"Tide In: Wipeout!" is an episode of Ashley Thorn & The Tiny Toons.


(In Acme Looniversity)

Sharkbait: (whistling as he looks inside his locker & notices someone inside) Gah! Alright, which one of you guys, put a student inside my locker?

Shade: (Whistling, as if nothing happened)

Tony (The student inside Sharkbait's locker): (Sighs)

Sharkbait: (helps Tony get out of his locker room) There. I should've known it could be Scaryrahk again.

Tony: Thanks... ^^

Tide: Hey, guys! I'm going surfing at the beach. Anyone care to join?

Tony: I.... don't go surfing. I'll just watch...

Sharkbait: Surfing?! Now your speaking my language! (pulls out his light blue surfboard from the locker room)

Tide: Wait, how do you fit that big surfboard in your locker..?

Tony: Cartoon logic...

Sharkbait: Well then, come on! Surf's up! (runs outside, heading towards the beach)

Tide and Tony: (Follow, Tide bringing her surfboard)


(At the beach)

Sharkbait: (wearing light blue swimming trunks) This is it, the beach (looks at a perfect sunny day) And it's a perfect day. Come on, the waves are waiting for us! (goes to the ocean, holding a surfboard)

Tide: (In a hot bikini, about to enter the water. But suddenly, some men notice and try to flirt with her. She responds by whacking them with her oversized board)

Sharkbait: Come on in Tony, the water's fine. (hops on his surfboard)

Tony: (in lime green trunks) well... I'll just take a dip.

Sharkbait: (points to a wave) Here comes a wave. Surf's up! (stands on his surfboard & then begins surfing on the wave) Whoo Hoo!

Tony: (about to enter the water, but gets hit by the waves)

Sharkbait: (doing a hand-stand while surfing on a surf board) Come on in Tony, the water's fine.

Tony: Okay. One, I'm in the water and two, you just said that...

Sharkbait: Right sorry. But come on, are you ready to swim?

Tide: Yeah, don't be a party pooper...

Tony: I said I was just taking a di-

Tide: Aw, come on! Ya gotta get in some REAL water, at least!

Sharkbait: (goes up to Tony) Yeah Tony. Don't be shy. You can do this. (grabs Tony & lifts him up) Dive Captian, Dive! (drops Tony into the water)

Tony: (his head arises from the water, and in less than a second he begins flailing his arms, "drowning") HELP! HELP! CAN'T... SWIM!

Tide: (pulls Tony up) Geez. And that was SHALLOW water...

Sharkbait: Calm down Tony. You mean to tell us that you're scared of going into the water, because you can't swim?

Tony: Well... y-yeah...

Sharkbait: No wonder. Don't worry, we will train you into becoming a better swimmer. Now all we need is a Swimming Pool to practice on.

Tide: Yeah. You're not a wimp... (smirks) or are you?

Sharkbait: You gotta have the highest swimming rank called "Shark" to be a pro swimmer like me. Observe. Does anyone have a swimming pool around here?

Tide: (glancing around, she notices a "kiddie" pool) Over there. Well suited for a wimpy swimmer like Tony... or a bunch of children... (gags, holding back giggling)

Sharkbait: (holding back his chuckling & then clears his throat) Hold up (breathes in & out) Alright, let's go! (carries Tony to the "kiddie" pool) Ok Tony, time to learn how to swim. And don't get a butt cramp while you're in the water. (chuckles)

Tony: (blushing in embarassment) Hrm...

Sharkbait: In you go! (puts Tony inside the "kiddie pool") There we go.

Tony: (start panicking in less than a second, screaming like a girl)

Sharkbait: (covers Tony's mouth) Calm down! It's only a kiddie pool!

Tony: (calming down) ...

Sharkbait: Now, when I let go of my hand, you will stay calm & start swimming. Understand?

Tony: O....okay.

Sharkbait: (removes his hand from Tony's mouth) Good. Now let's start the swimming training.

Tony: (still nervous somewhat)

Sharkbait: Now move your arms around slowly while kicking your legs.

Tony: (attempts to do so)

Sharkbait: Looking good. You are learning fast. Speaking of fast, now go faster.

Tony: (does the very thing)

Sharkbait: What do you think Tide? Is Tony ready for a swim in the ocean?

Tide: Sure, lets put it to the test.

Sharkbait: (picks up Tony) In you go! Time for the real test! (throws Tony into the ocean)

Tony: (screaming, but after a while he finds its not half bad)

Sharkbait: Oh yeah! You're doing great!

Tony: Haha! I'm doing it! I'm not afraid of swimming anymore!

Sharkbait: Wow Tide, Tony's growing up so fast. You can do it, Tony! You can... (notices a sign) Huh? What's this? (reads the sign & looks alarmed) Uh Tide? (shows Tide, the sign) Are they any sharks around here?

Tide: Oh, he'll be fine... (scours the beach for sharks) See? The water is free of sharks! Well, I'm going to get a tan... wait a minute. (facepalms) 

Sharkbait: What's the matter now?

Tide: It's illogical for me to get a tan! Puh Oh, and there's a huge wave headed for Tony or whatever. Wait... HUGE WAVE HEADED FOR TONY?! (jumps into the water, swimming towards Tony to save him)

Sharkbait: What?! Oh my--! (hurries after Tide) Wait for me! (jumps into the water & begins swimming towards Tony to try & save him too)

Tony: (blissfully unaware of the wave heading towards him)

Sharkbait: Tony! Watch out!

Tony: What was that, Sharkbait? "Wash mouse"? I don't really see where you're getting a- (notices the wave; he screams and attempts to head for the shore)

Sharkbait: Hold on Tony, we're coming to rescue you!

Tony: (gulps) Uh, guys...?

Tide: (rolls her eyes) Well? What is it?

Tony: T-turn around...

Tide: (sighs) I know you're pulling a joke on us, Tony...

Tony: seriously...

(a tidal wave is seen heading for her)

Sharkbait: (notices this in fear) Uh oh... O_O

Tide screams, attempting to flee from it; the wave washes them to shore, bring them in the sand.

Sharkbait: (his face planted in the sand & gets up, coughing out the sand & spitting out the salt water & even spits out a fish, which begins flipping back into the ocean)

Fish: (emerges from the water with water in it's cheeks & spits water at Sharkbait's face, like a fountain) Jerk! (Jumps up & dives back down in the ocean)

Sharkbait: (shakes his head, shaking the water off of him) What a wipeout.

Tide: "Yeah..." (smirks) "Let's do it again!"

Tony: (sweats) "Uhhh, no thanks..."

Sharkbait: (smiles) Are you joking, Tony? This is the best fun we ever have surfing. It's the unpredictability of any wave, you never know what kind of waves are there. Come on!

Tony: (sighs) "Here we go again..."

Sharkbait: (grabs his surfboard & begins running towards the ocean, while carrying his surfboard)

Tide follows.

Sharkbait: (gets in the water & hops on his surfboard, getting ready for the next wave to come)

Tide: "Y'know, I think this is a good time for an ending." (she holds up a sign reading, "That's All, Folks!")

(end of short)