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a Movie from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


(This takes place between the conclusion of WrestleMania 29 & WrestleMania 30)

Amy Rose & Zaktan has been long time rivals since the beggining of the 4th Epiosde of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes, "Operation H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G.". When Amy & Zaktan have 2 tickets to WWE, they both noticed that there's a legend of a Diamond known as the "Crystal WWE" Diamond. It is a very special diamond that hasn't been seen for a very long time & Dr. Eggman is attempting to steal the Diamond. However Eggman is not the only one after the Crystal WWE, the Deadly Six have returned to finish what they've started. So Amy & Zaktan has to team up together as a Mixed Tag Team to go in a WWE World Tour, starting with Las Vegas. Can Amy & Zaktan solve the mystery of the Crystal WWE Diamond? And can both of them survive in matches against various WWE Superstars?

(Special Guest Stars: The WWE Superstars)


Prologue: Eggman's Search, the Deadly Six's returnEdit

(In Dr. Eggman's lair)

(We see the machines are building the badniks & the Egg-SWATs)

Orbot & Cubot: (checking the progress of Dr. Eggman's Egg-SWAT army)

Dr. Eggman: (checking the progress of his Badnik army) Transformation 101, Bunnies to Badniks. And Swatbots & Egg-Pawns combine to create Egg-SWATs. (turns to Lien-Da the Echidna & Fiona Fox) Boom! Instant army! It needs to be a big army if I'm taking over the world.

Lien-Da: You are quite the mighty conqueror.

Dr. Eggman: Yes. Yes I am. I've hired you two, didn't I?

Fiona Fox: Yes.

Dr. Eggman: And with your help, I'll not only rule the world, I'll finally destroy that blue nuisance, Sonic!


Lien-Da: Eggman really wants that blue hedgehog destroyed.

Fiona Fox: Indeed. What else can we do to make it up to Eggman.

Lien-Da: Hmm... this would be tough. Perhaps we can turn it up a noach by stealing ancient artifacts filled with ancient power.

Fiona Fox: (searching the history book & spots something very powerful & ancient) Like a special Crystal that has the powers for Wrestling powers?

Lien-Da: You mean the ancient wrestling crystal...

Fiona Fox: Known as the "Crystal WWE"?

Lien-Da & Fiona Fox: (smiles) Agreed.

Dr. Eggman: Keep up the pace, Orbot & Cubot!

Orbot: Right away sir.

Lien-Da & Fiona Fox: (goes up to Eggman)

Dr. Eggman: Yes, what do you want?

Lien-Da: We have something to show you.

Fiona Fox: It's the legend of the Crystal WWE. It has ancient powers of all wrestlers, big & small, young & old, throughout the known universe of WWE.

Dr. Eggman: The Crystal WWE? With that much energy, I can power up my ultimate battle suit to get even with Sonic & especially those 2 who are rivals with each other, known as the green piraka, Zaktan & that pesky pink hedgehog, Amy Rose.

(What they didn't know is that we see the silhouettes of the Deadly Six are watching & hearing them the entire time)

Zavok: (emerges from the shadows) Speak for yourself.

Chapter 1: The 2 Tickets to the WWE World TourEdit

(In Amy's House)

Amy: (cleaning up the house) (humming in a tune of her theme song)

Zaktan: (enters inside) Hi Amy

Amy: Hi Zaktan. What's up?

Zaktan: I just come by to visit you, that's all. (sits down on a chair) What are you doing?

Amy: I'm just doing my chores like cleaning the dishes, dusting the walls & furniture & washing the floor.

Zaktan: (notices the reflection of himself on the floor) I see your point. You like to keep your house all sparkly & clean

Amy: Yeah. By the way, what are you gonna do today?

Zaktan: I don't know. Something that involves watching some action.

Amy: Hmm...have you tried watching WWE?

Zaktan: WWE? As in World Wrestling Entertainment?

Amy: Yes, WWE is the most popular Wrestling Show ever & best of all, it's all real.

Zaktan: Awesome! (turns on the TV, watching WWE) Wow, check out the action of those WWE Wrestlers!

Amy: Yeah & I heard that there's Championship Belts & you can be the new champion by defeating the champion.

Zaktan: Cool !

Amy: But we have to be WWE Superstars in order to become Champions

Zaktan: Oooh, ok then.

Amy: But would it be cool to watch WWE from up close.

Zaktan: Yeah that would be cool, but we don't have any tickets to watch WWE.

Amy: You mean these tickets? (pulls out 2 tickets to WWE)

Zaktan: (suprized) 2 Tickets to the latest show of WWE?! You got tickets?!

Amy: I thought you liked to go see the latest show so I brought you tickets to go see the show.

Zaktan: Thanks Amy.

Amy: Your welcome. Anything for a friend. Let's go see the show.

Zaktan: Which one? Raw or Smackdown?

Amy: I'm not sure. But Raw is the first one & Smackdown is the next one. So Raw first, then Smackdown?

Zaktan: Alright. Let's go!

Amy & Zaktan: (goes outside & heads to a WWE Wrestling Stadium)

(At the Wrestling Stadium)

Amy & Zaktan: (holding their tickets & goes inside the Stadium)

Amy: We made it.

Zaktan: Yeah, just in time for the first WWE Wrestling Match for today.

Amy: Come on, let's go find our seats. (notices 3 strange men wearing black clothes) Hm? That's strange...

Zaktan: What's strange?

Amy: Never mind, I thought I just saw 3 guys dressed up in black.

Zaktan: Must've been Shadow, Reidak & Vorahk, I think.

Amy: Yeah, maybe your right. Besides, who does love a good adventure?

(While Amy & Zaktan find their seats, someone had slid a white non-color phone into Amy's pocket, the phone has changed into colors of Pink & Green)

Amy & Zaktan: (found their seats)

Amy: We made it

Zaktan: Yeah, we're so close to the action.

Amy: Now this is what I call the best seats in the house.

Zaktan: Alrighty then, let's get it on!

Amy: (felt tingly & started to wiggle a bit) Uh Zaktan? I need to go to the bathroom please

Zaktan: Then go use the bathrooms which are the closest.

Amy: I can't...

Zaktan: Why not?

Amy: (goes up to the bathroom doors) Because all of the bathrooms are filled up with bones...(opens the bathroom doors, revealing loads of bones, filled up in the bathroom)...litterally!

Zaktan: Great, then which bathrooms are left?

Amy: The Backstage?

Zaktan: (groans) Alright.

Chapter 2: Getting Lost in the Stadium, First Wrestler seen: The Big ShowEdit

(At Backstage)

Zaktan: (waiting for Amy as she is doing her bussiness in the female bathroom)

Amy: (from inside the bathroom, huming to a tune of her theme song)

(Short Silence)

Zaktan: (heard nothing & thinks a bit) Uh? Are you done in there?

Amy: Nope.

Zaktan: Doh! (takes a peek)

Amy: HEY!

Zaktan: (suddendly closes the door) Oops! Sorry, just checking. I'm getting bored.

Amy: No prob. Please don't do that again

Zaktan: Alright. I'm sorry.

Amy: Apology accepted.

Zaktan: (continues to wait)

Amy: (continues humming to a tune)

Zaktan: (hears a toilet flush) Ok, you finished now, right? (hears nothing) Hello? (takes a peek, but Amy isn't there) Hey! (goes inside) Amy? Where'd you go?

Amy: (behind Zaktan) (whistles)

Zaktan: (turns to Amy) Oh ha, ha. Very funny. Now let's go back.

Amy: Uh...which way?

Zaktan: How should I know? I forget which way do we came here.

Amy: Oh dear, looks like we're lost.

Zaktan: Great, just great now which way do we go now?

Amy: I don't know, maybe this way (points to a hallway down to the right)

Zaktan: No, let's just try going this way (points to a hallway down to the left)

Amy: I have a better idea, maybe if we stick together maybe we can find the wayout together without getting each other lost in the Backstage Area?

Zaktan: Oh, good point.

Amy: Let's go, now which way?

Zaktan: I think it was that way.

Amy: Ok then, let's go!

Amy & Zaktan: (goes down the hallway down to their left)

Amy: Are you sure you know where your going?

Zaktan: Yes & trust me, I know where I'm going. (suddendly bumps into someone big) Hey! Watch where you going, you big palooka!

(When the big man turns to Zaktan, they both noticed that it was the Big Show)

Big Show: (angry) What did you say to me?

Zaktan: (stutters nervously) I, uh....uh I uhhh...

Amy: Zaktan says that your a big palooka.

Zaktan: (covers Amy's mouth) Don't listen to her, she's crazy.

Big Show: (grabs Zaktan by the throat) That's all I needed to hear! (does the K.O. Punch at Zaktan at the face)


Zaktan: (got his face punched) Ouch.

Big Show: Now get the heck outta my face! (chokeslams Zaktan on a table, crushing a wooden table)


Big Show: Want to feel more pain from the World's Largest Athlete?

Zaktan: (gets up slowly & painfully) (slurry & dizzy) No chokeslams for me, I'm driving (faints, lying down on his back)

Big Show: That's what I thought. Now if you excuse me, I have a match to finish (leaves)

Amy: Bye. (to Zaktan) Are you ok, Zaktan?

Zaktan: (gets up slowly again, having splinters around his body) Your...your....your despicable

Amy: I'll take that as a yes.

(Moments later)

Zaktan: (picking off the splinters off of him) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...

Amy: This is very exciting, we have met a first wrestler known as the Big Show.

Zaktan: Yeah, but don't you start with me. Did you even seen the size of his fist? He punched my entire face & then he chokeslammed me on the table like we're inside a Tables Match.

Amy: I know, that is amazing. He really is a Power Type.

Zaktan: Yeah, why would I become the Accident Prone, playing second banana to you?

Amy: Don't worry Zaktan, one day you will rise up to stardom.

Zaktan: Like what, with you being the new Bugs Bunny & I would be the new Daffy Duck?

Amy: (sighs) Good times.

Zaktan: Are you listening to me?

Amy: Oh sorry Zaktan. You we're saying?

Zaktan: Never mind, I didn't say nothing. We need to think of a way back to our seats. Maybe try to trace back or go through a window...

Amy: Maybe we try using the back door?

Zaktan: (smiles) Or maybe we can use the back door

Amy & Zaktan: (goes up to the back door)

Zaktan: Let's go!

(Amy & Zaktan goes through the back door, but it was actually the door to the stage on Raw & notices that they're on stage by accident)

Amy: Lookie there, we're on stage & we're on camera

Zaktan: (notices everyone is watching the next match) We're in trouble...(heads back, carrying Amy back inside backstage) Now what? There's gotta be another way to get back to our seats!

Amy: How about a door going down to the basement?

Zaktan: Basement? Does the WWE stadium even have a basement?

Amy: Let's find out (goes up to the basement door & opens)

Zaktan: Ladies first.

Amy: Thank you Zaktan (goes downstairs to the basement)

Zaktan: (follows Amy)

(Suddendly the door closes, causing everything to go dark, causes someone to fall all the way down the stairs)

(Now we see that someone turned on the lights & it was Amy who turned on the lights & it was Zaktan who fell down the stairs with his legs pointing towards the air)

Amy: Would you mind watching your step next time?

Zaktan: Ahhhh shut up!

Chapter 3: The Wrestling Looney ChaseEdit


Amy & Zaktan: (investigating in the basement while using their flashlights to light the way as they go)

Zaktan: It's so dark in here that I can't see a thing

Amy: Don't worry, we'll be back to our seats in no time.

Zaktan: Let us hope that your right. Cause this is all your fault

Amy: All I ever did is just go to the bathroom, I didn't mean for us to get lost.

Zaktan: Even though it's either your fault or mine. I told you to go before we left !

Amy: I know, I'm sorry.

Zaktan: Well you should be cause even if your Sonic's self proclaim girlfriend, he wouldn't push himself even further than before.

Amy: (gets angry) He's not afraid to fight back!

Zaktan: (turns back to Amy) Sonic's just want to be in battles for kicks! I mean seriously, he pushed himself to the limit & did you even see Sonic take on the Big Show? Huh? No!

Amy: (folds her arms in anger) I'm not going any further if you talk trash about Sonic!

Zaktan: In that case, would you mind even shoot me again like Elmer Fudd did before because your starting to give me a headace.

Amy: Yeah with the whole Amy Season & Zaktan Season gag. That was pretty funny, I'm guessing that your mad at me after you became the new Daffy Duck & I became the new Bugs Bunny, right?

Zaktan: I don't have time for this, I'll find my own way out. (walks on) See ya later.

Amy: Your not gonna leave me alone down here, are you?

Zaktan: Yes I will cause your my rival & I want Payback right here, right now! Goodbye!

Amy: (sighs) This is gonna be impossible. (notices Zaktan is far away from her & goes after Zaktan) Hey! Come on Zaktan, don't be mad! Wait up!

(Minutes later after a lot of walking, they heard strange noises...)

??? #1: Ambrose...

Amy: Hey, what's that? Did you hear something?

Zaktan: Yeah I did, what is that?...

??? #2: Rollins...

Amy: It's coming from over there, through those pipes (points to the pipes that are attached together like a sewer line & hides behind them, peeking through them)

??? #3: Reigns...

Zaktan: Hey wait up (follows Amy & does the same thing

Amy & Zaktan: (spotted 3 men in black ring attire [most notably their riot gears] & they see Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns also known as, "The Shield" & they're with 2 robots, which are actually, Orbot & Cubot. And The Shield are doing their trademark promos, which are recorded from a first-person perspective using a handheld camcorder, while Orbot & Cubot are watching)

Seth Rollins: And we're the Shield of Injustice!

Orbot: Yes, it's very nice to meet you 3. Our master will be so pleased to have you 3 in the Eggman Empire as our top wrestling commanders.

Amy: Orbot & Cubot? What are they doing here with them?

Zaktan: I don't know about you, but who are these guys?

Amy: I don't know, let's get a closer look.

Zaktan: But this is the closet we can go.

Amy: (notices the pipes attached to the walls & the ceiling) Not quite...I have an idea. Follow me (starts climbing the pipes up to the ceiling)

Zaktan: Seriously? I mean, seriously?! (sighs) Fine. (follows Amy by doing the same thing she did) I'll be right behind you, ok?

Amy: Ok.

(As Amy & Zaktan start climbing up the underground pipes to the ceiling, the Shield begins to explain to Orbot & Cubot...)

Dean Ambrose: Go tell your master that we're about principals & possesses excellent teamwork and a willingness to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the stable, and which achieves victories by overwhelming opponents with superior numbers after incapacitating their teammates.

Cubot: (Cowboy's voice) Well that'll be easier! Cheeseburgers don't run as fast as them l'il alien varmints!

Roman Reigns: (kick Cubot at the face) And while you add it, you need to get your voice chip fix, cause it's stupid.

Cubot: (got hit) Alright, but I reckon that hurt a bit.

Orbot: I am terribly sorry, Cubot has a voice chip problem he needs to fix

Amy & Zaktan: (hanging onto the pipes on the ceiling, above Orbot, Cubot & the Shield)

Dean Ambrose: We don't care what we think of your friend's voice chip problem, we care for bringing in justice to WWE once & for all!

Zaktan: (his nose felt itchy) Ah...ah...ahh...

Cubot: (notices the camcorder is seeing not only The Shield, but also unexpectedly Amy & Zaktan) Huh?

Seth Rollins: And once we taken down every single WWE Superstar in this company...

Zaktan: Ahhh...ahhhh....AHHHHHHH...

Amy: (notices Zaktan's about to sneeze) Uh oh...

Roman Reigns: They will ALL The Shield!

Zaktan: AHCOO! (his sneeze echos throughout the basement)

Cubot: Bless you Zaktan

Zaktan: Thanks...(notices that he & Amy are caught by The Shield, Orbot & Cubot) DOH!

Amy & Zaktan: (let go of the pipes & accidently falls on top of The Shield)

The Shield: What the...?!

Orbot: It's Amy Rose & Zaktan!

Amy: Eh, what's up docs?

Dean Ambrose: Get them!

Amy: And I guess that leaves us with "RUN"!

Amy & Zaktan: (begins to make a run for it, going up stairs)

The Shield: (chases after Amy & Zaktan)

Seth Rollins: Don't let those injustice people get away!

Orbot: Come along Cubot, let's go help The Shield! (follows The Shield)

Cubot: Yee-haw! (follows Orbot & The Shield) Get along, l'il heroes!

Orbot: Oh dear. Your voice chip is stuck on cowboy again. Stop talking and net those heroes

Cubot: You got it, pardner! Come on 'ere, you little varmints! Come back here!

(As Orbot, Cubot & The Shield exits the basement, they noticed that there's no sign of Amy & Zaktan)

Cubot: Huh? Where'd those critters git to?

Roman Reigns: We can't let them escape!

Dean Ambrose: (signals Orbot & Cubot to go to the left & then signals Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns to follow him) Go!

(The Shield goes to the right while Orbot & Cubot goes to the left)

Orbot: Now where could Amy & Zaktan be?

Amy: (leaning against a wall) Hello there, Orbot & Cubot. Are you looking for l'il ol me? (giggles & then runs off down the left hallway)

Cubot: There's the girl hedgehog varmit!

Orbot & Cubot: (chases after Amy)

Orbot: If Amy's here, then where's Zaktan?

(With The Shield)

Seth Rollins: Those 2 intruders got to be around here somewhere? What's the matter with them? Are they too chicken to come face us 2 on 3?

Zaktan: No (goes up to The Shield) But you've guess right so here's your reward, one for each for you! (slaps Seth Rollins' face, pokes Dean Ambrose in the eyes & then bonks Roman Reigns in the head)

Dean Ambrose: Gah! My eyes!

Zaktan: Come on, catch me! Go ahead & catch me...(runs off down the right hallway)...if you caaan!

Roman Reigns: There's that green monster, get him!

The Shield: (chases after Zaktan, passing various WWE superstars as they go)

Zaktan: (running as fast as he can while passing various of WWE superstars as he goes like John Cena, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Damien Sandow, Sheamus, Daniel Byran & many more) Whoo hoo! Excuse me, pardon me! Look out! Look out! The Green Piraka is coming through! Whaa hoo! (notices The Shield are right behind him) Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns, pursuing innocent Green Piraka. (goes inside a large picture of the divided hallway, dissapearing going down on the left hallway) Woo Hoo!

The Shield: (tries to get into the painting, but makes a big hole in the left side of the picture in the process)

Zaktan: (now emerging from the right hallway of the painting) Huh? (notices a big hole in the painting & stops in the middle of the painting) Well that's just cheating...

The Shield: (emerges from the painting, making another big hole on the painting, this time on the right side)

Zaktan: (suprized) WHOO HOO! (escapes the painting, running away from the Shield)

Seth Rollins: How does he do that?

Dean Ambrose: No time to explain, he's getting away!

The Shield: (continues chasing Zaktan)

(With Amy)

Orbot & Cubot: (still chasing Amy, passing various of WWE superstars as they go, like the Prime Time Players, Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Ryback & many more)

Amy: (passing Mark Henry) (singing) How I love to sing about New Yoorrk!

Orbot & Cubot: (passing Mark Henry)

Orbot: Excuse us.

Cubot: (getting closer to Amy) Almost there...

Amy: (passes AJ Lee & Big E Langston) Excuse me, coming through!

Cubot: (nets AJ Lee by accident) Gotcha!

AJ Lee: Hey! Let go of me!

Cubot: Huh? You not that crazy pink hedgehog!

AJ Lee: What did you call me?

Big E Langston: (with AJ Lee, looks at Orbot & Cubot)

Orbot: (notices Big E Langston) We're terribly sorry sir, but have you seen a Pink Hedgehog around here have you?

(Instead of giving Orbot the answer, Big E Langston starts beating the heck out of Orbot)

Cubot: (watching this & looks back at AJ Lee) Mind if you tell me the answer missy?

AJ Lee: (kicks Cubot away)

Cubot: Aiieee! (crashes into Orbot) Ouch! That's more painful than a boulder crashing into a wagon.

AJ Lee: Nobody calls me crazy! (leaves with Big E Langston)

Orbot: (spots Amy) Look!

Amy: Aw, looks like you two met a couple of new wrestlers, fresh from NXT.

Orbot & Cubot: (chases after Amy, trying to net her)

Amy: (starts running off towards the stage standees at the front)

(With Zaktan)

Zaktan: Come on follow me! (goes behind the stage standees)

The Shield: (Continues chasing after Zakan)

Zaktan: (goes through the hole which is the size of a door opening) Don't follow me!

Orbot & Cubot: Aaahhh!

Director: This isn't right...cut! Cut!

Orbot, Cubot, the Shield: (suddendly crashes into each other)

Zaktan: (on a director's chair, holding a loudspeaker) That's lunch everybody. (hears the loudspeaker's static)

Amy: Come on Zaktan, let's get outta here! (runs off with Zaktan)

Dean Ambrose: Get off of us you two morons!

Orbot & Cubot: (gets off of the Shield)

Cubot: Iffn' ya say so.

Orbot: We're terribly sorry (notices Scooby Doo & Mystery Incorporated) Greetings Mystery Inc & Scooby Doo, you good?

Scooby & Shaggy: (looks each other in confusion)

Zaktan: (notices the Mystery Machine) My chariet awaits! (hops inside the drivers seat) Yes! (looks at the buttons & starts pushing once he named the buttons) Mystery lights, mystery condition, mystery stereo (turns on the stereo) To the Piraka Cave! (turns on the engines)

Seth Rollins: (notices Amy & Zaktan) Hey! There they are!

Orbot: Now we got her!

Orbot & Cubot: (goes after Amy again)

The Shield: (runs after Zaktan)

Roman Reigns: Step away from that Mystery Machine! (does the spear at Zaktan)

Zaktan: Ouch! (falls out of the Mystery Machine) What are you, a living weapon or something?

Dean Ambrose: Tell it to the Shield!

Seth Rollins: We got you now!

The Shield: (picks up Zaktan on his feet)

(They didn't know that the Mystery Machine is driving itself forward very fast without a driver cause a brick had accidently landed on the accelerator)

Orbot & Cubot: (grabs Amy by the arms) Gotcha!

Amy: Hey! Let me go!

Cubot: We'll let go inside a prison cell that is. Your going to jail missy!

Zaktan: Feeling good about yourselves?

Seth Rollins: We are...

(The Mystery Machine is now going in full acceleration & some people notices it)

Amy: You've bested the Pink Hedgehog & the Green Piraka

Dean Ambrose: We did...

(The Mystery Machine is accelerating towards the giant load of cardboard boxes filled with cartoon anvils, barbells, dumbells & other heavy things)

Zaktan: And now your going to do the Triple Powerbomb on us...

Amy: ...So it would be yet another message to the entire WWE Universe

Roman Reigns: Indeed.

Orbot & Cubot: (holds out the camera)

Orbot: Alright we're rolling...

Cubot: Annnnd action!

(The Mystery Machine rams through the boxes, causing the giant wall of heavy cardboard boxes to lose balance)

Dean Ambrose: WWE Universe, as you can see. We have captured the interferers of our latest message

Orbot & Cubot: (notices the giant stack behind Amy, Zaktan & the Shield & was in horror about the giant stack about to tumble down)

Seth Rollins: And now it's time for you to realise that you'll never ever mess with the Shield ever again.

Orbot: (now scared) Uh, Shield?

Amy: (notices the giant stack & begins to grin mischievously)

Zaktan: (smiles sheepishly)

Roman Reigns: This is what happens when you interfere with the Shield's reign of justice!

(The Giant Stack lost balance & begins to tumble down, as everyone except Orbot, Cubot, Amy, Zaktan & the Shield runs for their lives)

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins: (holds Amy & Zaktan with their arms on their shoulders)

Roman Reigns: (turns & lets out a roar, but then notices the giant stack, about to crash onto himself & the shield) Huh?

Dean Ambrose: What are you waiting for Roman Reigns?

Seth Rollins: Let's finish them together!

Amy & Zaktan: (escapes the hold)

Amy: You 3 might wanna use this (gives the Shield a tiny umbrella)

Amy & Zaktan: (steps back to where Orbot & Cubot)

The Shield: (notices the giant stack of cardboard boxes)

Roman Reigns: RUN!

(The Shield tries to escape from the giant stack, but got crushed by the giant stack of cardboard boxes filled with cartoon anvils, barbells, dumbells & other heavy cartoon things with a giant crash)


The Shield: (emerges from the boxes, feeling damaged from the heavy cartoon objects)

Cubot: Well what do you know I found Nemo

Orbot: Are you 3 ok?

The Shield: (notices Amy & Zaktan & tries to attack, but then remembers that Amy & Zaktan are from toons & animations)

Dean Ambrose: Aw forget it!

Seth Rollins: You chumps are lucky

Roman Reigns: But next time, you won't be so lucky.

Orbot: (tending to the Shield's wounds) Don't worry, Cubot & I will fix you up right away

Cubot: Yeah & how much can that crash matter? Not like anybody saw the impact of that crash on the Shield?

Orbot: I guess it can't matter much.

(As Orbot & Cubot leaves, fixing the Shield's wounds, Amy & Zaktan looks at each other)

Zaktan: Wow, that went well. At least nobody saw that.

Amy: (notices the entire WWE Locker Room of Raw & Smackdown, watched in awe) Look, we have guests & we're on camera

Zaktan: (notices that he & Amy are indeed on camera & on the super moniter of RAW)

Amy: I think they're surprized

(A short silence)

Zaktan: Oops.

Chapter 4: Amy & Zaktan in the WWE Roster?!Edit

(In a grassy field)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: (having a picnic in a perfect sunny day)

Rarity: (sighs) It is gorgeous out. Just gorgeous.

Vezok: Yeah, thanks for inviting us to your picnic.

Twilight Sparkle: Your quite welcome, after all you guys, plus Amy & Zaktan did help us stop Discord, Vezon & the Rahkshi in the past.

Reidak: And Zaktan learns not to stick his head in a jet engine

Avak: Right.

Applejack: Alrighty then, I sure wish Amy & Zaktan are here, they would like a nice picnic.

Hakann: Yeah when Amy wants Sonic to join in the picnic for a romantic picnic.

Rainbow Dash: I never would've guess that Sonic is one of the fastest beings alive. He may be the fastest on land, but I'm the fastest when it comes to flight.

Thok: And Vezok is the fastest swimmer too.

Pinkie Pie: Say I wonder where Amy & Zaktan could be. Are they hiding playing "Hide & Seek"?

Reidak: I'm not sure, where could our 2 friends be?

Newspaper Boy: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (throws a newspaper at Avak's mouth) Take it to your friends. Earn yourselves with knowledge! (runs off, giving newspapers to everyone) Extra, Extra!

Fluttershy: Oh my, are you ok?

Avak: (spits the newspaper) Always the same thing, the newspaper lands in my mouth

Twilight Sparkle: (reads the newspaper) What's this? (starts reading the newspaper) "New Wrestlers cause Big Impact!"? (continues reading) Amy Rose & Zaktan made a huge impact against one of the most villainous heel team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, known as the Shield. According to the WWE Universe, they are super happy about it & with a positive outcome that is very huge coming from the WWE Fans, Amy & Zaktan has no choice but to become WWE Superstars beggining as Rookies.

Pinkie Pie: Wow! This calls for a celebration!

Vezok: Yeah, but we have to get to the WWE Stadium to get there to Amy & Zaktan.

Rarity: Wrestling is not my thing, but I won't let those Heel wrestlers hurt a single quill or hair off my friends!

Hakann: That's right!

Thok: Prehaps we can visit Amy & Zaktan, but how can we congratulate them?

Pinkie Pie: I know! A PARTY!

Rainbow Dash: Alright! What are we waiting for? Let's go to the WWE Stadium!

(With Amy & Zaktan)

Amy & Zaktan: (enters inside their very own private locker room)

Amy: So, this must be our brand new locker room

Zaktan: Yeah, but why is it dark all of the sudden (turns on the light to reveal, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity who had set up the party for them)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: SURPRIZE!

Amy: Wow! That's surprizing

Pinkie Pie: We made this party just for you!

Twilight Sparkle: We just wanna say congratulations for being WWE Superstars

Zaktan: Thanks guys, but how did you know?

Reidak: It's all over the news & on the internet of Check it out.

Amy & Zaktan: (checks the computer for & finds their picture along with the giant stack accident that says "Amy & Zaktan Cracks The Shield By Accident")

Zaktan: (looks alarmed) Hey! Who are we kidding? We're WWE Superstars & we're the main targets for Heel Wrestlers.

Vezok: At least we got ourselves a sushi bar.

Fluttershy: Please don't eat all of the harmless fish.

Avak: Please don't tell me Fluttershy's a vegetarian.

Applejack: I'm not sure, but Fluttershy is indeed kind to all animals.

Thok: I guess your right. But Amy & Zaktan, you two are part of the WWE Roster that has amazed audiences for over 60 years.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, this is big, very big. Are you sure you can handle them?

Amy: I'll try my best.

Zaktan: And I'll stop anyone that gets in my way.

Rainbow Dash: Hey Zaktan, boasting is my job, but I learn that boasting leads nothing but trouble.

Rarity: We all learned the hard way.

Amy: (hears the phone) I guess so. Hold on, I got a call.

Zaktan: But your not carrying a phone

Amy: (picks up a Pink & Green phone & presses the button, causing the picture of Vince McMahon Sr. [who is the founder of the WWE] to reveal a big tv screen, revealing Vince McMahon Sr. as a video message)

Vince McMahon, Sr.:To whom it may concern...

Vezok: Oh my gosh, that's the founder of WWE himself, Vince McMahon, Sr.!

Vince McMahon, Sr.: I have chosen you for a very special mission to find the Crystal WWE.

Twilight Sparkle: The Crystal WWE? What's the Crystal WWE?

Vince McMahon, Sr.: If you asked what it is, it is a diamond, a very special diamond that has been created since WWE's foundings. Some evil villains would do anything to use the Crystal WWE, even for world domination. You must do everything you can to stop any villain from getting to the Crystal WWE. Good luck, the future of WWE rest in your hands. (the video turns off itself)

Rarity: (gasps & gets happy) A Diamond?! I love diamonds!

Zaktan: Diamond? (gets very happy) I'm rich! (his eyes turns into dollar signs & his head turns into a sack that spills diamonds out of the sack & then his head turns back to normal) I've joined the higher class.

Amy: Come on, let's go find the Crystal WWE!

Applejack: Alrighty then, where do we start?

Reidak: Not sure, he never said where to go first.

Pinkie Pie: (notices a note) Lookie! I found a note!

Amy: (reads the note) "Your first location is normal & rich in desert sight, but was one of the brightest cities in the night."

Vezok: Normal & rich? Brightest city in the night? Which location is that?

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Las Vegas!

Amy: That's it! This must be the place.

Avak: Then Las Vegas it is, but how do we get there?

Amy: I think I have an idea. We'll travel in my car, the Pink Cabriolet.

Zaktan: Where's that?

Amy: Good thing this private locker room also has a garage for my car. (opens the door, revealing a garage with Amy's car, the "Pink Cabriolet"
Pink Cabriolet

Amy Rose's car: The Pink Cabriolet

inside) Hop in guys, we're going for a ride to Las Vegas.

Rainbow Dash: Alright, but maybe Fluttershy & I can give your car a boost once we're in danger. Ok?

Amy: Sure, that would be an excellent idea (hops inside the driver's seat)

Fluttershy: O-okay, I'll um, give it a shot, if that's ok with you.

Piraka & Mane 6: (hops inside the Pink Cabriolet)

Zaktan: Alright, everyone's in let's go. We're going to live the adventure, as super spies!

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) Boys

Amy, Piraka & the Mane 6: (buckles up their seat belts)

Amy: Alrighty, let's go! (turns on the engines & then drives out of the garage)

Zakan: Say, by the fact that I think about the spy car, cause it's absoloutly nothing like a spy car.

Reidak: (hits Zaktan)

Zaktan: Ow! Thanks, I needed that.

Reidak: Your welcome man.

(Amy, The Piraka & the Mane 6 drives off to Lav Vegas in the Pink Cabriolet)

(At the Locker Room of WWE)

(We see on TV that Amy Rose & Zaktan are resurecting an old faviorite in the looney tunes, the ol' "Rabbit Season, Duck Season" Technique to Vezon who is the hunter)

Vezon: (on TV) (aims his Spear of Fusion at Amy) Say your prayers Hedgehog, it's Amy Season.

Amy: (on TV) (pushes the spear of fusion gently to Zaktan with one finger to aim at Zaktan) Zaktan Season

Zaktan: (on TV) (shoves the spear of fusion with his hand to aim at Amy) Amy Season!

Amy: (on TV) (pushes the spear of fusion gently to Zaktan with one finger to aim at Zaktan) Zaktan Season

Zaktan: (on TV) (shoves the spear of fusion with his foot to aim at Amy) Amy Season!

Amy: (on TV) (gently pushes the aim of the spear of fusion in a clockwise direction) Amy Season!

Zaktan: (on TV) (pulls the aim of the Spear of Fusion back to him) Zaktan Season, Fire!

Vezon: (on TV) (fires an electrical fireball at Zaktan, causing it to explode on him)

Zaktan: (his teeth & jaw is misplaced on his head just like fake teeth trying to chew down on his head) -_- (readjust his teeth & jaw)

(As Amy continues to outwit Zaktan with him keeps getting shot at, misplacing his mouth on him everytime, the WWE Superstars are laughing at this as they're watching TV)

Darren Young: Man, that's comedy gold!

Titus O'Neil: Yeah, those guys are funny!

Mark Henry: Maybe they aren't so bad after all.

John Cena: So that's who they are, they are Amy Rose & Zaktan, those 2 are the new generation for Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck, looks like they're time is now.

Daniel Bryan: Wherever they are, they're proberbly heading off to Lav Vegas for their first appearance in their first match by now.

(With Amy, The Piraka & the Mane 6)

(The Heroes are still driving in Amy's Pink Cabriolet in a road in the desert as Zaktan accidently fell off the car)

Zaktan: Aaah! (lands painfully on the road, but got back up, skidding on his behind, folding his arms) -_-

Rainbow Dash: I'll get him (flys off to carry Zaktan back to the car & sets him down) There you go

Zaktan: Thanks, it's good to stretch.

Reidak: You know we're getting tired of watching you fall out of the Pink Cabriolet

Zaktan: That's my plan in the netshell (chuckles)

Amy: We're halfway there to Lav Vegas, don't worry we'll get to Lav Vegas soon enough

Twilight Sparkle: I do hope your right

Zaktan: Now listen, if we're run into anything that requires super spy skills, like picking locks, smooching dames, you better leave that to me.

Twilight Sparkle: (sarcastic laughing) Very funny, Zaktan. We need to stay on our mission. This is no time for goofing off, it's no laughing matter.

Hakann: A No laughing matter? Please.

Amy: It is.

Rarity: Can't you Piraka ever be serious for once?

Vezok: Like what, forget about being out of control party animals? Forget it.

Applejack: (sighs) I sure hope we get to Las Vegas soon.

(The phone begins to ring)

Fluttershy: Eep! What was that?

Amy: It's only the phone. Can someone answer the phone for me please?

Twilight Sparkle: Us ponies have never heard of a phone before.

Avak: I got it. (answers the phone) Avak Piraka here?

Sonic: (on phone, in the other line, in the other side of the screen) Hi Avak. I would like to speak to Amy & Zaktan.

Amy: Sonic! (grabs the phone) It's great to see you Sonic!

Zaktan: AAH! (gets into the driver's seat & drives the car) Be careful. Next time, put it on speaker.

Amy: (to Zaktan) Sorry. (to Sonic) How's it going?

Sonic: Listen, I heard that you & Zaktan accidently got inside the backstage & we're chased by the Shield.

Amy: You watched WWE too?

Sonic: Yeah. Sometimes I watch it. The action, the drama, the suspense.

Zaktan: (grabs the phone) Yeah, thanks for the info.

Reidak: Hey! (gets into the drivers seat & drives the car)

Sonic: Was that Reidak? What's going on?

Zaktan: Alright you got us. I was on a super spy mission with my 5 Piraka pals, plus the Mane 6 & Amy Rose. It's a little adventure I like to call "Zaktan's Quest for the Crystal WWE" & you're not in it! (pushing the other line towards Sonic)

Amy: Hey! That's not nice.

Twilight Sparkle: (puts the phone on speaker) Sorry about Zaktan, he gets a bit jealous when he plays 2nd banana to Amy Rose. We gotta go to Las Vegas for our first match, which is in Friday Night Smackdown.

Amy: Gotta go, see you later, bye. (makes a kissing noise) Mwah. (stops the call)

(The other line pushes Zaktan, leaving Sonic with most of the screen)

Zaktan: ACK!

Sonic: Just now... did Zaktan said "Crystal WWE"?

Zaktan: (groans in pain)

(Camera cuts to the road as the gang continues their drive to Las Vegas in the Pink Cabriolet. They we're being spied by the "Egg Satellite", however it was mysteriously hacked by someone unknown.)

(At a dark unknown location)

(The security cameras have shown the Pink Cabriolet driving away down on the road.)

Sonic: Just now... did Zaktan said "Crystal WWE"? (slow motion) "Crystal WWE"? (normal) "Crystal WWE"?

Zaktan: It's a little adventure I like to c-call "Zaktan's (deep voice) Quest (normal voice) for the Crystal WWE (jump skip) WWE".

(They we're being watched by Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns.)

Dean Ambrose: So that's it! (closes the book about the Crystal WWE)

Seth Rollins: The Crystal WWE? Why haven't we been told about this?

Roman Reigns: Those 2 guys we're Amy Rose & Zaktan. 2 biggest stars in their generation. They we're cartoons, that's how they got lucky.

Dean Ambrose: Roman, you're more brilliant than you ever know. Whatever the case, Vince McMahon Jr. must know something about the Crystal WWE.

Seth Rollins: Hold on. We are the Shield, we make our own justice. The Crystal WWE is a rare valuable trophy of our status as the greatest stable known to the WWE.

Roman Reigns: The Crystal WWE has legendary powers of every single WWE Superstar, past, present & future. Then, Now, Forever. We will believe that & in Las Vegas, those newcomers will believe in the Shield.

(The Shield didn't know that Zavok along with the other 5 silhouettes of the Deadly Six have watched them.)

Zavok: Hmm... the Shield are an unstoppable force to be reckon with. And they are willing to bring their own justice to WWE.

Zazz: (emerging from the shadows) (chuckles evily) Yeah, well... AH, I feel like destroying something!

Zavok: (turns to Zazz) That's what I like about you, Zazz. Always ready for a fight, even before you know what you're fighting.

Zazz: (chuckles evily) You bet! Bring it on & I'll rip it up! (laughing evily as he begins running out of the room)

Zavok: Win or lose. I'll learn something about our new enemies: Amy Rose, the Piraka & the Mane 6, including the WWE Superstars.

Chapter 5: Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd & Eddy joins the partyEdit

"More Coming Soon"