The Wizard of Owen is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day in the Cul Da Sac of Peach Creek & Ed, Edd n Eddy are making a scam yet again

Edd: Looks like the Stand is ready

Eddy: Finally, we can remake the Stand of "Ed" Ed Flakes Cereal"

Ed: (sets up the Cereal Boxes) Well that's a keeper

Eddy: (sighs) It's a perfect day for a Scam for Cash & once we get those Cash, we'll buy Jawbreakers in no time

Owen: Hey Guys!

Eddy: Hey Owen, step right up & try Ed's Ed Flakes Cereal !

Owen: Oh boy, I'm starving!

Edd: That'll be 25 Cents please?

Owen: (gives Edd 25 Cents) Here you go

Ed: (gives Owen a Bag of Cereal) Here you go

Owen: Thanks! I just love Chunky Puffs

Daffy was traviling dimensions and happened to be in the Cul Da Sac ready to stop the Edd's Jaw Breaker Scams.

Daffy: *Humming* The wizard needs a Snaaa--Ooh Chunky Puffs! *Tackels Owen And Takes Puffs* A Little Dry....

Owen: Um, that's my Chunky Puffs Cereal you just stole

Eddy: Sercurity!

Ed: (grabs Daffy & takes Chunky Puffs away from Daffy & gives it back to Owen) Here you go

Owen: Thanks

Ed: (throws Daffy away) Away with you!

Eddy: Either you buy Chunky Puffs or I'm gonna call security, Daffy


Eddy: (laughing) How can you be the Wizard if you are a Black Duck? (laughing)

Edd: Eddy

Ed: I've been burned to a Crisp, Eddy

Daffy: *Freezes Eddy* Ha! WHOS THE WIZARD NOW!

Ed & Edd: (carries Eddy & runs off) RUN AWAY!

Owen: I'm with them! (Runs with Ed & Edd, carrying a Frozen Eddy) RUUUUUN!

(They run off into Eddy's Bedroom & hides underneath Eddy's Bed)

Eddy: (got unfrozen thanks to Owen) Brrrrrrrr, what just happened?

Edd: Eddy! Daffy's acculty a real wizard, he even froze you

Eddy: That explains the Freezer Burns on my Back

Ed: I'm not in my Happy Place guys!

Owen: What do we do? What do we do?

Daffy: Were is that oath Owen he got away with my Chunky Puffs!

Eddy: Owen, your with Daffy?

Owen: Yes

Edd: Why didn't you tell us?

Owen: I have no idea, I don't wanna be evil, I just wanna be good

Ed: We must stop the Evil Black Duck Wizard before all hope is lost

Edd: Hmmm, maybe we can fight fire with fire, you know fight villain with villain?

Ed: Like Daffy vs. Dr. Eggman?

Eddy: Uh, is Eggman up yet?


(At Dr. Eggman's Base)

Dr. Eggman: (sleeping on his bed)


Dr. Eggman: (wakes up) Huh? Who can that be? (opens the door to find Ed, Edd, Eddy & Owen) What do you want?

Edd: Can we talk to you for a second?

Dr. Eggman: Alright, you can come in

(They went in the Kitchen)

Eddy: I didn't know you have a Kitchen

Dr. Eggman: I just made my base a Nice Comfortable home for me, anyways what can I do for you?

Edd: It's Daffy Duck, somehow he has the ability of becoming, how do you say, a wizard

Dr. Eggman: (laughing) Daffy? As a Wizard? (chuckles) Don't make me laugh, he can't possibly be a Wizard

Daffy: *Busts In Through Wall smelling Kitchen Food* THE WIZARD NEEDS A SNAAAAAAACK!

Dr. Eggman: How dare you interfering my process (activates his Eggbots) Eggbots, stop that Mad Duck!

(The Eggbots starts to Tackle Daffy, attacking him)

Dr. Eggman: There's no way he can break through my new & improved Eggbots, this Black Duck is my Training Dummy for field testing for defeating Sonic

Eddy: Let's get outta here

Owen: I'm with you there. Come on Eggman, we need you too

Dr. Eggman: Ok, if you say so

(So Ed, Edd, Eddy, Owen & Dr. Eggman gets out of Dr. Eggman's base)

Daffy: *Breaks Eggbots With Fists* THIS ISN'T OVER!


(in the sewers)

Owen: (comes out of the Water) All clear

Ed: (comes out of the water) I love the Sewers Eddy

Edd: (comes out of the Water) Get me out of this Sewage!

Eddy: (covers Edd's Mouth) Shhh

Dr. Eggman: (sighs) Why do I have to face that Black Duck Wizard anyway?

Ed: So his evilness must stop

Eddy: At least we're safe in the sewers

Daffy: I will find them.

Eddy: (to Ed, Edd, Owen & Dr. Eggman) Shhh. Follow me. (swims through the Water, camoflauging himself)

(Ed, Edd, Owen & Dr. Eggman follows what Eddy is doing & they got away from Daffy)

????: (Lying In The Sewer Water)

Edd: Excuse me, but is someone there?

Owen: I think we lost Daffy

Dr. Eggman: That's good to hear, because Daffy's driving me crazy & if he causes any more trouble, I'll pluck every single feather out of his scruny carcas!

????: Please help me...

Ed: Hello my name is Ed

Owen: Who's there? (picks up ????) Who are you?

Bugs: (Coughs Up Sewage Water) Daffy is to strong...Owen..

Owen: Bugs Bunny, is that you?

Edd: Goodness gracious, what happen to you?

Dr. Eggman: And why are you in the Sewers?

Bugs: Daffy is the True Wizard however he has turned a new leaf and became evil! I gained my own wizard powers from this book, (Gives Owen Book) but nothing could beat him but by reading I foulnd out.. (cough) Owen is the Chosen One...

Owen: Me?

Eddy: Wait a minute, Owen is the Chosen one?

Ed: Hail the mighty Owen the Wizard!

Owen: What, I don't have any Wizard Powers that I could teach

Edd: (brushes Bugs Bunny clean) There you go, good as new

Dr. Eggman: And if that doesn't work, we're using the Time Machine to go back into this very moment when Daffy first thought he was a Wizard

Bugs: (Is Fully Recovered) Thanks! I know Eddy I didn't believe it either at first...I'll teach Owen everything I know along with the book.

Owen: You will? Aw Thanks Bugs Bunny! (hugs Bugs really tight because he's Strong) Your the bestest best pal I ever had. I shall never let go!

Bugs: AIR! I was better off swallowing sewage water.

Owen: (lets go of Bugs) Sorry about that, I forgot to mention you I was only 296 Pounds

Bugs: It's OK Owen. It's time to train



Owen: Uh, what does that mean?

Bugs: We play famous music while I train you so it goes by faster.

Owen: Ohhhh ok, but do you know when's Lunch Time? I'm Starving

Bugs: *checks watch* No wonder! Lunch was TWO hours ago! Let's eat before we train!

Owen: Ok. (to Ed, Edd, Eddy & Eggman) I'll be right back. (carries Bugs Bunny on his Left Shoulder) Let's go (goes to have some Lunch with Bugs Bunny)

Dr. Eggman: (groans) (facepalms)


(Music Plays as Bugs Bunny trains Owen into becoming a Wizard)

(Eddy stands tall with an Apple on his head. Bugs shows Owen how to use a Lighting Strike on the Apple, disintergrating it. Owen tries to do the same thing, but electrocutes Eddy by accident. Owen smiles nervously as Eddy was black covered)

(Bugs shows Owen how to use a Fire Ball & Owen tries to do the same thing & open fire at the target, but got Edd's Shoe on fire, causing Edd to scream & run around in circles & Edd jumps into a lake, causing Owen to smile nervously again)

(Next, Bugs Bunny shows how to levitate things & Owen tries to do the same thing on Ed, but does it too well, making Ed hit a Lampost, but Ed didn't feel any pain & just laughs, causing Eggman to facepalm)

(Finally Owen tries to do the same 3 things again & this time he got it right as he used a Lighting Strike on the Bigger Apple that Eddy put on his head [Causing Eddy to sigh in relief], used a Fire ball on a Target burning it down [Causing Edd to sigh in relief as well] & finally Owen uses Levitation on Ed & it works & then puts Ed down)

(Then suddendly when Owen hi fives Bugs Bunny, he accidently shot a Lighting Strike on Eggman at his behind, causing him to yelp in pain & glares angrly at Owen, causing him to smile nervously one more time)


Dr. Eggman: (rubbing his bottom in pain) I don't know why I have encouraged Owen, but should I get back to fighting that Blue Hedgehog, Sonic?

Edd: Sorry, but not this time.

Eddy: With that Black Duck on the loose, he could be anywhere

Ed: Like right under our noses?

Eddy: (looks at Ed, awkwardly)

Bugs: AH.

Dr. Eggman: (sighs) It appears that Owen had finally learned how to use his Wizard Powers.

Bugs: Let's just go stop Daffy before he brakes something.

Dr. Eggman: Like what he did to my Robots?

Eddy: Yep

Owen: Alright ! Let's do this ! WHOO HOO !!!

Bugs: SHOOSH. We're trying to find HIM Owen. Not vice-versa

Eddy: Come again?

Edd: I think what he means that Vice-versa means "the other way around" in Latin.

Eddy: Oh yeah.

Ed: Does that mean that I can have buttered toast?

Dr. Eggman: (facepalms & the groans)