) What the? Oh great, not the shoes

Amy: There the Black Ink is off of me, it's not gonna ruin my new Dress this time (walks off)

Jack: Sheesh, the Black Ink sure made a big mess

A Grey Hedgehog Slips on the ooz

Jack: And Sliperry too, are you ok?

Grey Hedgehog:(Smacks Jacks hand away) Back off, Jack (Walks off pissed)

Jack: Sheesh, I was only trying to help oh brother (walks off)

Amy: Jack what is the Black Gunk on your shoe

Jack: Huh? (notices the Black Ooz on his Shoe) I betta wash my shoes back at my home I'll see ya later (walks back to his home)

Amy: Ok see ya

(At the Grey hedgehogs home)

(Mind Playing as the Room mate who turns inot Carnage?)


Room Mate: Hey there Roomie, how's your day today?

Eddy: I told you to call me Eddy, and I don't know, I slipped on Black goo Ren, so What do you THINK!!!!!

Room Mate: Chill Roomie let me help you get that Black Goo off of you (takes off the Black Ooz off of Eddy & the Ooz got stuck) What the? What is this? I can't get it off !

The Ooz crawls up Ren's arm, and Eddy's Back

Eddy: (Screaming)


???: This is the Symbiot Goo, and Now there no Eddy only Venom!!!!

">(With Amy, Jack, Sonic , Blaze The Cat, Shadow, Blaze THC and Thrash playing Poker)

Shadow:(Suffleing the Cards)

Blaze THC: Jacky What is Wrong with you shoe?

Jack: Oh yeah, I accidently steped on Black Goo & it's somehow got stuck

Amy: That's the Same Black Goo that I scraped off of my New Dress (Notices a Red & Blue Spider on her Hand) What's this? Aww it's only a Spider, they can't harm you

The Spider Bites Amy

Blaze THC: Don't you think it is weird that this seem like Spiderman?

Amy: Ow, now you tell me

Jack: And I can't get this Black Goo off of my shoe

Sonic: Jack are you ok? Your looking more Black than normal

Jack: What do you mean? My Shoes are more black than my whole Body

Shadow: (Passing out 8 cards each)

Blaze THC:(Grabs hers)

Blaze The Cat:(Grabs hers)

Shadow:(Grabs his)

Jack: (Grabs his)

Amy: (Grabs her)

Sonic: (Grabs his) Anyways, let's play

Shadow:(Throws out a Dollar)

Blaze THC and Blaze The Cat:(Same amount)

Thrash: (Grabs his Card and Throws $5)

Sonic, Jack & Amy: (Throws out $2)

Shadow:(Smiling and Throws down a full house of Aces) Beat that!!!

Jack: Oh my, does that beat me? All I got is a pair of Kings & another pair of Kings

Shadow:I am going to get some beer

Amy: I only got 2 Pairs of Queens

Sonic: Be careful, sometimes it gives you Hiccups like that poor guy over there

Drunken Man: Wow, I'm heading home now, honey (hiccups) I'm heading..(hiccups) I'm hea..(hiccups) going home, so long (leaves)

Shadow:(Grabs a 6 pack of Beer) Weirdo, Jacks Streight Hand of Kings Wins the Pot

Jack: I guess this is my lucky day

Amy: Yeah, by the way, I felt strange when that Red & Blue Spider bit me

Sonic: How about a game of 21?

Jack: Sure & the player with the cards that's the closest to 21, but not higher than 21, wins the game

Shadow: I am in

Amy: I like to try it too

Sonic: Just one more game & we'll go home, ok?

Jack: Ok

Blaze THC: Jacky see at home (Kisses Jack before Choas Controlling home)

Jack: Ok bye Blaze THC

Amy: Let's play

(after the Game)

Jack: Woo, I can't believe Amy won with only 1 card

Amy: See? (shows them the 21 of Hearts) 21. Oh well somebody's gotta win, somebody's gotta lose

Sonic: How was that even possible?

Thrash: Well I am going to get some sleep Remember Blaze THC's Doctors appointment

Jack: I gotta get some sleep so uh...see ya later (leaves)

Sonic: Good night guys (leaves)

(Everyone leaves except for Amy)

Amy: (Sighs) I guess I can go home too

Thrash: See you tomarrow Mom

Amy: Bye (Thought: I wonder what's happening to me when that Spider bit me in the first place) Hmmmm

Thrash: If you want mom I got an Extra Room

Amy: Sure

Thrash:(Opens the Door to the Guest bed room)

Amy: Thanks Thrash. Good night (kisses Thrash's Cheek) (Goes to bed & starts falling asleep)


Spongebob: Wow, it's a lot of work at the Krusty Krab (goes to Bed) I'm bushed, well at least we're ok (Yawns) Goodnight Gary (Goes to sleep)

(In the Morning)

Spongebob: (Yawns) Good Morning Gary, it's time to go to the Krusty Krab (Puts on his Krusty Krab & starts walking to the Krusty Krab)


Spongebob: Huh? Is someone there? Oh well (continues walking) (hears an alarm going off) What the?

Patrick; Hey Spongebob, what's going on here?

Spongebob: (Notices Plankton getting away with the Krabby Patty) HOLY SHRIMP PLANKTON ! [yells]

Plankton: I did it. I finally got a Krabby Patty.

Amy: (Appears in front of him) Not quite Plankton, you have to get past me first !

Plankton; Oh look, it's Amy, too bad for you I've built 3 robots to destroy you (Summons 3 Giant Chum Bots)

Amy: This'll be easy (Smashes the first Chum bot with his Piko Piko Hammer)

Chumbot: (whacks amy down & her Piko Hammer going high up to the sky)

Amy: (Dizzy) Wow, I'm feeling dizzy (Normal) My Hammer (Jumps up high on top of the Chumbot & jumps even higher & tries to reach it, but she accidently conjures a Spider Web out of her Fingers & the web grabs the Hammer & it pulls it back to Amy's Hands & smashes another Chumbot) How did I do that?

Plankton: Oh no

Amy: (Conjures a Spider Web out of her Finger & spins around the Chumbot making him trap & the chumbot shuts down) And as for you Plankton your next (Swats Plankton back to the Chum Bucket with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Plankton: CURSE YOU AMY ROSE! (Crashes to the Chum Bucket) Ouch!

(Children of the Future has been deleted)


Spongebob: Thanks for saving the Krabby Patty Formula

Patrick: Yeah, how can we thank you

Amy: There's no need, I guess I'm just lucky I guess (notices a Costume Shop) Hmmmm I wonder


Spongebob: Wow, Patrick I can't believe Amy saves the Formula for us

Patrick: Yeah

Edd: Greetings gentleman

Spongebob: Hi Guys

Ed: Hello

Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy): Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we get the picture monobrow

Spongebob: Amy has save the Krabby Patty Formula from Plankton with her new...uh some kind of uh....Spider Powers I guess

Patrick: I guess so


Edd: Heavens, what was that?

Krekka & Nidhiki: (grabs a bag of Money & makes a run for it)


Eddy: And their stole a lot of Cash CHA-CHING

Edd: Eddy this is serious, come on

Venom: Carnage Follow The theives

Carnage: Yes Vemon. Wait who's that?

(They both notices a Familliar Pink Hedgehog in a Super Hero Suit similar to Spider Man, only Pink instead of red & Red instead of Blue & it was Amy Rose)

Amy: (Lands in front of them)

Krekka: What the?

Nidhiki: Who are you?

Amy: Remember me? I'm Amy as Spider Amy (punches Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: Ouch!

Amy: (Front flips & kicks Krekka)

Krekka: Ow!

Amy: (Conjures a Spider Web out of her Fingers & traps them with a Spider Web) Gotcha

Krekka: We didn't see that coming

(The Police came & took Krekka & Nidhiki to Jail)

Amy: (Swings from Building to Building by conjuring Spider Webs out of her Hands) WHEEE! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

Carnage: I'm afraid it's too late to get the Robbers now Vemon, a strange looking Hero has captured them

Venom: Then we will break them out Carnage and Any other villlian

Carnage: Right, let's go

(So both of the Villains set out to Jail to free the Villains)

Chapter 2: Vemon's PlanEditEdit

(At Jail)

(Krekka & Nidhiki is in a Jail Cell)

Krekka: Well this stinks

Nidhiki: Let's start all over again, are you sure Amy got biten by a Spider & she is a superhero called "Spider Amy" that is similar to Spiderman?

Krekka: Yep, that's preatty much it

Nidhiki: Well, what are we gonna do now? Break out or something?

A large hole Appears

Krekka: Wow, how did you know?

Nidhiki: I don't, looks like we're breaking out

Krekka & Nidhiki: (escapes Jail)


Nidhiki: What the...? Who are you?

Krekka: And why did you break us out?

Venom:You two work for me and Carnage

Nidhiki: Alright

Krekka: Works for me

Nidhiki: So what do you suggest we can do?

Venom: Break out the Piraka and Makuta

Krekka: Right

Nidhiki: Got it covered

(Krekka & Nidhiki fire their Blasters at the Jail breaking out only the Makuta)

Krekka: Wait, where are the Piraka?

Nidhiki: That's because they're already gone missing, you knucklehead ! (bonks Krekka on the Head)

Krekka: Ouch!

Carnage: We gotta go look for those Piraka & our plan will begin

Venom: Agreed Carnage

Krekka: Let's go find them

Nidhiki: Now where could they be?

(With the Piraka)

Reidak: The Brown?

Hakann: Not the Brown, the red

Vezok: The Red?

Zaktan: Right

Avak: Oh right, wait not Right, it's left

Thok: See over Pink Hedgehog with a Red Dress, is that Amy?

Zaktan: Yes it's Amy

Reidak: I don't think Sonic's with him

Hakann: I'm hungry

Vezok: We're all hungry

Avak: Come on let's go eat

Thok: Who knows, maybe we can meet up with her later

Venom: Going somewhere?

Zaktan: Vemon, Carnage, Krekka & Nidhiki, what are you doing here?

Venom: Looking for you

Reidak: For what?

Venom:Because we have the Same Enemy (Shows a picture of Amy)

Reidak: Amy Rose!

Nidhiki: Somehow she has Spider Power like Spiderman

Venom: And some of the Sybiote is on her

Krekka: Some?

Vezok: What do you mean some?

Venom:Don't guestion me

Avak: Right, so what should we do, Vemon?

Venom: Go with Carnage and get Amy's new dress some of the Symbiot is on it and the Jack's shoe

Zaktan: Right, let's go

(The Piraka, Makuta, Krekka, Nidhiki & Carnage goes off to find Amy & Jack)

Hakann: I got an Idea, how about the Piraka & I go after Amy, while the Rest of you goes after Jack

Krekka: Good Thinking

Makuta: We must stop Amy, once & for all

Carnage: Right, let's go

(The Piraka goes after Amy, while the others goes after Jack)

(With the Piraka)

Reidak: (Found Amy's House) There's her house

Zaktan: Let's find that Dress

(The Piraka goes through the window one by one into the House)

Avak: (Notices Amy's New Dress with Black Goo on it on the Table) There it is (grabs Amy's New Dress)

Thok: Let's go

(The 6 Piraka scram outta here & they hear hissing)

Reidak: Did you hear something?

Zaktan: Like what?

Hakann: I hear hissing, from inside the Dress

Vezok: (Grabs something out of Amy's New Dress revealing to be TNT) Mother


(The 6 Piraka are black covered)

Avak: Ouch

Amy: (puts on her Spare Dress on) There, I always have warehouses full of my Clothes for such an emergency & they all alike my Original Clothes


(With Krekka, Nidhiki, Makuta & Carnage)

Krekka: There he is

Nidhiki: (Spots Jack's Black Goo covered Shoe) There it is (grabs the Shoe) Got it

Carnage: (Notices a Coo Coo Clock inside the Shoe) What's this?

(The Coo Coo Clock alarm went off with a Coo Coo Bird saying "Coo Coo" 3 times to show it's 3:00)

Krekka: (Turns the arrows to 4:00 & the Coo Coo Clock comes back out again saying "Coo Coo" 4 times) (Giggling)

Nidhiki: Cut it out ! (sets the Coo Coo Clock back to 3:00 & coming out of the Clock, it wasn't a Coo Coo Bird this time, it's a Bomb)

Krekka: Coo Coo, Coo Coo....Coo Coo?


(They are all black covered)

Nidhiki: Where did we go wrong?


(The Villains came back to Vemon with Amy's Black Goo covered Dress & Jack's Black Goo covered Shoe)

The Goo moves off of the Dress and Shoe to Venom and Carnage

Carnage: Ahhh, we feel stronger now thanks, we're been black covered because of the Bombs

Zaktan: Yeah & we got hit. Anyway what should we do now?


Reidak: Ho Ho, very funny, Ha Ha & drool

Venom:(Roars and his sharp teeth is seen)

Zaktan: What's happening?

Carnage: (Roars & his muscles grows larger & his sharp teeth is seen also)

Krekka: Whao, this is scary

Nidhiki: Yes

Makuta: Now your transformation is complete it's time to destroy that Pink Hedgehog

Venom: Yes

Carnage: Then let's go!



(At Amy's House)

Amy: Phew, what a day of Crime fighting. 18 Criminals stopped & put in Jail, I need a break (puts her "Spider-Amy" Costume in the Closet neatly on the Coat Hanger) There, that should do it

News Cast: Alert a break out of the Worst of the Worst in the Maximum security Jail by a Black being and Red Being, the Escapies are Makuta, the Piraka and Two Dark Hunters

Amy: Oh my, this looks like a job for Spider Amy (goes into the Closet & changes into her "Spider Amy" Costume) There. Here I come (conjures a Spider out of her Hand & swings building to building)

Chapter 3: The Battle BeginsEditEdit

(At Jail)

Krekka: Ha Ha! This is even better

Nidhiki: Yeah, she'll never capture all of us

Amy: Think Again Nidhiki ! (Lands & conjures a Spider Web out of her hands & captures all of the Prisonors)

Reidak: You know what? I think she can do that really fast

Zaktan: Get her!

Venom:(A black Web grabs Amy) Now to get rid of the Sonic obsessed pink Prick

Amy: (Grins) (conjures a Spider Web out of her Fingers at the 6 Piraka to trap them)

Thok: She got us

Avak: How do we get outta here

Vezok: I don't know

Zaktan: (Notices Amy had escape the Black Web) Where'd she go?

Hakann: He was right here a minute ago

Reidak: She has escaped

Amy: (Appears on top of a Building) Yoo Hoo, Mr. Villians

Venom:(Jumps and Climbs the Wall)

Carnage: (Jumps & climb the Walls)

Amy: Uh Oh! (conjures a Spider Web out of her Hands & traps Vemon & Carnage in a Spider Web) That's 8 Down, 3 more to go

Makuta: You'll never defeat me

Krekka: Get Her! (Charges at Amy)

Amy: He's charging like a bull (conjures a Spider Web out of her Hands to make a Cape out of Webs)

Krekka: (Charges at Amy, but got hit something behind the Cape)

Amy: (Reveals the cape to be a Big Rock) Ole!

Krekka: (Feeling Dizzy)

Venom Breaks free but stops and picks up Blaze THC's pregnacy smell

Nidhiki: (Fires a Kanoka Disk at Amy)

Amy: (Dodges, but the Kanoka Disk comes back at her) Homing Disks! (Conjures a Spider Web out of his Hands & fires at the Kanoka Disk & swings it around like in Hammer Throw & throws it at Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: Oh Nuts! (Got hit by his own Kanoka Disk) Ow!

Makuta: Your going down you Pest

Amy: Bring it own

Venom: Thok, Avak and Redahk with me and Carnage

Thok, Avak & Reidak: Right

Zaktan: Oh no you don't we're not leaving any Piraka Behind

Hakann: Yeah

Vezok: We work as a team

Venom:(Roars his point across)

Amy: (Wraps around Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta with her Spider Web) Who's next?

Carnage: Their captured Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta already

Venom: (Had Left)

Carnage: What's that your trying to say, I can't hear you

Amy: (Taps Carnage's Shoulder) Peek-a-boo

Carnage: (Turns to see Amy) Yipe!

Amy: I see you (Punches Carnage at the Face, making him turn back to Ren)

Ren: Ow, what was I just doing?

Zaktan: Carnage is been turned back to normal

The Goo roars angrily

Reidak: We're wasting time & go!

The Goo Lurches at Ren

Ren: Not again (Turns into Carnage)

Carnage: Your gonna regret that

Zaktan: No time, let's move

(The Piraka follows the Scent of Blaze THC)

Chapter 4: The Birth of the Baby BoyEditEdit

Blaze THC is at the Hospital

Jack: Hi Blaze THC, I'm here for you

Blaze THC:(In labor and Pushes)

Jack: Yeah, I'll wait (Waits in the Waiting Room) (Whistles)


Zaktan: Guys, I don't think that's right

Reidak: Me neither

Avak: Even we're not that cruel

Hakann: We just want to stop Amy

Vezok: Man, what should we do with Vemon

Thok: I don't know

Zaktan: I have an Idea. Now listen (whispers to the Piraka)

Blaze THC:(Screaming)

Reidak: Wow, what a screamer. Vemon is coming, quick hide

(The 6 Piraka hide from Vemon, getting ready for an Ambush)

(With Amy)

Amy: Alright Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta, it's back to Jail you go (Puts Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta back in Jail) There, that's 3 down, 8 more to go. I wonder where did Carnage & Vemon run off to. Hmmm?

(Back at the Hospital)

Baby Boy:(Crying)

Blaze Thc:(Smiling and holding her new baby that looks like Jack)

Jack: Aww, it's so cute & it looks just like me

(Back with Amy)

Amy: (Hears Jack & Blaze THC) It's Blaze THC & Jack, they have their 4th & Final Baby (goes to the Hospital)

(With Blaze THC & Jack)

Jack: Wow, he's so cute (tickles the Baby Boy) Coochy Coochy Coo

Baby Boy:(Giggles)

Jack: Aww, what should we name our new Baby Boy?

Baby Boy:(Sneezes and smale Embers appear)

Jack: Whao, this is new

Chapter 5: Venom's ReturnEditEdit

Amy: (arrives at the Hospital) Here I am, I hope it's not too late

(Inside the Hospital)

Jack: (Sighs) Our Baby Boy is so cute

Blaze THC: How about Darkfire the Hedgehog?

Jack: Yeah, sure why not. Darkfire is perfect for our new son

Baby Darkfire:(Giggles and Accidentally sets his fathers shoe on fire)

Jack: What's burning? (Notices his Shoe is on fire) YEOW! (jumps up & lands inside a Giant Fish Tank outiside) (Emerges) Man, he sure is a Hot one. Hey? Hot...One? Hot One. Hey I made it funny

Baby Darkfire:(Giggles)

Jack: (Climbs out of the Giant Fish Tank) Whew I'm feeling wet

Amy: (Gives Jack a Towel) Here Jack, use mine

Jack: Aw thanks Amy, your a real pal. By the way, what are you doing here anyway?

Amy: Vemon & Carnage are about to...

Jack: About to what?

Amy: Let's go inside & I'll tell you the whole thing. After you Jack

Jack: After I what?

Amy: (Facepalms) Let's go

(Amy & Jack comes back inside the Hospital)

Baby Blackfire:(asleep)

Jack: Hi honey, I'm back. Sorry about the delay.

Amy: Hi Blaze, I told Jack the Warning I gave him

Baby Blackfire: ZZZZZ

Blaze THC: What?

Amy: It's Vemon & Carnage, they want your baby

Blaze THC:(Dark Flame energy surrounds her with anger) WHAT (Growls)

Amy: Vemon & Carnage want to steal your baby, that leaves only one question, but why?


Jack: Aww great, now our Baby is Crying, Blaze THC. What should we do?

Blaze THC:(Hodling her baby)

Amy: We betta protect your baby at all costs before Vemon & Carnage get here

Venom: I am afraid you are too late

Baby Blackfire:(Cuddling his mother)

Amy: It's you two again

Carnage: That's right now hand over the Baby or else!

Amy: Never! (conjures a Spider Web out of her Fingers at Vemon & Carnage)

Venom:(Grabs the Web and Pulls Amy down) Rethink that or the city goes goodbye

Carnage: Yeah!

Amy: (Gulps) Oh dear, what should I do?

Zaktan: NOW!

(The 6 Piraka Tackles Vemon & Carnage & Amy pushes all 8 of them out of the window with her Piko Piko Hammer, the 6 Piraka, Vemon & Carnage bounced off by a Trampoline, crashes through the Fly Paper Store, covered in Fly Paper, then the Glue Shop, covered in Glue, then the Explosive Gun Powder Store, covered in Nitroglycerin, Gasoline, Gun Powder & Uranium 2-38 & lastly exceptly not least, the TNT Store & then...)


(The Piraka, Vemon & Carnage are still flying looking all banged up, & lastly crashes into a Wall into Jail)

Amy: And that's how I roll !

Carange: Curses! Foiled again!

Venom:(Pulls out Detnator and strangles a Guard)

Jack: Vemon's got a Detnator, the city is gonna blow, Amy do something!

Amy: I don't need Superpowers to fight the Bad Guys

Jack: You don't?

Amy: Nope

Jack: Then why aren't you doing anything?

Carnage: Vemon, activate the Detnator!

Venom: (Detnates a volcano)

(But the Volcano didn't explode)

Lewa Nuva: Jack lets ever-quick get your wife to Le-Metru

Carnage: Wait, what happen? Why didn't go kaboom? (Notices the TNT behind him is been connected to the Denator) Oh no!


(Vemon, Carnage, The Piraka, Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta are all black covered & they all fainted)

Amy: That's why

Jack: But how did you stop the Volcano from Erupting?

Amy: It's easy! When I noticed the Bomb in the Volcano, I stole the Bombs from the Villains & bring them back to them before coming here

Jack: Very clever

Amy: They won't be bothering us now

(Back in Jail)

Carnage: I can't believe this, how did Amy stop the Volcano from erupting?!

Krekka: I guess she doesn't need Super Powers to stop the Volcano

Nidhiki: Somehow Amy have taken back the TNT back to us & we didn't even noticed

Makuta: We Hate that Pink Hedgehog!

(Back with Amy Rose)

Amy: Ok then Blaze THC, let's get you to Le-Metru (Whistles to call a Giant Flying Bird) I don't need a Costume (takes off her Spider Man Costume & gives it to Jack) Here you go Jack

Jack: Uh Thanks

Amy: My Real Speical Power is to stop Villains from Destruction

Venom had escaped leaving Carnage to Rot in prison

Carnage: Vemon, where are you going? We had a deal !

Makuta: We will have to ally with (Says it as if spitting out poison) the Heros

Krekka: You can't be serious

Nidhiki: He's dead serious

Zaktan: Then let's go help Amy

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Right !

Reidak: Let's get moving

Chapter 6: In Le MetruEditEdit

Jack: We're here

Amy: I wonder why we're here for, it's so like going to fly up in the air

Tahu Nuva: Oh great

Gali Nuva: Hello Jack

Jack: Hi there

Amy: What's up doc?

Pohuto:So this is Amy

Amy: How's it going?

Jack: Yep this is my friend Amy Rose

Amy: It's very nice to meet you

Onua:(Walks in with granite shards and See's baby Blackfire)

Amy: Hi Onua

Jack: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. SO that leaves...

Kopaka: (Walks in)

Amy: Kopako, the Toa of Ice, it's the Toa Nuva, it's an honour to meet you all

Blaze THC: Where is the Seventh Toa Nuva?


Amy: Toa Takanuva, it's really nice to meet you

Takanuva: Hello Amy, We have a Problem

Amy: What is it, Takanuva?

Makuta:(Taps Amy's Shoulder)

Amy: THE MAKUTA! With Krekka, Nidhiki & the Piraka, what are all of you doing here?

Carnage: (Appears) It's Vemon, he betrayed us Villains & now we need your help


Lerahk. Kuurahk, Guurahk, Panrahk,Vorahk:(Appears)

Amy: Rahkshi !

Jack: What should we do?

Makuta: There not my rahkshi

Jack: If there not your Rahkshi, then who are these Rahkshi belong to?

Darkstorm: they are brothers

Jack: Darkstorm? I've Proberly shouldn't have asked that

Amy: What are you doing here Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Venom

Amy: Not him again

Jack: Amy, he knows every Spider Power in you

Amy: That's why I'll defeat Vemon, the old fashion way

Darkstorm:Not exactly

Amy: What do you mean by that Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Holds out a low energy Chaos Emerald)

Amy: Is that a Chaos Emerald? There's only 1 here, where are the other 6?

Jack: Oh dear, the Chaos Emerald is losing power

Amy: We need to revive the Chaos Emerald & stop Vemon & fast

Blaze THC: Venom is begining to drain the Chaos Emeralds

Jack: What a horrible thing to do, but why would we Drain the Chaos Emeralds

Amy: He wants power from it, so he steals the Power of the Chaos Emeralds, we betta find the other 6 Chaos Emeralds & fast

Zaktan: Ok then, but how are we gonna find the Chaos Emeralds?

Reidak: They're far away by now

Avak: I wonder if there are Chaos Emeralds Metru Nui?

Vezok: Well for one thing maybe your right, maybe your not. Let's find out

Hakann & Thok: Right ! That's the same thing we said, what? Why you...!

Amy: Guys, we'll work together as a team to get the Other 6 Chaos Emeralds back as a team

Turaga Dume: (Walks in)

Jack: Who are you?

Makuta: It's Turaga Dume

Jack: Who?

Amy: Let me explain to him, excuse me Mr, but the Chaos Emeralds are on low Power & we need to get all 7 Chaos Emeralds so we can stop Vemon, once & for all.

Turaga Dume: I know why your here

Amy: You do?

Jack: But how?

Amy: Trust me, you don't wanna know Jack

Jack: Oh ok

Amy: So what are you doing out here Turaga Dume?

Turaga Dume:(Hands over a chaos enerald)

Amy: It's another Chaos Emerald, we have 2 Emeralds & they looked drained

Zaktan: We gotta find the Other 5 & fast

Reidak: The Other 5 Chaos Emeralds are hiding in each Metru. That means there's one Chaos Emerald in each Metru

Amy: We have the Green & Cyan Chaos Emerald, we must find the other 5

Darkstorm:(Holds out Apocalypse Emerald)

Amy: Huh? Darkstorm, what are you doing?

Vezok: I don't think we ever gonna find out

Avak: (Reading the Map upsidedown) That's strange, I've never seen this island before

Amy: Avak, your reading the Map, upside down (turns the Map Rightside Up)

Thok: Oh, thanks

Darkstorms apocalypse emerald glows

Amy: What's it doing, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:There is a Chaos Emerald Nearby

Amy: Yeah & each Chaos Emerald is hidden in each Metru, which one is the Closest Metru, besides than Le-Metru?

Darkstorm: Ta metru

Amy: Whao, this place could be hot over there, I betta put on some Sunblock to prevent from getting Sunburn

Darkstorm:(One of his wings is over Amy)

Amy: Huh? Darkstorm, why are you holding your wing over me?

Darkstorm: To protect you from the heat

Amy: Ok then (Puts on Sunscreen) There

Darkstorm:(Stick his arm into the Lava and Pulls it to show he is fire Proof)

Amy: Wow, your fire proof, but I'm not

Darkstorm: There is a way but I don't think you'll approve

Amy: Really? What is it?

Darkstorm: My blood if drank, will give the Drinker a few of my abilities

Amy: Ew! I don't like drinking Blood, but it's for a worthy cause, I'll do it

Darkstorm:(Cuts his hand)

Amy: (Gulps) Ok then, here I go

Darkstorm:(Picks up amy and Puts her on his back and Runs)

Jack: Be careful Amy

Amy: I will, you keep an eye on your wife ok?

Jack: Got it

(Amy, Darkstorm, Toa Nuva, The Piraka, Krekka, Nidhiki, Rahkshi, Makuta & Carnage sets out to find the Other 5 Chaos Emeralds)

Chapter 7: In Ta-MetruEditEdit

(At Ta Metru)

Amy: Phew it's hot out here

Hakann: Ahhhh, this is the life. I'm a Fire Type you know

Amy: Yeah (put up his Umbrella & uses it for Shade) There we go

Darkstorm:(Jumps into the Lava)

Amy: Yipe! What re you trying to do? "Burn me up?" Get it? I'm mad & I'm burning up

Piraka: (Laughing)

Zaktan; Yeah, that was a good one

Darkstorm:(On comunitcator) I am immune remember

Amy: Oh right. Don't worry, I always be prepare for such an Emergency (puts on her Pink ACME Fire Proof Suit) There we go. Let's keep on moving

Krekka: Ok then

Nidhiki: Oh yeah

Carnage: (Thought: Vemon, wherever you are, I'm gonna get revenge on you for letting me rot in a Jail Cell)

Darkstorm: (Grabs the Red Emerald)

Amy: We found a Red Emerald (looks at the Red Chaos Emerald) Do you think the whole temple is booby trapped?

Zaktan: Don't worry, we're perfectly fine

(The Temple starts to crumble down)

Zaktan: Or I could be wrong you know


(Amy, The Piraka, Carnage, Darkstorm, Makuta, Krekka & Nidhiki starts running out of the Temple)


Amy: Don't worry, I'll get you out of here (pulls out the ACME Trap Slicer & uses it to free Darkstorm) There we go

Reidak: (Carries Darkstorm) Ok then, Let's get outta here

Amy: Come on !

(Our Heroes carries Darkstorm out of the Ta-Metru Temple)

Amy: That was a close one

Reidak: Yeah, that Temple nearly killed us

Zaktan: So, we have 3 Chao Emeralds now, only 4 left

Darkstorm:(Horse breathing)

Krekka: What's he doing?

Nidhiki: Well we don't wanna talk about it

Amy: Anyways, where is our next Location we're going Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Drops his Apocalypse Emerald because he can't breath)

Avak: What's going on, he's not breathing

Zaktan: Alright, alright ! (giving Darkstorm CPR) Eww (Repeats) Eww (repeats) Eww (Repeats)

Darkstorm: (Pushes Zahktan off) Ko-Metru

Zaktan: Oof! (falls to the ground)

Amy: Don't worry, I always keep my Snow Clothes for such an Emergency.

Darkstorm:Amy take my Apocalypse Emerald

Amy: (Grabs the Apocalypse Emerald) But why Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:My lungs are scorched

Amy: Uh I don't know what that means, I betta look in the Dictornary (Looks at her Dictornary to find the word "Scorched") Aha there it is

Darkstorm:(Coughs and Smoke coughs out)

Amy: Ohh, so that is Scorched feels like, eww. Let me fix this (turns on the Fan to cool down Darkstorm from the Inside)

Darkstorm:(Coughing worse)

Amy: Whoops (turns off) Sowwy. Let me try dusting the Scorch out of you. (Goes inside Darkstorm & dust the Scorch out of Darkstorm's Lungs) There we go. Good as new! (Goes out of Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Coughing and more smoke bellows) JUST GO (Coughing)

Amy: Ok, ok.

Reidak: Sheesh, what a grouch

Zaktan: You can say that again

Reidak: (Tries to say it again, but being stopped by Zaktan)

Zaktan: Don't

Reidak: Oh

Chapter 8: In Ko-MetruEditEdit

Amy: (Wearing her Snow Clothes from "Mario & Sonic at the Oylmpic Winter Games") Come on

Thok: I love the cool breeze

Hakann: (Shivering) But I don't

Venom:(Slithers into Hakann's Shadow and makes him slap Thok)

Thok: Ow, what was for?

Hakann: Uh, that's not me

Thok: Ho, ho, very funny, ha, ha & drool

Venom: (Slithers into Zahktan and makes him Punch Amy and Kick Makuta)

Amy: Owie! Zaktan!

Makuta: What was that for?

Zaktan: That's not me either

Venom:(Goes in Makuta's Shadow and makes him chop all of Amy's hair off and flick her ears)

Amy: Hey ! (bonks Makuta on the head with her Piko Hammer) Fortunatly, I have a spare for such an emergency (pulls out the "ACME Instant Quills" [Comes in any kind Colour you know]) (she grabs the Pink Bag & puts on her Spare Pink Quills on) There much better

Makuta: I feel dizzy

Reidak: Hey, someone is controling Hakann's, Zaktan's & Makuta's Shadows

Amy: I had a feeling I know (Holds up a Big Bell & starts ringing it, vibrating Vemon)

Venom: (Uneffected and Slithers into Amy's shadow and Makes her flirt with Hakann)

Hakann: Guys, I need some help here

Avak: With plessure (Pulls Vemon out of Amy's Shadow & starts smashing him & spins him around like he was in the Hammer Throw & let's go of him, making Vemon fly off & crashes into the Snow) WHAO HOO HOOOOOOO NELLY!

Venom:(Slither up Avak's arm and strangles him)

Avak: (Chocked) HELP ME!

Krekka: (Pulls Vemon out of Avak's Arm & starts Chocking him) Got you now! Nidhiki, NOW!

Nidhiki: (fires his Radooka Spinner at Vemon, electricuting him)

Venom:(Escapes and head to the Emeral)

Reidak: Where is he going?

Zaktan: He's heading towards the Emeral ! By the way what is the Emeral?

Amy: The Chaos Emerald ! I know a shortcut

Vezok: You do?

Amy: Yeah there's a sign over here (points to the sign pointing to the Elevator, that says "Shortcut To Ko-Metru Temple") Come on!

Carnage: Right, Vemon shall pay !

(So our Heroes heads inside the Elevator & started to wait in the elevator with Elevator Music)

Vezok: Nice Music huh?

All: Yes!

Nidhiki: Even Krekka think it's amazing

Krekka: Did I ?

(Back in the Ko-Metru Temple)

(When Vemon got here, his jaw had dropped to the ground because he saw Amy, The Piraka, Rahkshi, Krekka, Nidhiki, Makuta & Carnage inside

Amy: (Holding up the White Chaos Emerald) Looking for this, Vemon?

(the Temple is about to crumble)

Carnage: Here we go again

(Our Heroes runs out of the Temple before it crumbles to the Ground with Vemon)

Reidak: Ohhh that's gonna leave a mark.

Zaktan: Yeah, we got 4 Chaos Emeralds, only 3 more to go

Vezok: We've done good

Amy: So what's the 4th Location near Ko-Metru?

The Apocalypse Emerald fires a beam to Po-Metru

Venom:(Slithers away unnoticed)

Amy: Oh, that'll do

Avak: Come on guys (carries the Heroes) Let's get a move on ! (goes inside the Beam with the Heroes & teleports to Po-Metru)

Chapter 9: In Po-MetruEditEdit

Amy: We're here

Avak: It's like I'm home already

Carnage: We gotta find the Yellow Chaos Emerald before it's too late

Amy: Right so where could the temple be? (notices about 20 Signs that points to the Po--Metru Temple, some of the signs says "This way", the other signs says "The Po-Metru Temple is that-a-way" & the Last one it says "You've made it") Oh, here are some signs, let's follow them

(Our Heroes follow the Signs to the Po-Metru Temple)

Po Metru Temple Guardian: This is me none shall enter

Avak: Non shall enter?

Amy: It means we cannot pass

Avak: Oh right, let me try something, I'm a Piraka of Stone after all.

Amy: Oh dear, this is gonna end very badly

Avak: Excuse me, we need the Chaos Emeralds to stop Vemon from Total Descrution

Po Metru Temple Gaurdian:(Stomps on Avak)

Avak: (his body bounces up & down like an Acorddion) Sheesh, he packs a punch

Po Metru Temple Gaurdian:(Makes a Boulder fall on Avak)

Amy: That's it, I had enough ! (crushes the Boulder into Pieces with her Piko Piko Hammer before it falls on Avak) What is the matter with you? You almost crushed my friends

Po Metru Temple Guardian: Do you have something to trade to enter?

Amy: Trade? Ok, let's see here (pulls out lots of stuff in her Pockets) Let's see I have 3 Steering Wheels, 10 Tires, 6 Car Doors, 2 Thrusters, 7 Engines & a Yo-Yo

Zaktan: How did she...?

Reidak: We betta not ask

Po Metru Temple Gaurdian: Tell you what I'll let you if you find my Kikinallo

Amy: Ok then, don't worry. We'll get you a Kikinallo

Thok: Uh Amy?

Amy: Yes?

Thok: What's a Kikinallo?

Po Metru Temple Guardian: Don't Come Back till you find one

Amy: Ok, come on, let's go

(Our Heroes goes out to find Kikinallo)

Makuta: Chasing Rahi

Vezok: Where are we gonna find one?

A Rhino Like Rahi Tramples Vezok, It is a Bull/Male Kikanalo

Vezok: I hadda ask. I HADDA ASK !

Amy: There it goes & it's charging like a bull YOO HOO, Mr. Kikanallo

The Kikanalo stops and Charges after Amy

Amy: (Wearing her Matador Costume, flapping her Red Cape) Toro! Toro!

The Kikanalo focused on Carnage and Hakann

Hakann: Carnage & I are both Red

Amy: Exactly ! Now keep still you two

Carnage: Ok

the Kikinalo charges at Hakann and Carnage

Amy: Now! (jumps on top of the Kikinallo) YEE-HAW!

Krekka: Look at her go!

Nidhiki: Yeah, I've never seen her ride a Kikinallo before

The Kikanalo Gives up

Amy: (tries to sooth the Kikanallo down) Don't worry, you'll be fine. Come on, let's take it back to the Po-Metru Temple Guardian

Kikanalo relaxes

Hakann: So how are we gonna give the Kikanallo to the Temple Guardian of Po-Metru

Amy: (Hops off) Don't worry, he'll be with the Temple Guardian in no time. Come on Mr. Kikanolla, let's go

Kikanalo fallows

Zaktan: (Carries Vezok) How did she sooth the Kikanallo down?

Reidak: Maybe she is good at soothing down creatures

Avak: Anyways, let's go. There's no time to lose

(Our Heroes & the Kikanallo went back to the Po-Metru Temple)

Amy: Hi Mr. Guardian we're back

Po Metru Temple Guardian: That was shorter than expected

Amy: (Shows the Kikanallo to the Po Metru Temple Guardian) Here's the Kikanallo you wanted

Po Metru Temple Guardian:(Shrinks to Human Size and Gets on the Kikanalo and rides it like a bucking bull)

Avak: He wants to ride the Kikanallo like a Cowboy?

Amy: I'm afraid so, now come on, let's go. Goodbye Mr. Po Metru Temple Guardian

(Our Heroes goes inside the Temple & grabs the Yellow Chaos Emerald)

Amy: Got it

Zaktan: We have only 2 Chaos Emeralds to go

Reidak: Hey, where are the Rahkshi?

Vezok: I don't know

Krekka: Maybe their missing

Nidhiki: They ARE missing you ding dong!

Krekka: Oh

Amy: Come on, our next Emerald is somewhere close to Po Metru, but where?

Thok: I sence it's either Ga Metru or Onu Metru

The Apocalypse Emerald Glows and a beam points to Ga Metru

Kurahk: You Won't make it (Venoms voice) Cause I have Full Controll of Unholy Darkstorm

Amy: (bonks Kurahk on the head with her Piko Hammer, causing Vemon to lose control of Kurahk) It's Vemon again, let's get outta here

(Amy, The Piraka, Krekka, Nidhiki & Makuta makes a run for it out of the Temple)

Amy: I think I'll try my new Spider Powers just one last time. Here goes nothing (conjures a Spider Web out of her Fingers & traps Vemon in a Spider Web) I've done it

Krekka: But I thought you said you don't need any powers

Amy: Not just yet

Nidhiki: Ohhh

Amy: Now come on, next stop Ga-Metru

Chapter 10: In Ga-MetruEditEdit

Amy: Here we are

Vezok: I love the Smell of Water Types in the Morning

Amy: (Goes into the Changing Room & changes into her Swimming Costume from "Sonic X" which is Red with White Hearts on them & she's wearing her Red Sandals as well) There we go, my Swimming Costume is perfect when I'll be swimming into the Waters of Ga-Metru with you guys

Vezok: Yeah, I'm a Great Swimmer

Avak: I might Drown

Reidak: Me too

Hakann: Me as well

Thok: Sorry, but no

Zaktan: Not me either

Amy: Then you need these! (shows the Piraka, Makuta, Krekka & Nidhiki Snorkles & Masks & Swimming Flippers) These will help you swim faster (gives the Piraka, Makuta, Krekka & Nidhiki their own Snorkle, Masks & Swimming Flippers) Here you go

(Our Heroes put on their Snorkle & Mask & their Swimming Flippers on)

Amy: Now come on guys, let's go swimming for the Emerald ! (dives into the Water)

Vezok: Come on in, last one in is a rotten egg, watch me do a Jack-Knife, Amy (Jumps up & streaches his Arms & Legs out straight & splashes into the Water, making a Big Splash) (Chuckles) Come on guys, getting to swim

Amy: Now let's go & find the Blue Chaos Emerald

(So Our Heroes Dives into the Ocean Floor & starts swimming underwater to find the Ga-Metru Temple)

Vezok: The Ga-Metru Temple should be somewhere underwater, but where? Where could it be?

Amy: (Points to the Ga-Metru Temple) There it is! We found it ! Come on

(Our Heroes swims inside the Ga-Metru Temple)

Amy: (Points to the Blue Chaos Emerald) There it is, the 6th Emerald !

Vezok: Well that was way too easy

Amy: (Grabs the Blue Chaos Emerald) Come on, we can get outta here now

(Just 5 Sharks appears)

Vezok: Or maybe I spoke too soon

(5 Sharks charges at the Piraka)

Reidak: Somebody HELP!

Hakann: We're about to be Shark Bait

Zaktan: Do something

Avak: Anything!

Thok: And Hurry we don't have much time

Amy: (Pulls out a Crate filled with Meat that says the "ACME Shark Meat") (takes 5 Pieces of Meat) (Whistles) Come on boy, go & fetch the Meat, go get it, go get it (throws 5 Pieces of Meat far far away) FETCH !

(5 Sharks went after the Meat)

Vezok: Phew, that was close

Amy: Come on, let's go up to the Surface

(Our Heroes went back up to the Surface & back on Land, dries themselves off & took off their Swimming Googles, Snorkle & Flippers)

Amy: (Goes into the Changing Room & Changes back into her Oringinal Modern Clothes) There much better, my Red Headband, Red Dress, White Gloves, Golden Bracelets & my Red Boots are now perfect.

Zaktan: Yeah, we know.

Reidak: The last place is called Onu-Metru

Nidhiki: The Last Chaos Emerald is the Purple one

Krekka: Yeah

Makuta: We should be get going

Carnage: He's right

Amy: Come on guys, the Last Chaos Emerald awaits

The Apocalypse Emerald Points to the Great Temple)

Amy: The Great Temple is at Onu-Metru, come on, let's go!

Reidak: Right, let's get moving

(Our Heroes run as fast as they can to get to Onu-Metru

Chapter 11: In Onu-MetruEditEdit

Amy: This is it, Onu Metru, ok guys, let's find the Great Temple

Sarah:hey amy

Amy: Oh hi Sarah, what are you doing here in Onu-Metru

Venom:(Already there at the Temple Draining the Emerald)

Amy: (Taps Vemon by the Shoulder & when Vemon turns around, Amy knock him out with her Piko Piko Hammer) Got him!

Reidak: (Grabs the Purple Emerald) Got it again

Amy: (pulls out the ACME Energy Gain) (switchs it to reverse & puts the Vaccum Tube on Vemon & the Machine inhales the Purple Chaos Energy from Vemon) There we go! (puts the Purple Chaos Emerald into the Machine & set the Machine into Forward & the Machine exhales the Purple Chaos Energy into the Purple Chaos Emerald) Done! (Pulls out the Purple Chaos Emerald) We got all 7

Zaktan: Now what?

Amy: You know what, let's get outta here!

Makuta: NO! I must have the Chaos Emeralds

Nidhiki: You may have fused with me & Krekka, but we're not gonna let that happen again!

Krekka: Yeah!

Amy: Guys please, let's try to be nice here

Carnage: If you excuse me, I gotta more important things to do (Grabs Vemon) Alright Vemon, prepare for my Revenge !

The Ooz melts off to reveal an Onu Matoran

Amy: It's an Onu Matoran, what are you doing here covered in Ooze?

Onu Matoran: I Was working in the Archives then black out

Amy: It's the Black Ooze of Vemon. So uh, who's Carnage?

Onu Metru: Well I must return to the Archives

Amy: Ok then goodbye! (To Vemon & Carnage) Time to find out who Vemon & Carnage really is

Venom had left to take controll of Darkstorm

Amy: Where did Vemon go?

(Suddenly Carnage turns back into Ren)

Ren: Huh? I feel sorta...wierd. What just happen?

Amy: Wait, if Carnage is Ren, then where is the Black Ooze?

Reidak: Look, the Black Ooze is following Vemon

Zaktan: But why?

Amy: I think I know, Look!

(The Ooze connects with Vemon & Vemon gets stronger)

Avak: Oh we should've seen that coming

Venom:(Voice Distorted) GRRRRRAHHHHHHH

Thok: What's going on with Vemon & where is Amy?

Vezok: (Points to Amy) There she is with the 7 Chaos Emeralds

Hakann: How can Amy turn into her Super Form, besides she doesn't have one!

Amy: Vemon, your days are over!

Venom:(Takes control of Darkstorm who is still resting)

Amy: Now Vemon is taking over Darkstorm! (Shakes Darkstorm) Darkstorm, wake up. Vemon is taking over your body!

Darkstorm/Venom:(Kicks Amy and the power from the Kick is multiplaied be the Choas Energy venom already absorbed)

Amy: (been blown away) Whao! (crashes into the Piraka, Krekka, Nidhiki, Makuta & the Rahkshi, knocking them down like Bowling Pins)

(The Sign appears from above saying "Strike")

Amy: (Grabs the 7 Chaos Emeralds & gets up) Of course you relieased, this means war

Darkstorm/Venom:(Stomps his foot and Causes an earthquake)

Amy: (Jumps up & activates her ACME Jet Boots, causing her to fly)

Piraka, Krekka & Nidhiki: (vibrated by the earthquake, but still stands)

Makuta: WHAO! (falls on the Rahkshi) That hurt


Amy: Yoo Hoo, Mr. Vemon


Amy: I'm up here, catch me if you can

Darkstorm/Venom:(Power Jumps)

Amy: (Dodges) Whoops missed me!

Piraka: (Puts a Tub filled with Quick Drying Cement, making Darkstorm/Vemon lands in the Tub filled with Quick Drying Cement, causing him to be frozen with Cement on him in the Process)

Zaktan: Gotcha!

Reidak: Looks like we've captured Vemon

Darkstorm: (Breaks free and Rips Venom off of him)

Amy: (Smashes Vemon with her Piko Piko Hammer) TAKE THAT!

Avak: (Checks on Vemon) Flat as a Pancake

Amy: Your finished Vemon!

Venom:(Attaches to Avak)

Avak: Get it off, get it off ! (using a Club to bash Vemon so he can't be attached to him) He's a Vemon of Goop (Chuckles)

Venom:(Tthe seven chaos emeralds, Teleports to angel island)

Amy: He's heading for Angel Island ! (pulls out the ACME Do it yourself Kit [Plane]) Plane! (unwraps the Box & it magically makes a Realistic Propeller Airplane) Done!

Zaktan: Quick there's no time to lose

Amy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (hops on the Plane) I'm sorry, there's only room for 7

Krekka: How about Nidhiki, Makuta & I took care of Darkstorm while you go to Angel Island & stop Vemon

Amy: Right! Hang on! (turns on the Engines) (puts on her Aviator Hat & Goggles) Let's go!

(Amy & the Others flys the Plane to Angel Island)

Chapter 12: Angel Island, the battle for the 7 Chaos EmeraldsEditEdit

Amy: There it is, Angel Island (lands her Plane) There we go safe & sound (tooks off her Aviator Hat & Goggles)

Zaktan: Wow, so this is Angel Island

Reidak: Whao, it's so cool !

Vezok: Remember we're here to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds before Vemon does

Chaotic Venom: Too late

Avak: Oh barnicles

Amy: You won't get away with this Vemon, Blaze THC & Jack have made it back home

Chaotic Venom: Maybe but I can still kill your Unborn Son and Daughter

(Ok that is a total plot rape right there)

Amy: I won't let you get away with this! (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) It's time for our Final Battle!

The Baby inside Amy Kicks

Amy: Whao, I guess my Baby is gonna come out soon

Reidak: Then I guess us Piraka are gonna take care of Vemon.

Zaktan: Right. Piraka CHARGE!

(The Piraka attacks Chaotic Vemon)

Chaotic Venom:(Heh, they are Foolish)*Attacks with no remorse*

Piraka: (Crashes to the Ground)

Zaktan: We've scurried, but we should've flinch

Amy: I guess it's all up to me now

Krekka, Nidhiki & the Makuta appears

Krekka: Your not going in alone

Nidhiki: Get them!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (starts shooting at Chaotic Vemon with their Kanoka disk shooters, shooting Kanoka disks at Chaotic Vemon)

Amy: Guys, be careful

Chaotic Venom:More need more CHOAS (Grabs a Full Charged Emerald and Drains it Pissing off Chaos)

Amy: (gasps) He's turning into Perfect Chaos Venom (remembers the Flashback when Chaos turns into Perfect Chaos from "Sonic Adventure") That could be bad. I must stop Venom, but how?

Avak: I don't know, but we're badly beaten up

Vezok: Wait, if he turns into Perfect Chaos Venom, we'll be done for

Amy: We must stop Venom

Sonic: Someone Call?

Amy: SONIC! (hugs Sonic) Oh Sonic, thank you for coming to our resuce

Shadow: Ehem

Amy: And you too Shadow

Jack: Hey Amy

Amy: And Jack, you too

Sonic:Shadow lets fuse

Shadow: Ok

Sonic and Shadiw fuses to to from Shadic

Amy: Wait ! Venom is now turning into Perfect Chaos Venom, he's becoming increasingly powerful than every single Villain Combine

Thok: She's right & I sence we can't spin our way out of this one

Shadic:No problems

Amy: I wanna help too Shadic. Do you think my Spider Powers are still within me?

Reidak: I don't know, but let's find out

Amy: Ok. Please Shadic, I want to help

Shadic: Sure

Amy: Really? Aw Thanks

Hakann: Just be careful Amy

Amy: I will guys, I will. Perfect Chaos Venom has asorbed the Negative Energy of the Chaos Emeralds & we want the Positive Energy & the Emeralds are in...(points to Perfect Chaos Venom's Stomach) In there !

Reidak: In his stomach?

Amy: Yes ! (uses her Piko Piko Hammer to smash Perfect Chaos Venom's Stomach causing him to spit out the 7 Drained Chaos Emeralds & Amy catches them) Got them!

Shadic:CHOAS BLAST (Does Major Damage to Perfect Chaos Venom)

Chaos:(Needing help)

Amy: It's Chaos ! And he's helping Venom!

Krekka & Nidhiki: What?!

Choas: (Shakes head no and Can Barely lift his Hands)

Amy: Look! I guess he isn't helping Venom after all. He just want some help from us. (notices Perfect Chaos Venom is still standing) Venom is still standing Can you tell me what's happening to you Chaos?

Chaos:(Points to the Choa who are sick due to Filthy Water)

Amy: Oh dear, the Chao are sick because of the Filthy Water, we need someone to clean the Water, but who? I got it (calls Spongebob)

(at Spongebob's House)

Spongebob: (notices his phone is ringing) Hello Squarepants residence. What? The Chao are Sick? Because of Filthy Water? Don't worry, I'll be right there. (hangs up his phone & heads to Angel Island with Patrick, Ed, Edd & Eddy) We're here

Amy: Spongebob, the Chao are sick & I need you, Patrick & the Eds to clean the Water

Spongebob: Got it, first I'll soak up the Water (soaks up the Water)

Edd: Now we'll take out the Trash that is in the Water

Ed: (picking up the Trash from the Water) Ready & set & Match!

Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy): (picking up the Trash as well) Alright

Patrick: I think we got all the Trash

Chao: Chao Chao

Amy: Oh hi there, is there something you want to tell me?

Shadic:(Takes down Perfect Chaos Venom)

Edd: Here try this (uses the ACME Giant Spray on Amy)

Amy: (Grows to a Humongus size, about the same size as Perfect Chaos)

Spongebob: (puts Clean Water on the lake) There.

Makuta: Perfect Chaos Vemon is still standing because of the blows that Shadic fires. He must be asorbing the blows

Amy: Let's do this ! (smashes Perfect Chaos Vemon with her Humongus Piko Piko Hammer) Take that !

Zaktan: Except that

The Chaos Energy Drains from Venom

Amy: (feels the Chaos Energy, flowing through her) Wow, so that's what Chaos Energy feels like. I feel so powerful

Spongebob: Look the Chaos Energy is flowing through Amy

Sonic: Amy!!!!

Amy: (feels the Positive Chaos Energy flowing through her, shrinks back to her normal size & turns into Super Amy)

Super Amy: Hi Sonic

Sonic: Amy are you ok?

Super Amy: Not only I'm ok. I felt Awesome! The Positive Chaos Energy is flowing through me, somehow the positive Chaos Energy from the 7 Chaos Emeralds is making me stronger than ever & finally channeling my inner Super Form that is deep down inside of me

Sonic: But your making our baby power hungry

Super Amy: Sorry (turns back to normal)

Amy: Sorry about that Sonic (hugs Sonic) But my Super Form is only Temporary so my baby won't go power hungry

Sonic:It is ok

Amy: It's perfectly fine now Sonic, there's no need to worry (Hugs Sonic)

Zaktan: Now with that's over. Let's get Vemon back to normal (turns Vemon back to Eddy) There

Amy: It's Eddy!

Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy): Hey! He has the same name as I do

Sonic:(Hugs his wife)

Amy: We've stopped Vemon together as a team

Zaktan: (grabs Eddy [Spiderman]) And as for you Eddy a.k.a. Vemon, you'll be going in jail

Venom/Eddy:Help me please, Kill me

Reidak: Kill you? But why?


Venom/Eddy: Please, It wants power

Vezon: (appears) What the...? (grabs Venom/Eddy) I can't leave this Black Goo for 5 Minutes, can't I? (throws Venom/Eddy down a cliff)


Vezon: (notices everyone looking at him) What? He asked for it

The baby kicks inside of Amy wanting out

Amy: Oh, the Baby is gonna come out really soon

Reidak & Zaktan: (carries Amy)

Zaktan: Well we don't have much time

Reidak: We betta hurry


(At the Hospital)

Piraka, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd & Eddy(Ed, Edd n Eddy): (waiting)

Jet:(Walks in)

Zaktan: Jet? What are you doing here?

Jet: Why else?

Vezon: Oh right

Ed: (reading his Comic Book)

Eddy: (sighs) How long does it take again

Edd: Be Paitcent Eddy

Eddy: Fine, but I'm bored

Spongebob: I wonder what kind of Baby Amy is gonna give birth to

Vezon: (his stomach is gurgeling)


Avak: AH! What was that?!

Thok: Shhh, it's the baby

Vezon: Uh guys?

Reidak: Sorry, but not right now Vezon, you can wait about 5 Minutes

Vezon: (Sighs) Fine

Spongebob: Let's go inside

(And they did)

Spongebob: Hello?

Amy: (Holding a Baby Girl) Hi guys, come on in

Spongebob: Ok (looks at the Baby) Aww, it's a girl

Patrick: Coochy Coochy Coo Coo

The Baby Girl:(Giggles)

Ed: Aw, it's cute. The little Hedgehog

Edd: A Perfect Specimen I might add

Eddy: Even I think she's Adorable

Piraka: We agree too

Amy: I wonder what should I name my Cute Baby Girl?

Sonic: Terra

Amy: Ok Terra, it is

Chapter 13: It's all Vezon's DreamEdit

Vezon: (Stomach grumbles) Oh no (falls to the grounds)

Amy: Is Vezon alright?

Reidak: He doesn't look so good guys

Vezon: (his vision went blurry) Huh? Help me, I, I can't see I...Zaktan! (His vision is back, when he got back into Reality) (he was in bed with the 6 Piraka Looking at him)

Zaktan: Vezon, calm down. We're all right here

Vezon: What happen?

Reidak: You have a fever

Vezok: You've be Delerious for Days

Vezon: Days?! But there's Amy having Spider Powers like Spiderman & she is facing off against Venom & won & finally she had a Baby

Avak: Say you mean this figure (shows Vezon, the Spiderman Action Figure)

Vezon: So, everything is a dream?

Thok: That's right

Vezon: Sorry, I guess all along you don't need me, when I was a Villain

Hakann: Don't worry, your part of the Piraka Family Vezon, even your a Villain

Zaktan: By the way, we have a friend here to see you

Vezon: Really? Who is it?

Reidak: You'll see soon enough. (to ????) Ok, you can come in now

Brutaka:(Walks in)

Zaktan: This is Brutaka

Vezon: Please to meet you

Brutaka: Pleasure is mine

Vezon: Wait a minute, I didn't sneeze (checks his Temperature) Normal. I'm cured!

Zaktan: Well done Vezon, you've been cured already

Reidak: Must've been all of that Bed Rest

Hakann: I'll say

Vezok: Then what are we waiting for guys, let's go outside & have some fun!

Piraka: ALRIGHT! YEAH! WHOO HOO! (charges out of the House)

Terra:(Peaks her head out from behind her mothers leg)

Amy: Hi guys, have you met my Baby Terra, have you?

Piraka (Except Vezon): Yes, yes we have

Vezon: (looks shocked when he notices Terra) On second thought, I'm going back to bed (Goes back inside)


Zaktan: What's up with Vezon?

Amy: (picks up Terra) Oh my goodness, was it someone I said?

Terra: (Grabs Zaktans finger)

Zaktan: No it's not Amy

Amy: Oh that's good, I wonder why Vezon go back into his House like that?

Reidak: Maybe that dream that Vezon has wasn't a dream after all

Amy: Oh well, at least he stayed sane (winks)

Avak: Come on guys, let's go

(Amy picks up Terra in her hands & follow the Piraka to the direction where they're going)

(Meanwhile Jack & Blaze THC watches Amy, Terra & the Piraka leave towards the Sunset)

Jack: I can't believe Amy gave birth to her 2nd Baby, but's it's nice to meet her new Baby

Blackfire:(Asleep in his mothers arms)

Jack: It's nice to have each other, Blaze THC. I love you, Blaze the Hedgecat.

Blaze THC: I love you Jack

Jack: (hugs Blaze THC & kisses her)

Blackfire:(Grabs one of his fathers quills)

Jack: (Carries Blackfire) Hello there Blackfire. Come on family, let's go home


(Jack, Blaze THC, Stardust, Skate Jr., Jackline & Blackfire goes back home together)

(Amy & Terra watches them walking back home)

Amy: (Carries Terra) (to Audience) It's nice to have a family reunion (winks)

(Credits Song #1: Caught in a Dream [Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows] )

You feel there is someone watching you, oh no!

Is this just a dream or is it true?

You're getting blind, you can not see.

Every hour is filled with disbelieve.

Are my senses playing a trick on me?

But, now is the time..

Its time to say..

Boo! We're every you see Look out we might be real This time we got you court up in a dream.

We're every you see Look out we might be real This time we got you court up in a dream

You're feeling awkward, you're feeling blue.

You feel the world is spinning without you Like you were on a different plane

But, now is the time

Its time to say..

Boo! We're every you see Look out we might be real! This time we got you court up in a dream

We're every you see Look out we might be real! This time we got you court up in a, court up in a

(Electric Guitar Solo)

Is that all you want from me?

Is this all that you can see?

We're everywhere you see, Lookout we might real, This time they got you Caught up in a dream

Boo We're every you see, Look out we might be real, This time we got you court up in a dream

We're every you see, Look out we might be real, This time we got you court up in a, caught up in a, caught up in a dream.

(Credits #2: The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie Credits Song)

(After the Credits, Amy appears in front of the "Warner Bros" Sign, holding Terra in her arms)

Amy: That's all Folks! (Giggles)


"That's All Folks"

The End