The Race is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It takes place after Metal Sonic's Confession)


(It was a beautiful day & we see Amy, Metal Sonic & the others racing each other)

Amy: I Win!

Ralph: Oh great, we've lost Morton

Ned: That's ok Ralphy boy, at least we're here

Amy: (Gasps because she saw the City in Descrution, trafic jams & fire on the Buildings) What happened here?

Porky:I'a,m gonna have t-t-tturn you in!


Amy: For what? We haven't done nothing wrong

Ralph: Well, well, it's Porky Pig

Ned: Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Porky Pig, it's nice to see you.

Porky: Don't play nice with me! I KNE-KNE-KNOW YOU destroyed downtown.

Eva: *Gulp* *Looks At Destruction*

Amy: What are you talking about Porky?

Porky: During your race one of you destroy a-blee blee the city!

Amy: What?! I didn't destroy the city

Ralph: I didn't do it either

Ned: Not even me Mr. Porky

Porky: Ok then! All of you tell me your stories!

Amy: Well it all started when I took Ralph & Ned to the Park until I noticed Metal Sonic & he captured me, Ralph & Ned went after Metal Sonic along with my friends & then Metal Sonic went out of the Space Ship with me as his Captive, when Metal Sonic taken me to the Maze, he told me that all he wanted is to be friends with me. It's like Metal Sonic have changed into a New Leaf

Porky: And then?

Amy: And that's it, nothing else

Porky: *Looks Annoyed* ok-blee blee then Ned tell em about your side of the race!

Ned: Ok, Mr. Porky. I'll tell you, Ralph & I can't catch up with Amy, so we kept on trying, trying, trying & we can run, run, run on the way we go & Ralph & I lost the race

Ralph: One of these days, Morton. One of these days...

Ned: I know Ralph, "Pow, right in the kisser"?

Ralph: Yes

Axel: *Dashes Past Them* SUP RALPH!

Ralph: What the? Axel, where have you been? You got lots of explaining to do

Axel: No way I'am losing this race guys!

Amy: Porky Pig thinks one of us did this Descrution to the city, look! (points to the Descrution of the City)

Axel: Aw I lost-- Wait the cities destoried!

Amy: I'm afraid so, because one of us in this group, did it

Porky: (Gets Out Bat) Ablee-blee Who wants to talk-blee first!

Amy: I've already told you the Story & so did Ned Morton

Porky: Hmmm (Points At Ralph) How about you?!?!

Ralph: Alright, alright ! I'll talk! Morton & I went to see Amy & then when we got to the Park. Eeeesh! I nearly torn to shreads by Metal Sonic when I going to save her, but I failed. But Morton & I never give up, so we decided to free her ourselves. We tried using a Can, an Armored Tank about a size of a Toy Car, then we tried Invisible Ink, but all have failed & then we even tried the Trojan Dog Trick, but when we got to Amy. The Whole Egg Fleet is been blown into Bits of Pieces. Then Morton & I tried to find Metal Sonic in the maze & then when we got here, Metal Sonic slams the door on Me & finally Metal Sonic has been covinced that he's trying to be a good friend to Amy. And that's it. Is that enough of a story?

Porky: Hmm...Well ablla-blee what about the race?

Ralph: Oh right, Ned & I trying to catch up to Amy & the others, but uh... we failed.

Porky: How about M-Me-Me Metal?

Metal Sonic: The names "Metal Sonic" you know that.

Porky: *gives the expression of annoyance* What d-d-did you go through?

Metal Sonic: Look, all we know is that all of us had a race & we like it to keep it that way. None of us knew what happen when we have our backs turned. I guess I can tell you my side of the story. I arrived at the park & I captured Amy. Then I tried to convince to Eggman that I'm a good friend to Amy, but I can't because Eggman would be mad at me. So I blow up the Entire Egg Fleet, making Eggman retreat for his life. I took Amy to a Maze & told her that I'm a Good Friend to Amy. When I first met her 4 Years ago, she's a beautiful little girl.

Ralph: (to Ned) Eeesh, talk about Love in first sight

Metal Sonic: I heard that !

Axel: OK this is dumb. Good bye

Porky: SIT DOWN!

Axel: O.O *sits down*

Porky: All of you find out who did this or your all under arrest!

Metal Sonic: You will not arrest my Amy or else!

Porky: Ra-Ra-Ralph is right! You do like Amy d-d-don't you!

Metal Sonic: Yes & I can't let you Arrest Amy cause she's the only one for me. You'll see. We'll rise above this piddling pecadillo. We're gonna be happy again. You got that? Happy. Capital H-A-P-P-Y. [Carries Amy Rose, Bridal Style & Runs through the window, leaving a hole with a shape of Metal Sonic on the Window]

Ned: At least he took it well, eh Ralphy Boy

Ralph: Yeah, he took it like a stomach pump

Axel: ...Amy didn't even get a word in.

Eva: Let's go save her.

Ralph: But what about Porky, with him watching us, we can't leave or even stand up & off of our chairs.

Porky: Fine. G-g-g-go get her and I'll l-l-let you g-go.

Axel: *picks up up* It's a note from Metal Sonic...he wants another Race!

Ralph: Another race? But why?

Ned: I think he needs a rematch. Off to the Rematch we go. Ah-vo-vo-vo!

Eva: *begins running* Well he didn't win the first. Might as well make this fun.

Ralph: (sighs) Come on Morton, we gotta outsmart that Bot !

Ned: Yeah yeah, sure Ralph.


(With Amy & Metal Sonic)

Amy: Metal Sonic? Are you responsible for all this Destruction that happened to the city?

Metal Sonic: No. I know who's responsible, however I can't tell you unless we...smooch.

Amy: What?! (sighs) Alright, you win.

Metal Sonic: Aw, thanks. :)

Amy: Ok then, now close your eyes & let me kiss you.

Metal Sonic: *closes eyes and gets ready*

Amy: Here it comes! (puts on his Electric proof gloves, grabs an Electric Eel & then pushes the Eel towards Metal Sonic & then...)


(The Electric Eel to electrocute Metal Sonic while it's kissing Metal Sonic, causing Metal Sonic to malfunction)

Amy: How's that, Metal Sonic?

Metal Sonic: It felt terrible...and painfu-- *faints*

Amy: That's what you get for kidnapping me in the first place. (wakes up Metal Sonic) Now would you please tell me?

Metal Sonic: FIne...

Amy: Now, who is responsible for all this destruction on the city?

Metal Sonic: Daf--daffy.

Amy: (gasps) Daffy Duck?! How could he?

Metal Sonic: I don't know!

Amy: I'll think I should go ask Daffy some serious questions. And I'm awful sorry about the electric eel kissing technique, I hope there's no hard feelings. I'll try this kiss again. You may not be Sonic, but your closest to him (kisses Metal Sonic) Is that better?

Metal Sonic: *Gets heart eyes and nods*

Amy: I'll take that as a yes. (hugs Metal Sonic) I didn't know that Daffy did this. But why would Daffy do this?