The Prank-a-Ed is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day in the Cul-Da-Sac & Ed, Edd & Eddy are building a Machine

Eddy: Are ya done yet?

Edd: Volia (Shows Ed & Eddy the Prank-a-tron)

Eddy: Sweet!

Edd: The Prank-a-tron

Eddy: I can't bare to think, I'll go get Sonic, Manic & Bart (Runs off)

Edd: Eddy!

Ed: (Breaks the Prank-a-Tron & it explode)


Ed: (Black covered) Oops

Edd: Oh well back to the old drawing board...what am I saying, I gotta stop Eddy before he starts pranking everyone

Ed: Is it my turn to jump on your head?

Edd: Let's just follow Eddy ok?

Ed: Follow Belly here (Jumps on Edd)


Edd: Yeouch

Ed: Oops sorry about that Double D (Carries Edd & follows Eddy)


Eddy: Hi Sonic, Manic & Bart

Sonic: What's up Eddy?

Eddy: We're gonna have a Prank-a-thon

Manic: Alright

Bart: Let's do it

Eddy, Sonic, Manic & Bart: (Goes around the Cul-Da-Sac pranking everyone)

Rolf: (Been attacked by Eddy, Sonic, Manic & Bart)

Ed & Edd: (Spots Rolf been attacked & been thrown into the Mud) AHH

Ed: (Spots a Card & Reads it) Look

Edd: (Reads) "The Prank Masters?" I never heard of them before

Ed: Me neither, Double D

Jonny 2x4: (Attacked by Sonic, Eddy, Manic & Bart) (Dangles from a Tree in a Diaper)

Ed & Edd: (founds Jonny 2x4) What the? (Spots another Card on Plank, Ed picks it up & the card says...) "THE PRANK MASTERS?!"

Edd [recoiling from the handwritten Prank Master card in Ed's hand]: He's such a horrible printer!! This is worse than I thought. Eddy, Sonic, Manic & Bart made a Team called "The Prank Masters"

Ed: HERE! You hold it, Double D.


Ed: Double D, let's get outta here

Edd: I'm with you

Ed & Edd: (Makes a run for it, but then stops when they Spot Sarah)

Sarah: (Falls into a Hole) MOMMY!

Ed & Edd: Ahh (Makes a run for it again & they spot Kevin been smashed by a Giant Fly Swatter) NOT COOL!!! NOT COOL!!! (Spots Jimmy opening a Present)

Jimmy: (Notices a Giant Blue Sausage Monster in the Present) AHHH

Ed & Edd: AHH! (Spots Jonny 2x4 with Plank being flying off by a Giant Spring) AHH! (Spots Kevin)

Kevin: (Got Biten at his Bottom by a Giant Bear Trap) YEOUCH!!!!!

Ed & Edd: AHH!!! (Heads to the Playground & got down on their Bellies on the Sand Box with Cards appearing out of no where surrounding Ed & Edd & their are looking Scared)

Edd: The Prank Masters pranked everyone, we're next Ed

Ed: Ahh! Somebody, help me!


Ed & Edd: (goes back to back & looks around & moves around)

Ed: I'm getting dizzy

(They kept moving while going back-to-back until Ed founds something OR someone)

Ed: Wow

Edd: What is it?

Ed: (Founds Amy, Sally, Lisa, Phineas & Ferb) Amy, Sally, Lisa, Phineas & Ferb with Jawbreakers. Finders Keepers

Edd: Wait Ed, let's try asking them for our help

Ed: Ok, Double D

(Ed & Edd goes to Amy, Sally, Lisa, Phineas & Ferb)

Amy: Oh Sonic

Sally: Sonic

Phineas: Manic

Lisa: Bart

Ferb: Where are you?

Edd: Excuse me fellows

Amy: Hi Double D, Hi Ed

Ed: Hi Guys

Sally: So what's the Problem?

Edd: It's about the Prank Masters

Phineas: That sounds familiar, what do you think Ferb?

Ferb: (Nods)

Ed: The Members of this gang are Sonic, Eddy, Manic & Bart

Amy: We gotta stop them

Lisa: But how did their Prank-A-Thon gone out of control?

Edd: A very good question (Uses the Chart) If you cause 1 Prank, then it's 2 Pranks, then 3, without relieasing it, they have an Addiction, then one day, an Angry Mob

Sally: Double D is right we gotta find them & fast before they got hurt by an Angry Mob

Edd: Maybe we ask anyone we know

Phineas: Good Idea, Ferb, I know what we gonna do today. Say by the way, where's Perry?

Edd: HOLD IT! I'm sorry about that, but how could think of a Platapus at a time like this?

Ed: Come on Guys, no time to lose

Lisa: Ed's Right, come on

(So Ed, Edd, Amy, Lisa, Sally, Phineas & Ferb goes door to door asking everyone where are Eddy, Sonic, Manic & Bart)

Amy: Could you help us find the Prank Masters?

Edd: Pardon me, you wouldn't happen to know about the Prank Masters, would you?

Phineas: Say, you haven't seen the Prank Masters around here, have you?

Lisa: Could we find the Prank Masters around this area, please?

Ed: [after running round the entire cul-de-sac asking where are the Prank Masters] Can Amy & Sally come out to play?

Amy & Sally: [exasperated] We're right beside you, Ed

Ed: [surprised and pleased] Hi, Amy & Sally!

Amy & Sally: (Facepalms)


Amy: We've asked everyone & everyone got pranked by the Prank Masters

Ed: Ah!

Sally: What is it Ed?

Ed: Look! (Points to a Jawbreaker on the Sidewalk) Jawbreaker. Finders Keepers (Goes after the Jawbreaker)

Amy, Edd & Sally: NO ED! (Grabs Ed & pulls him towards them)

Phineas: It could be a trap

Ferb: Well let's find out (Taps the Jawbreaker with a Golf Club) Hmm? (Taps the Jawbreaker again)

Sarah: Look a Jawbreaker

Jimmy: (Eats the Jawbreaker) Mmm, let's go

(Sarah & Jimmy walk away)

Eddy: You see, it's just a Jawbreaker

Manic: You said it was a Trap

Sonic: Yeah

Amy, Sally, Lisa, Phineas, Ferb, Edd & Ed: THE PRANK MASTERS!

Bart: We meet again (Notices Amy was missing) Hey, where'd Amy go?

Amy: (Gave Bart a Wedgie) This is for Pranking everyone

Eddy: Yikes! (Quickly ties Edd's Hat to his Underwear) (Laughs)

Ed: TALLYHOE (Gives Eddy an Atomic Wedgie) (Laughing)

Edd & Eddy: LIFTOFF! (Pulls Ed's Pants up on him)

Manic: Pie anyone (Throws a Pie at Lisa)

Lisa: GRRR (Throws a gigantic Pie at Manic & Sonic)

Manic: That's one big Pie

Sonic & Manic: RUNAWAY!


(Sonic & Manic got hit by a Gigantic Pie)

Sonic: Mmm Blueberry

Manic: Or maybe Grape

Sonic: Cherry!

Phineas: (Throws a Banana Cream Pie at Ferb)

Ferb: (Throws a Coconut Cream Pie at Sonic)

Sonic: (Got hit) Ow, I know why it's called a Coconut Cream Pie because it has a Coconut in it (Shows everyone a Coconut in the Pie) Literally & It hurts

(Suddenly everyone in the Cul-Da-Sac is laughing at them except Amy & Sally)

Eddy: What's going on here?

Rolf: We pranked YOU Ed boy, there is no prank master

Sarah: Yeah, we pretended to be pranked thanks to Amy, Sally, Lisa, Phineas & Ferb

Jimmy: Gotcha

Eddy: What?!

Amy: Aren't we're stinkers

Sonic: We've been pranked by 3 Females & 2 Males

Eddy: Come on let's go

(Everyone Leaves except for Amy & Sally)

Eddy: I'll give a prank to Amy & Sally like they never forget


(Meanwhile everyone is playing in the Cul-Da-Sac even Amy & Sally are playing Together)\

(Ed, Edd, Eddy, Sonic, Manic & Bart are in the Garage)

Edd: Everyone is playing at the Cul-Da-Sac, Eddy

Eddy: They think their so Smart against us

Bart: So, what are we making?

Eddy: Gentleman, I give you..(shows them an Over-Sized El Mondo Stink Bomb) the El Mongo Stink Bomb! My brother showed me how to make it, before he went away. Isn't it beautiful?

Manic: Yeah, it'll prank everyone in the Cul-Da-Sac with an Iron Fist

Sonic: Yeah, there's nothing new

Eddy: Oh yeah we need one more Ingredient (Takes off Ed's Shoe, but Ed is Ticklish)

Ed: (can't stop himself from Laughing) Cut it out, Eddy. I'm Ticklish

Eddy: (Takes off Ed's Sock & puts it inside the Stink Bomb & the Sock dissolve) Double D, activate the Sequence

Edd: (Turns on the Propeller that Makes the Stink Bomb float to the Cul-Da-Sac)

Ed: Bye Bye Sock

(The El Mondo Stink Bomb is too big to fit through the Garage Door & it got stuck)

Amy & Sally: (Notices the Stink Bomb) Huh? (Looks at Each other & gets an Idea) Hmmmm?

Edd: Oh dear, we don't have much time

(Sonic, Manic, Ed, Edd, Eddy & Bart tries really hard to push the Stink Bomb out of the Garage Door)

Amy & Sally: (Comes back wearing Air Suits, so they won't smell the Stink Bomb)

Amy: Do you have a Needle I can borrow, Sally?

Sally: Sure (Grabs her Needle) Here

Amy: Are you sure you don't need it

Sally: No, no it's yours I have plenty of them

Amy: Thank you

Sally: Care to do the Hounors Amy?

Amy: After you

Sally: No, No, I ansist

Amy: Thank you

Eddy: Oh...No

Amy: (Pops the El Mondo Stink Bomb with a Needle)


Cul-Da-Sac Kids: Huh? (Felt a Stinky Explosion)


Cul-Da-Sac Kids: (Smelling the Stink Bomb Smell & Runs away, while Screaming)

Ed: [reveling in the smell of the erupted stink bomb] Ah, something smells good.

Edd: [holding his nose] It is said that scent is a gateway to one's inner essence.

Manic: Wait a minute, who popped the Stink Bomb

Amy & Sally: We Did

Bart: Aw Man, we've been pranked by Girls

Amy: And that's how we prank back at you

Sally: Hi five sister

Amy & Sally: (Gave each other a high five)

Sonic: Aw man, I've been Pranked by 2 of my Girlfriends, I'm so Embrarassed

Eddy: [brain scrambled by the stench] Yes! I stink, therefore I am! (Faints)

Amy: Oh well, a prank's a prank

Amy & Sally: (Winks at the Audience)

Ed: (Sniffing) Mmmm

"That's All Folks"