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Amy Rose (Main Star)

Simba's daughter Kiara is expecting 3 cubs that are Kovu's, and Kovu hasn't returned from hunting to help feed kiara. Amy Rose, Mordecai & Rigby are on a trip to Africa, until they are attacked by Scar & Zira, but they've escaped. All 3 + Skips, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost notices that Darkstorm, the penguins, Jack, Anu, and Patricia are called in to find him. Dr. Blowhole, Zira and Scar find out thanks to Darth Sidious. Snaptrap & his D.O.O.M. Agents joins up with Dr. Blowhole, Zira, Scar & the Evil Ancient Race of Snakes called the Serpentine. Amy Rose needs some more help with Sora, the Keyblade Wielder. With D.O.O.M. , the Serpentine, Dr. Blowhole, Zira, Scar & Darth Sidious on the loose & Benson turning into a Heartless (Due to Benson keeps on threating Mordecai & Rigby to fire them), will Amy Rose & her friends stop all of the Villains & the Heartless together as a team & save Benson from being a Heartless forever?

(This is a 4th Movie)

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Part 1: Amy in the African SavannahEdit

It was a beautiful day & Amy Rose arrives in Africa in a Safari

Amy: Wow, it's a nice day in Africa. Pity that I only visit here for 3 Days

(Amy Rose walks through the Savannah & spots Pride Rock)

Amy: Wow, look at amazing structure of this Rock. This must be Pride Rock, the King's Home of the Savannah in Africa. Anyways, I must look for some more amazing African animals.

(Amy looks around & notices all kinds of African Animals like Elephants, Zebras, Deer, Rhinos & most of all, Lions)

Amy: Wow! Look at all of those Animals. They're all amazing.

Nala: Hey amy

Amy: Hi Nala, how are you & your husband Simba doing today?

Nala: Doing good, Kirara is pregnant with kovu's kids

Amy: That's good. Can I please meet with your daughter?

Nala: Sure

Amy: Thank you (goes to Pride Rock) (noticies Kirara) Hello there.


Amy: Just breathe in & out & you'll be ok

Nala: Um Amy, Kiara isn't in labor, it is just far too hot

Amy: Oh ok then. Does she need a Fan?

Nala: A what?

Amy: A Fan. Like this. (shows Nala a picture of a Hand Fan)

Part 2: Mordecai & Rigby's Trip to AfricaEdit

(It was a beautiful day in the park & Mordecai and Rigby are at the park washing the truck)

Mordecai: Okay. (rubs eyes) Ready?

Rigby: (rubs eyes) Give me a second! (blinks) Ready.

Mordecai: Stare!

Mordecai & Rigby: (Starts staring at each other)

(silence for a few seconds, then, Rigby starts making faces & dancing)

Rigby: Ooh, I think you gonna blink!

Mordecai: Yeah, right.

Rigby: Ha! (longer silence. Rigby starts sweating, then, he pulls out a laser pointer) Pschoooo!

Mordecai: Hey, no laser pointers! That's not regulation!

Rigby: Street rules, man!

???:(Femal voice) (Giggles)

Mordecai & Rigby: (stops staring)

Mordecai: Uh Rigby, did you say something?

Rigby: No, is it you Mordecai?

Mordecai: Nope that not me.

Rigby: Wait a minute, if it's not you & it's not me, then who said that?

A lioness walks into veiw

Rigby: (Notices a Lioness) YIKES!!!

Mordecai: Rigby, what is it n... (spots the lioness) AW GEEZ!!!

Lioness:(Tail tickles Rigby) Whos in charge here?

Rigby: (laughing because of the Lioness' Tail tickling him) Careful I'm ticklish.

Mordecai: (to Lioness) Uh, That would be Benson.

Lioness:(Walks in and bumps into Pops) Watch it old man

Mordecai & Rigby: (Gasps)

Pops: Oh my, a Lioness. Very good specimen though

Mordecai: (to Lioness) Hey, you should never say rude things to Pops, your gonna make him cry. Because he's Sensitive.

Lioness: (Roars, Grabs Mordecai and Tosses him into Benson and Skipps

Benson: What's going on here?

Skips: Looks like Mordecai been tossed by a Lioness

Rigby: (to Lioness) Hey ! You can't do that to my friend like that !

Lioness:(Growls and her Claws are seen)

Rigby: Oh man, she's going to attack !

Mordecai: Hold on ! We just want to know who you are & why have you attacked us?

Zira: I am Zira, wife of Scar/Taka

Rigby: Why have you attacked us, Zira or I should I say "Zero"!

Mordecai & Rigby: Oooooooooooooooh!

Zira:(Roars and Attacks)

Skips: Ahhh Shad up ! (smacks Zira on the head with a SledgeHammer, knocking her out

Benson: Quick back in the House!

(Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops & Benson runs back inside the house & then barricading the doors & windows)

Pops: Oh my word.

Scar: (Laughs) You know It isn't kind to harm my mate

Zira:(Breaks down the Door with a Knocked out Muscle Man)

Muscle Man: Oh no, bro!

Mordecai: Muscle Man ! Where's Hi-Five Ghost?

Zira: Occupied with the Girls

(With Fives)

Fives: This is the life

Lioness:(Tend to him)

(Back with Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson & Muscle Man)

Mordecai: Oh right.

Rigby: What do we do, Mordecai?

Mordecai: We're...gonna...RUN!!!!!

(Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson runs off outside with Skips carrying a knocked out Muscle Man)

(Two Lioness appear and Attack)

Skips: (rams into the Two Lioness) I'll hold these Lions off.

Mordecai: Quick everyone into the cart

(Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson & Muscle Man gets into the Golf Cart & drives off, leaving the Lioness in the dust)

Muscle Man: We have to find Hi-Five Ghost, he is my bestest best pal.

Rigby: Do you know where he is?

Muscle Man: No, I don't

Benson: (sighs) What's going on here?

Mordecai: No time, come on!

Fives: Hey guys

Muscle Man: Hi Five Ghost ! It's good to have you back, buddy !

Mordecai: It's a good thing that we've got away from Zira & the male lion with the black mane

Rigby: What happen to the Lioness, Hi Five?

Fives: Why not try the portal over there

Mordecai: Where?

(They all noticed the Portal in front of them)

Rigby: YIPE !

Fives: Hurry

Benson: You must get in that portal or your fired!

Mordecai: Fine

(They all went inside the Portal & travel inside it)


Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson & Muscle Man: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson & Muscle Man: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(They all got out of the portal)

Darkstorm:(Catches Skips and Benson) Nice day to Ride energy currents

Teniahk:(Catches Mordecai and Rigby)

Bakuu:(Catches Muscle Man and Pops)

Mordecai: Wait, who are you guys?

Rigby: And where are we?

Darkstorm:Your welcome, We are a Interdemensional Wormhole, I believe Skipps had some experience

Skips: Yes, I know who you are. Your Darkstorm the Halfbreed & your with Teniahk & Bakuustorm

Rigby: Hold on, how did you know about Skips? (gets close to Darkstorm) What are you a Spy?

Darkstorm: Better watch it

Mordecai: Oh ok then

Rigby: Oh I'm watching it alright, for you as a spy for those Evil Lions that attacked us back in the park !

Darkstorm: Describe them?

Mordecai: Well, one of them is a Thin Female Lion that has a pale tanish-brown fur with a darker brown stripe running down her face and stopping between her eyes, a cream chest, blood red eyes and a notch in her right ear & Her ears also feature two thin dark brown stripes.

Rigby: The Other one is a Male Lion with reddish-brown fur, coal black mane, and his eyes were bright yellow-green & has a scar, his namesake, runs across his left eye.

Bakuu: Zira and Taka

Pops: You know those 2 Lions?

Teniahk: Enemies of ours

Pops: (laughs) Good show, jolly good show!

Teniahk: Depends

Benson: I don't even know what's going on here, but I'm the one who hires & fires, if you don't want the job anymore, I'd be glad to acommidate you or else someone will be feed meat to the lions for the next 3 Days ! Unbelievable!

Bakuu:Better start gumball

Benson: (Gets angry & turns red) Don't start with me !!!

Bakuu:(Turns Vampire and Eyes turn yellow) Wanna go Gumball machine?

Mordecai: Guys, enough fighting. Is someone else around here?

Simba: Your at pride rock

Muscle Man: Oh man ! Another Lion (hides behind Skips)

Mordecai: Don't worry about Muscle Man

Nala: (Returns) Still nothing

Rigby: What still nothing?

Darkstorm: Kovu

Skips: He's missing

Mordecai: (turns to Darkstorm) Skips knows everything

Rigby: Is there anyone else here, besides lions?

Simba: Ahem

Mordecai: Who are you?

Darkstorm: King Simba

Rigby: How did you even know him?

Darkstorm:(Face palms)

Mordecai: Darkstorm, is there anyone else that can help us stop those lions Zira & Scar?


Nala: Scar is Simba's uncle, Scar is a Heartless

Benson: A what? What does that even mean exactly?

Darkstorm: Skips

Skips: It means that a Heartless are those that are living embodiments of darkness created when a heart is swallowed by Darkness. They act on instinct, seeking out even more hearts to consume and add onto their ranks. And it looks like Benson is very close into becoming a Heartless

Benson: (indisbelief) Say what?

Mordecai: What Skips is trying to say this that you've been threating us to fire us every time we slack off

Rigby: And every time you do that, your getting closer & closer

Benson: Look, it's just business in the park, ok.

Darkstorm:(Shows his light meter) Your in the red

Benson: (turns red again) KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY OR YOUR FIRED !!!

Darkstorm:(Laughs) i don't work for you

(The Meter gets darker)

Darkstorm: See, your getting worse

Pops: Oh my word.

Muscle Man: Oh no bro.

Skips: Look seriously, you must calm down Benson or else you'll be a Heartless for the rest of his life

Mordecai: We gotta get some help. Darkstorm do you anyone else that can help us?

Darkstorm: Sora

Rigby: Who?

Mordecai: Who is Sora?

Sora: Ahem

Mordecai & Rigby: Huh? (turns to Sora)

Rigby: Where did he came from?

Sora: Sup Skips and Darkstorm

Darkstorm: Benson's heartless meter

Skips: It was off the charts.

Sora:(Pulls out Key blade)

Benson: What are you doing with that?

Pops: Oooh, a Giant Key.

Benson: Seriously, what are you doing with that?


Mordecai: Let's hope no one else gets hurt

Sora:This is one of the possible last keyblades after the keyblade war

Benson: What ever this is, I am not happy about the results because I'm still mad about those Lions that attacked us in the first place !

Rigby: So who do you think could be in danger, Mordecai?

Mordecai: I don't know, but let's just hope no one else gets hurt

Rigby: You've already said that.

Darkstorm: (Growls)

Rigby: What?

Darkstorm: We must get inside, we will search for kovu in the morning

Mordecai: (sighs) Fine

Part 3: With the VilliansEdit

(In the D.O.O.M. lair with Snaptrap on a television feed as he is making an evil introduction; he laughs)

Snaptrap: (laughing) Petropolis, drop to your knees and bow to your new lord and master, VERMINIOUS SNAPTRAP! (smiles)

(view zooms out to show Snaptrap actually holding a video screen-shaped piece of cardboard)

Snaptrap: How's that?

Ollie: (holding a cup of tea) It'd been more frightening if you were on a real video screen, boss.

Snaptrap: (throws cardboard) Well we don't have a functioning video screen! How come none of our stuff works anymore?!

(frame zooms out to show DOOM headquarters littered with broken gadgets)

Snaptrap: (facepalm) This is pathetic! Our vehicles don't run, (DOOM helicopter falls onto and crushes people in the background) our weapons won't fire (Snaptrap presses remote to launch bomb, which instead falls and lands on Larry, squashing him), and why are you guys sitting on rocks?

Ollie: (sitting on rock) We burned the chairs to cook weenies, boss. (Ollie and Francisco roast sausages on forks, over a chair fire)

Snaptrap: (takes weenie) We can't defeat TUFF like this! How do they manage to remain on the cutting edge of technology?

(Lobsters appear)

Snaptrap: And how do we roast Lobsters in the fire?

Dr. Blowhole: (appears) Hello there, old friend.

Snaptrap: Dr. Blowhole! (shakes Dr.Blowhole's Fin) How's my old buddy from Villains School doing?

Dr. Blowhole: Going fine, how about you?

Snaptrap: Terrible! My vehicles don't run, my weapons won't fire & my minions are using rocks to sit on instead of chairs because they burned them to make their campfire to roast weenies!

????: Oh Surely they can't be that moronic (Scar)

Snaptrap: Where did that voice came from? It gives me the heebee jeebees

Larry: (got out of a Dud Bomb) GAH!! (points to ????) It's a LION!

Scar:(Walks in)

Snaptrap: Wow now that's what I call a Lion.

Ollie: You might betta becarful boss, he is been revived by Malficent & has joined in the Heartless

Snaptrap: The heart what now? Honstly, what does that even mean? I need to know what the Heartless is from the boss right now or my name isn't Verminious Snaptrap, Leader of the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem! Which it is

Dr. Blowhole: So would you care to join us?

Snaptrap: Sure, but first you'll join in the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem first ! So what do you say?

(Snaptrap waits for an Answer from Dr. Blowhole, Zira & Scar)

(many hyenas appear)

Zira:(Tosses the skulls of many enemys)

Snaptrap: (gulps) Ok, I'll take that as a yes

Scar:(Goes to meditate but not before kicking larry in a shark pit)

Larry: (got attacked by sharks) AHHHHHH!!!

Snaptrap: Ok, your in !

The area turns cold

Snaptrap: Ok, why is it freezing in here? It's colder than a Freeze in the middle of winter

????: Not funny

Ollie: Someone's also here boss

Darth Sidious:(Walks in)

Snaptrap: Who's that?

Pythor P. Chumsworth: (appears in thin air, because he has Invisibility)

Snaptrap: (notices Pythor) (Screams) And who are you?!

Pythor: Oh my sincerence apologies. Due to my hunger appearance, I really grown fond of you. And by the way, my name is Pythor P. Chumsworth, the last living Anacondrai of the Anacondrai Tribe & the Snake King of the Serpentine.

Snaptrap: (to Darth Sidious) And who are you?

Darth Sidious: Darth Sidious Dark lord of the sith

Snaptrap: My name is Verminious Snaptrap, leader of the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem! D.O.O.M. for short.

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (appears)

Pythor: This is Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus. They're leaders of each tribe of the Serpentine


Pythor: It's ok. The Serpentine are here to help

Skales: That's right, you need some extra help from us.


Fangtom: Now now, there's no need to get violent. We need to save our energy for those heroes like Amy Rose.

Skalidor: I've heard of Amy Rose before, she had saved all of ToonTown from Vicky's World Domination, the world planet from Cerebulon, Goliath-Prime, Vegon & Zorgalon & had stopped Venom from taking over the whole planet.

Accidius: She is the biggest threat to us villains.

Zira: Pfft

Pythor: But we can work together to stop that Pink Hedgehog. She is the one that stopped our evil plans to rule the world after the Great Devourer is destroyed!


Pythor: What's wrong now?

Part 4: Jack, Patricia & Anu in an African SafariEdit

(We see Patricia flys to Africa with Jack riding behind her)

Jack: Uh, why are we're here on africa again?

Patricia: Anu wants to meet me in Africa for our honeymoon.

Jack: Oh ok then

Patricia: (founds Anu waiting for her) And there is my Beautiful Anubis Warrior Husband, Anu (lands her Flying Broom) Hi Anu, Jack & I are here !

Anu: Hey babe

Patricia: It's nice to meet you again. It's time for our honeymoon in Africa

Anu: Yep

Patricia: (giggles) Oh Anu (kisses Anu in the lips)

Anu:Oh yeah babe

Jack: I'm just gonna chill out here in the African Savannah while you guys have your honeymoon, ok?

Patricia: Ok. Call us if you need some help

Jack: I got it


Patricia: (giggles) Your licking my Cheek. It tickles

(Patricia walks in the Savannah with Anu, enjoying their Honeymoon, leaving Jack all alone)

Jack: Ok see ya. I guess. And don't worry, I can keep an eye on your Flying Broom, Patricia.


Patricia: (giggles) (kisses Anu's Cheek)

Jack: And don't worry, I'll be fine

(Jack is now all alone)

Jack: Somehow...

A lioness:(Nuzzles)

Jack: Oh hello there. Where did you come from?

Amy: (appears) Hi Jack. I see you met a Lioness from the Pridelands

Jack: Pride what now?

Amy: Pridelands

Jack: Ohhh Pridelands.

Amy: Anyways, I heard that Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost had just arrived at the Pridelands.

Jack: Oh ok then

Nala:(Returns from her search)

Amy: Hi Nala. This is my best friend, Jack the Hedgehog.

Jack: Hi.

Nala: Hi

Jack: It's nice to meet you Nala. Anyways, what are you doing out here in Africa? Patricia & Anu are enjoying their romantic honrymoon together

Amy: Ok then. By the way, Nala told me about her Daughter Kiara, do you wanna come to Pride Rock?

Jack: Pride what now?

Amy: Come on, I'll show you where Pride Rock is.

Jack: Ok then. Do you think Patricia & Anu would join us too?

Amy: Sure, we'll go find them right away.

Anu: BOO

Jack: ACK! (jumps into Amy's Arms) (notices Amy) Hi

Patricia: Hi guys, we're back.

Amy: Hi Patricia & Anu, how's your honeymoon?

Patricia: It's going great. We had a great time together, right Anu?

Anu:(Hugs his wife)

Patricia: (giggles & then kissses Anu's Cheek)

Amy: Come on guys, let's go back to Pride Rock. I heard that a group of guys from the park need some help.

Jack: Group of guys?

Amy: They're names are Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost. And they need our help. Let's go

Patricia: Okie dokie, Amy.

(They all went to Pride Rock together

Part 5: Amy's New Friends.Edit

(At Pride Rock)

Amy: Hi guys

Mordecai: Oh hello there

Rigby: Who are you?

Amy: I'm Amy, Amy Rose. You two must be Mordecai & Rigby, right?

Mordecai Yes

Amy: It's nice to meet you two (shakes Mordecai's & Rigby's Hands)


Amy: Hi there Nala, how are the others doing?

Benson: Don't ask.

Amy: But I...

Benson: (turns red) I SAID "DON'T ASK!"

Amy: What's up with Benson?


Skips: Benson is turning into a heartless.

Amy: What is a heartless?

Pops: A young man name Sora will explain everything. (chuckles)

Amy: Ok Pops. (walks up to Sora) Hi there, my name is Amy Rose. You must be Sora that Skips told me about, right?

Sora:(A lion Cub in this world)

Amy: Whao, how did Sora do that?

Mordecai: He told us that he has special forms in different worlds.

Amy: Wow, he looks cute as a lion cub.

Rigby: Okay? This is getting a bit arkward now.

Amy: Now then, Sora. Skips told me that Benson is turning into a heartless, right?

Sora: Right

Benson: What? You mean to tell me that I'm turning into a Heartless. Get outta here. (his transformation of a heartless begins by his skin turning dark) What the? What's going on?

Skips: It's the early stage of the transformation of the Heartless.

Amy: (gasps) Oh my.

Mordecai: We gotta help Benson. We can't let him suffer

Rigby: I don't know, he threaten us to fire us if we do slack off so...(got punched by Mordecai) Ow!

Mordecai: Rigby, please don't be rude

Rigby: Alright, sorry.

Skips: Forget it, it's fine. But Benson has to be changed back soon, because once the transformation is complete, he doesn't wanna changed back.

Sora: Only one way is to stop Benson from being cruel

Mordecai, Rigby & Pops: Uh, wait what?

Amy: Something wrong guys?

Pops: The last time that I told Benson to calm down. He enters in a very powerful meltdown, in which he is surrounded by a fiery orange sphere that inhales things around it, until his anger gets released. It nearly destroys the park.

Sora: Either that or Heartless

Pops: Ok then. But you don't even know what's gonna happen to Benson if he enters in a very powerful meltdown, Sora.

Amy: (notices Benson, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost are missing) Wait, where are Benson, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost?

Mordecai & Rigby: They're gone!

Darkstorm:(Flies in)

Amy: Hey Darkstorm, long time, no see.

Darkstorm: Yo

Amy: It's been a long time that I've last saw you. I still remember the time that I was the Devil's Wings. I thought I can fly, but I can't.

Darkstorm:(Pinches her)

Amy: Eep! (giggles)

Her dark Angel wings appear

Amy: Oh my, I do have dark angel wings.

Rigby: Whao. So awesome

Mordecai: Yeah, it is.

Darkstorm:(Turns Dark Angel)

Amy: Whao, cool.

Pops: (looks amazed by the beauty of the Dark Angel & Amy's Dark Angel Wings)

Mordecai: Did you see that Sora?

Sora:(Out cold)

Rigby: Uh Sora? What just happened?

Amy: I don't know. He must've been out cold, by who?

Skips: Looks like Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost have gone after Benson.

Amy: I wonder where could they be?

Part 6: Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost & the Grey Theif RaccoonEdit

(With Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost)

Muscle Man: Hey Fives, do you I know where Benson has gone to?

????:Knock, knock

Muscle Man: Huh? Who's there?

????: Sly

Muscle Man: Sly who?

Sly: Sly Cooper and I have your wallet

Muscle Man: (notices his wallet is gone) Hey! You give that back! Come on Fives, let's beat the heck out of this Grey Raccoon! (chases after Sly)

The decoy breaks and Sly locks them out

Muscle Man: What the? Hey! What are you doing?

Sly:(Sprays A ghost Repellent)

Hi-Five Ghost: What are you? Yipe! Ghost Repellent! (floats away from the Ghost Repellent)

Muscle Man: Hey! Aw sick! What are you doing to Hi-Five Ghost?!

Sly:(Hacks Muscle Mans Computer)

Muscle Man: Open up the door or I'm gonna knock it down! (trying to knock the door down)

Sly:(Done and unlocks and is gone) Muscle Man: (knocks the door down & notices that Sly's gone) He's gone

Hi-Five Ghost: Who is that man?

Muscle Man: I don't know, but I wanna smash that guy. And you know who else is gonna smash that guy for stealing our stuff?

Hi Five Ghost: Who?

Muscle Man: MY MOM!

Muscle Man & Hi Five Ghost: (laughing & then hi fives each other)

Muscle Man: Still, where could Benson be?

Sly: BOO

Muscle Man: AAH!

Hi-Five Ghost: It's him! (points to Sly)

Muscle Man: You again?!


Benson: (appears, being all red) (angrily walks up to Sly)

Sly:(Whacks Benson with his cane)

Benson: (gets even more red & even more angry) BUZZ OFF YOU NO GOOD THEIF! (tackles Sly)

Sly: Behind him)

Benson: (growls angrily at Sly & chases after Sly)

Muscle Man: Wait, stop! Benson's turning into a heartless, you theif! Because of you, he's getting worse & worse by the minute.

Sly:(Slows Time and knocks Benson out)

Benson: (knocked out, but still mad & red)

Muscle Man: (tackles Sly from behind) Don't you get what a Heartless is, you Robber Freak?!

Sly:(Behind Musle Man) I do

Muscle Man: Then if Benson turns into 100% Heartless because of his anger & his cruelness to others , then he can't change back & now your making it worse by hitting & ignoring Benson.

Amy: (appears with Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Jack & Patricia) He's right you know.

Skips: Remember me Sly.

Sly: Skips, haven't seen you since the heist in china

Skips: Look, seriously Sly, you gotta listen to Muscle Man. Benson is turning into a heartless

Amy: Skips' right. Just look at him (points to Benson getting even more angry & more dark) We're running out of time & Benson is getting even worse than ever.

Kuurahk:(Feeds off of Benson's rage)

Amy: Kuurahk? What are you doing here? Where are the other 5 Rahkshi?

Kuurahk: On vaction and they left me >:(

Amy: Oh my goodness. But why would they do that?

Kuurahk: Dunno

Amy: Well it's a good thing your here. Benson can calm down for now, but he's still turning into a Heartless. Let's hope that no one is here to stop us.


Amy: Um Kuurahk, you forgot to say "excuse me".

Kuurahk:(Pinches Amy)

Amy: (felt the pain) Ouch! What was for?

Kuurahk:(I am the Dark Rahkshi of anger, I care not for manners

Amy: That felt stings a bit. So we may have Benson calmed down for now, but we need to know what's the big mission.

Jack: Well, Mordecai & Rigby said that there's evil lions had chased them before & we need to find out what's going on.

Sly:(Holds up Jacks Wallet)

Patricia: (slaps Sly's hand) I'm sorry, but don't even think about it.

Amy: Ok, but Scar & Zira & the hyenas can't be doing this on their own. They're could be others.

Mordecai: Others?

Rigby: Like who?

Sly:(Hate to burst your bubble, but scar is dead

Amy: If Scar's dead, then who's that? (points to Scar)

Everburn:(Is Scar in disguise)

Amy: Wait a minute. That's not Scar.

Skips: (points to Everburn in the Scar disguise) That's Everburn.

Jack: Why is he here?

Sly: Dunno

Nala: (growls)

Jack: Something no good, I Think.

Patricia: We need a plan of attack to stop them, but how exactly?

Sly: Unless you want to end up in the hospital I have a person I can call

Benson: (groans in annoyance, having recovered) "Just call them, then!"

Sly taps Benson on the head with his cane to slip him to sleep

Sly:(Pulls out his comlik) hey Bently gonna need to call in some old friends

"More Coming Soon"