The Looney Life and Adventures of Amy Rose is an episode of Amy Rose and the Looney Tunes.

Remember, every one of the shows/games represented are comedies. Some are part action though. Don't be afraid to at least try to make something funny, and remember - 2 of the shows represented are squash-and-stretch.

(Pumpituppartyzone, Rapidthehedgehog, Spongebob100, and THE DARKEST PART OF THE STORM may edit. if anybody else wants to, plz ask)

[This episode has characters from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Looney Tunes, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Fan characters.]


It's an unusually normal day in Endsville. Mandy is getting Grim to shofur her and Billy around, but when she found nothing interesting...

Mandy: Nothing's going on here, Grim.

Billy: Yeah! It's boring!

Mandy: Drive us over to Orchid Bay.

Grim: Orchid Bay? Why, I love dat place! I vacationed dere last mont.

Mandy: I didn't ask for a flashback. Just drive us. Now.

They get to Orchid Bay, and already, they've found some out of the ordinary things there. Juniper Lee is chasing around her little brother (Ray Ray) and her dog (Monroe), while Taz the Tazmanian Devil, Daffy Duck, and Amy Rose are in an argument.

Mandy: Stop the car.

Grim: I should get paid for dis. *stops the car and gets out* What's goin' on here?

Amy: I'm trying to convince Tas to not eat me, but Daffy tries to convince Tas to eat me

Grim: Taz? You mean big, brown growly ting?

Taz: *starts clawing at Grim*

June: Grim?

Grim: June?

Mandy: Now that we've all met, what is there to do at this joint?

???:(Gruttle Growl)

Amy: Hello?

Predalien:(Kidnapps Amy)

Mandy: That's something.

Billy: What was that?

June: It looked like an alien.

Darkstorm: Alien Hybrid

June: Nice to meet you.

Mandy: Yeah, well, I say we find that ditsy-looking hedgehog girl and beat up the dude who kidnapped her.

Billy and Ray Ray: Yay!

Darkstorm: Predalien is inkillible, impossible to beat without a pack Mandy

Mandy: A pack? Well then, give me one.

Darkstorm:(Bursts out laughing) What color is the sky in your head, who are giving a Yautjan Paya orders youngling?

Mandy: *takes out a steak knife ready to stab Darkstorm in the back of his neck* Get me a pack. Now.

Darkstorm:(Extends Wrist Blades)

Mandy: *takes Grim's scythe and turns Darkstorm into a talking frog* What part of get me a pack are you not getting?

Darkstorm:(Changes back to normal) I am half Human (Removes his human skin layer to show that he is half demon and he has armor like demon skin)

Billy: Yay! He's not all creepy!

Daffy: His face is though.

Taz: *bites Daffy*

Daffy: YOUCH!

Mandy: I don't care. Look, I'm almost positive you know that girl. Don't you wanna save her? She gotta be only 2 years older than me.

Darkstorm: I'll give you a gold brick if Billy shuts up.

Mandy: I'll get him to shut up if you get me the stupid pack.

Billy: [continuously screaming] Destroy us all! Destroy us all!

Rapid: SHUT UP!

Billy: Okay! [five seconds later, starts screaming] Pie!

Ray Ray: *joins in*

Jack: Ok? What's going on here?

Patricia: Yeah, what's going on here?

June: Ray Ray, Billy, and Mandy are trying to get something from Darkstorm to save Amy. Oh, wait! Grim, can't you just get a pack with your scythe?

Grim: Oh yeah! I forgot I could do dat! *makes a pack appear*

Mandy: Good. Let's get going. Where do we look first?

Jack: First we should...(Sniffs the smell of Amy's Perfume) You smell that, it smells like Amy's Perfume

Patricia: I can smell her Perfume to

Jack: Hold on Amy, I'm coming for ya (Follows the scent of Amy's Perfume)

Patricia: Follow Jack (Follows Jack)

(Everyone else follows Jack)


(At an Unknown Area)

Amy: (Wakes up) Huh? Where am I?

????: In a forest.

Amy: Who the heck are you?

????: I'm Fist the Echidna. Do you want to get out of this forest alive?

Amy: Well, yeah!

Fist: Alright. We need to stay out of sight and quiet. This place is crawling with mutated lizard things. And they don't seem friendly. Let's go. Just follow me.


Billy: Hey! I smell that pretty stuff over there, too! *points to the left*

Monroe: No, laddy! I smell it over there! *points to the right*

Daffy: No way! It's clearly coming from behind us.

Mandy: I see what's going on. That supid alien loser thing sprayed Amy's perfume everywhere to throw us off.

June: Great. So, now what do we do?

Patricia: We betta keep going

Jack: I wonder why Amy is been kidnapped by an Alien?

June: Patricia, we know we need to get going. The question is where?

Darkstorm: He went 50 kliks due north

Grim: How do ya know dat?

Darkstorm: Your standing in his slime

Grim: *looks down* Aww, crud! I just got mah bones whitened and now they're all slimey!

Monroe: Alright, lads and lassies! Follow Darkstorm!

Daffy: Aww, I don't wanna!

Darkstorm:(Contacts the Yautjan Corps) My pack of troops are on their way

Ray Ray: Who was that?

(A Predator War Ship Decloacks and beams Darkstorm and the others to the ship)

Billy: *screams continuously*

Ray Ray: Would you just be quiet?

Mandy: I'll handle it. *hits Billy with the Pillow of Common Sence and he stops screaming*

June: How'd we get here?

Predator Troopers:(Salutes Darkstorm)

Darkstorm: Welcome to the Black Scorpion pride of the Yautjan Fleet

Billy: Yaut-who-what?

Mandy: Shut up, Billy. So we're basically on a giant space ship from another planet?

Jack: Ok Darkstorm, let's go save Amy

Patricia: I hope Amy's gonna be ok


Amy: (pops out of the Bushes) Ok Fist, there are Mutant Lizards, what do we do now?

Fist: Shhh! Keep it down!

Amy: *whispering* Right! Sorry!

Fist: *climbs silently up a tree and then jumps to another tree*

Amy: [singing] Oh no; there's a monkey in the tree!

Rouge Xenomrophs:(Hisses)

?????: Look who we have here! Fist, the son of Knuckles, and Amy, the beautiful hedgehog.

Rouge Xenomorphs:(Screeching)

Rapid: *from behind Fist and Amy* What was that?

Predalien:Kill them!!

Rapid: *gets in an offensive stance*

Rouge Xenomorphs:(Charge)

Amy: Get away from me!

Rouge Xenomorphs: She is a Dark Angel RETREAT!!!

Amy: Dark Angel? What was that about?

Rouge Warrior:(Attacks)

Amy: Yaaah! *whacks the Rogue Warrior w/ her Piko-Piko hammer*

Rouge Warrior:(Its acid blood dripping)

Rouge Drones:(Kills their brother Xeno)

Amy: Whoa! That's some intense stuff!


Grim: I think I hear some screamin'!

Darkstorm:(diggs his claws in his skin) DARK.. Angel, FORM.

Mandy: What's this guy babbling on about?

Jack: I don't know, but I'm so hungry, I can eat a barrel of Bananas. No Joke (Eats an Entire Barrel of Bananas) Banana Tasting

Patricia: Ok?

Jack: I think it's coming from the Forest, let's move!

Patricia: Ok, I hope Amy isn't in danger

Jack: Danger?!

June: Don't worry, Jack. If she is, we can totally save her.

Daffy: Who said anything about saving her? The girl can take care of herself in the forest full of mutant lizards! I am not going in.

Bugs: *shows up* Fine. You can stay here, so in case one comes out and tries to kill ya, you won't be in a group.

Daffy: B| Fine. I'm coming! To the forest!

Dark Angel Darkstorm:(Growls)

Daffy: I lied. To Orchid Bay! *runs off into Orchid Bay*

June: You okay, Darkstorm?

Dachande: He is fine, I am Dachande leader of Lighting Bolt Clan

Mandy: Great. Can we get back to finding that stupid hedgehog? There are way too many distractions/.

Billy: That wasn't very nice, Mandy.

Mandy: Shut up, Billy.

Billy: You shut up!

Bugs: How about both of ya shut your holes!

Grim: Ya! Dis Dachande fellow may be able to help us wit our mission! [1]Added by NightFreak

Dachande: Yo wasup Grim (Removes his mask)

Grim: Oh! You Dachande! I rememba you! Didn't I reap one of ya relatives?

Dachande: I think so

Monroe: Great! Ya lads reunited! Now are we gonna go into this forest or not?


Monroe: *growls back*

June: Monroe! This Dachande is gonna help us find Amy. Just calm down.

Dachande: My kind are aliens known as Yautjans

Darkstorm: Ten Hut

(The Yautjan Troopers stand up streight when their Paya called attention)


Mandy: Those guys helping us too?

Darkstorm: Is that a problem

June: Nope! If this Predalien guy is as tough as you say he is, we'll need all the help we can get!

Dachande: Machiko?

Mandy: Ugh. What's he saying now?

Dachande: Paya, why is a suckling joining the fight?

Darkstorm: she thinks she can prove herself.

Mandy: *growls* I love how Ray Ray is 8 and nobody's saying anything about him. But whatever. Are we gonna find her or just sit her and call me stupid names?

Dachande:(Grabs Ray Ray)

Ray Ray: Aaah! Let go of me! *squirming around*

Jack: I don't know where Amy is, but we gotta find her

Patricia: But where is she?


Amy: (Sneaking with Fist) (Whispering) Why are those Aliens are scared at me about?

Fist: They said something about a dark angel...

Amy: Dark Angel?

Fist: *shrugs* I dunno what that means.

Amy: Maybe we should find out. (Notices an Old Temple) Whao, it's so Huge!

Fist: Whoa...that is huge!

Amy: (Notices the Legend of the Dark Angel written in Stone) Fist, come look at this. There's something written in Stone

???: There are 6 Dark Angels.

Amy: Who's there?

Pulse: Names Pulse the Electrohog

Fist: I'm Fist the Echidna.

Amy: ...Did you say electrohog? What the heck is an electrohog?

Pulse: Don't wanna know

Amy: Okay then. So, tell me all about these Dark Angel dudes.


Ray Ray: Somebody make this dude let go of me! *continues squirming*

Mandy: Yeah, why are you holding the guy?

The Yautjan Troopers:(Jabs the air and roars)

Dachande: Then he is ready to fight

Ray Ray: What? I get to fight a dude? AWESOME!

Daffy: Count me out of the fighting.

Taz: *growls at daffy*

Bugs: *pokes Taz on the forehead to calm him down* We're not gonna have to do any training are we?

Daffy: Or at least not that loser?

Ray Ray: Hey!

Jack: Alright let's train

Patricia: Yeah, how hard can it be?


Amy: So what's what?

Pulse: There are the Talons, the First and Second set of claws and fangs, the Wings and the cloack, I am guessing your the wings

Amy: *gasp* Does that mean I can fly? *tries to jump up and fly in a pathetic yet adorable way*

Pulse: Let me explian, first you gotta unleash your inner darkness

Amy: Inner Darkness, but why would I do that, I'm just Cute & Adorable

Pulse: Then will explian the Dark Angel wings behind ya?

Amy: Huh? ( Notices she has Dark Angel Wings) How'd did those got here?

(The Dark Wings mark glows purple around Amy's Eyes)

Amy: What's happeing to me?

Pulse: your the Dark Wings

Amy: I don't understand at all, why am I part of the Dark Angel, Pulse?

Pulse: It is unknown to me, the fates decide

Fist: Maybe it's because you hit me with your stupid hammer last Christmas when both of us were under the mistletoe...

Thrash: You Tried to kiss my mother?

Pulse: Just chill man

Amy: Mother?!


Billy: Dachande is scary! He looks like a GIANT MUTANT SPIDER!

Mandy and June: Shut up.

Jack: You guys, that's enough, we're getting closer to Amy

Patricia: Ok

Jack: I felt some wierd Vibes in my Dragon Core

Patricia: I felt it too, it feels like....a Dark Angel

(Are you sure the ship is moving?)

(Spongebob100: I don't know)

Jack: Dark Angel?

Patricia: The Dark Angel's Wings, it's coming from...(Gasps) Amy!

Darkstorm: She is the Dark Wings, I am the First set of claws and Fangs, Blaze THC is the second set

Jack: You have 2 Parts, insted of 1?

Darkstorm: Aye

Jack: Okay? Let's just find Amy ok?

Patricia: Ok


Amy: (Hears Jack & Patricia coming) I hear something

Jack: Amy Rose, where are you?

Patricia: Hello, Amy, where are you?

Amy: Sweet! Jack and Patricia found me!

Taz: RAAARGH! *spins aaround in a tornado*

Amy: ...And so did Taz. Well, I don't care! I can finally get out of here! *looks up* IS THAT A SPACE SHIP?!

Pulse: It is the Black Scorpion

Jack: Come on, it's time to get outta here

Patricia: (Flys on her Flying Broom) Take my hand (Reachs out for Amy)

(Amys Dark Wings mark begins to glow)

Patricia: What's going on with you?

Amy: I don't know, but somehow, I've gotten Stronger

Patricia: Well, take my hand Amy & you'll be fine

(The ship lands)

Mandy: I've got a better idea. Get in the ship, hedgehog.

Amy: Who are you?

Mandy: Your rescue team.

Billy: PIE!!!!

Mandy: Shut up, Billy.

June: We came to find you. Come on in, and then we'll find Predalien. He's the guy who kidnapped you.

Jack: I'm glad it's all over now

(Darkstorm and Blaze THC turn into their Dark Angel form)

Daffy: WHOA! That's some creepy stuff!

June: Amy can do that too.

Daffy: She can?!

Amy: I can?!

Jack: She can?!

Patricia: I guess she can try, but why?

Dark Angel Darkstorm: Sister Angel!!!

Amy: Darkstorm? How the heck do I do that Dark Angel thing?

Dark Angel Darkstorm:(Grabs Amys arm and turns her into the Dark Angel)

Patricia: Whao, it's beautiful

(The Dark Wings begins to make Rainbow blades)

Jack: So, are you sure we can stop Pendallion


Patricia: He's right behind us is he?

Jack: Yep

Predalien:Chestbuster Claws!!!!

Jack: Look out (Saves Patricia just in time & puts TNT on Predalien with ACME Forever Glue)


Predalien: Stick Bomb huh?

(Spongebob100: Remember it has to be funny)

Dark Angel Darkstorm:Dark Screech!!!

Jack: (Covers his Ears) It's too loud

Patricia: (Covers her Ears) What? Is it cool sound?

Jack: No, it's too loud !

Predalien:(On his Knees)

June: *kicks Predalien in the face and lands on his head, then dances on it, and jumps of, landing behind Billy*

Billy: AAH! CREEPY LOOKING ALIEN FREAK! *screams continuously*

Jack: Your about to go down Predalien

June: Hey, Darkstorm. Is that big, ugly alien dude a magical creature?

Dark Angel Darkstorm: No.

Predalien:Chestbuster Claws (Claws Glow Red)

June: This may take longer than I thought, but It'll still work. Monroe, don't you have the ingredients we used on Wrongness to make him magical at our house?

Monroe: Aye, but it'll take a while get back to the house, talk less making it.

Mandy: Maybe Billy and Daffy can go with you.

Monroe: That could work.


Daffy: Be quiet, kid.

June: Darkstorm, you think you can get some of those soldier dudes to help these three get back to my place and get something? We can keep Ugly here busy while they're gone.

Darkstorm:(Summons his Grimmwor)

(What's a Grimmwor?)

Jack: Nice

Patricia: Well, I hope we can help Amy with her Predalien Problem

(A Grimmwor is book of dark Spells)

Jack: Ok?

Patricia: It's the Grimmwor Book of Dark Spells

Darkstorm: Sorcrer of Black MAGIC (Turns into the Sorcorer of Black Magic)

Patricia: Wow

Jack: But how would a Sorcorer of Black Magic can stop Predalien?

Amy: That feels wierd, I don't know why I got this Wings mark, but it's Awesome!

S.B.M Darkstorm:(Turns Amy into Dark Magician girl and Jack into Dark Magician)

Jack: Whao, what now? I'm like a Magician.

Amy: The Darkness really gives me the creeps

S.B.M Darkstorm:(Fires a blast that made Predalien turn Green)

Predalien: Why am I green

Jack: (Fires a blast that made Predalien turn Orange)

S.B.M Darkstorm: One more blast to turn Predalien magical

Amy: I'll do it. (Fires a blast that made Predalien turn Pink)

Monroe: Or you could do that.

June: Monroe, give me the other potion we used on Wrongness!

Monroe: *tosses Banishment Spell to Juniper*

June: Now that you're magical... *chucks the potion at Predalien and he disappears* He won't be in Orchid Bay again for a while!

Amy: But what about the Dark Angel Markings on me?

Darkstorm: Your Perminatly a Dark Angel, Oh and 3, 2, 1

Predalien: (Reappears)

June: Monroe?!

Monroe: Aye, maybe I used the wrong potion.

Daffy: Well, what are we gonna do now?!?

Predalien:(Fallow down unconscience)

Jack: He fell down

Patricia: But how?

Darkstorm: Tranq.

Bugs: I can't believe we didn't think of that earlier!

Mandy: Well, how can we dispose of the body?


Billy: AAAH!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Ray Ray: Let's shoot it again!

Darkstorm: (Lifts Predaliens body) Grim I need you to open a portal to the Xenomorph Homeworld!

Grim: I'm on it, Darkstorm! *opens a portal w/ his scythe* Throw him in, mon!

Darkstorm:(Throws Predalien but gets pulled in)

Jack: (Pulling Darkstorm out of the Portal) Close the Portal.

Darkstorm:(Gasping for air)

Grim: Fine! I'll close da portal! *closes the portal. Darkstorm is safe, except only half of his body is there.*

(Now, no bleeding! :D)

Ray Ray: Awesome! Grim cut Darkstorm right in half!

Patricia: Ok, I did not expect that, where's the other half?

">(Harsh Screaming is heard)

Grim: Aah! Where did dat come from?

Jack: I don't know, you tell me

Amy: Where's it coming from?

Fist: Stay here... *Goes to the sound then runs back* AHHHHH!!!!!!! MOMMY!!!!! HELP!!! *jumps into Amy's arms*

Amy: What's wrong Fist?

Fist: M-m-m-m-monster!

Amy: Monster? Where?

Fist: Over there!

(Anubis and Ra appear)

Amy: Huh? Who are you?

Fist: Egyptian gods!

Amy: Egyptian gods? Like their from Egypt?

Mandy: No, Amy. They're from Austria.

Amy: They look Egyptian to me

Fist: ...Pie! Look! *points to a giant floating pie*

Jack: Is that a Giant Floating Pie?

Ra: Darkstorm has some time until we lose

Patricia: Lose what?

Ray Ray: Who cares? I wanna taste that pie! *jumps up into the pie and starts eating it*

June: Ray Ray! We don't even know if it's a real pie!

Monroe and Daffy: In the mean time, is it apple?

Jack: Oh boy. I wonder what Ra is trying to tell us

Fist: *shrugs then tastes pie* It's every flavor combined! Awesome!

Patricia: (Tries to taste it) Hey, your right Fist, it taste really good

Amy: I think it's a trap

Fist: Naw! It's just pie! What's the worst that could happen?

Mandy: You just had to ask.

Amy: (Notices the Label under the Pie that says...) Itching powder and laxatives?

(The pie then explodes and Predalien shows up with Darkstorm's lower half!)

June: No way.

Grim: Maybe I didn't teleport Predalien to da right place.

Jack: That's Darkstorm's Lower Half & how did he get here so fast?

Bugs: Meh, I think he somehow disguised a portal as that pie. Then as soon as somebody dug in, he showed up.

Daffy: Pie! *starts eating the pie*

Patricia: Boy Predalien's good, how do we stop him now?

Amy: (Relieases something) The Dark Angel Marks

Fist: *flaps his arms slowly* HOOOOWHAAT?!!!!????!!!?question mark exclamation mark11!!!!

Ra:(Bright lights shoot from his hands and he reheals Darkstorm)

Amy: Are you alright? It's great that your back in 1 piece

Jack: Uh, excuse me, but we have bigger problems (points to Predalien)

Darkstorm: I feel like I am in one hell of a hangover

Jack: I got it (Puts 2 Halves of Darkstorm back together again & wraps around his body with bandages) There, all done

Amy: Now that that's covered, let's get that guy!

June: Time to get rid of our alien infestation here at Orchid Bay for good!

Bugs: Yeah!

Jack: But how?

Predalien:(Gets up)

Amy: Oh yeah. Darkstorm, THC, I could use a little help.

Blaze THC:(Turns into Blazakin Blaze)

Patricia: What is Amy up to?

Darkstorm: Grim (Summons his Scyth) Lets tried the portal again

Grim: Alright, then!

Mandy: *snatches Grim's scythe* You messed up the portal last time, Grim. I'll do it. Ready, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: You slice up, I'll slice down

Jack: I don't get it

Blaze THC: With Darkstorms Knowledge on the Xenomorph Homeworld and Grims Scythe it will teleport Predalien out of here

Patricia: Oh right, I hope this works

Mandy: *slices up with the scythe*

Jack: Is it over?

Darkstorm:(Slices Up and Predalien is transported to Xenomorph Prime)

Amy: I guess he's left the building. But what are we gonna do with these Dark Angel Marks?

(The Marks disappear)

Amy: They're gone, I'm not a Dark Angel anymore

Jack: Glad that's over, maybe I can have the rest of that Pie

Amy: Sure, here you go (Throws a Pie at Jack)

Jack: Mmm, Pielicious

"That's All Folks"

The End