Tweety Meets the Cat Squad is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

(Only Spongebob100 & Maryxgil)


It was a beautiful day & we see Sylvester chasing Tweety on the Streets

Tweety: (stops) (Panting) I tawt...I taw...A Puddy Tat (looks behind to see Sylvester) I deed, I deed taw a puddy tat!

(The Chase Continues but Sylvester crashes into Trash Cans & he's Barrel Rolling by running on the trash can, but can't stop until...


(Sylvester crashes into a Pile of Trash Cans)

Tweety: Aw the poor puddy tat fall down

Sylvester: (emerges from the Trash Cans) Sufferin’ succotash! How am I ever gonna catch that Bird?

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad are walking down those same streets when they see the whole ordeal)

Slish: Oh look it's a birdie!

Nerin: A tastey looking one at that.

Tweety: (notices Nerin, Slish & X-Nad) I Tawt, I taw 3 more Puddy Tats! I deed I deed taw 3 Puddy Tats!

Slish: Hee hee, come here little birdie! *jumps at Tweety*

Tweety: (dodges & then makes a run for it) I betta just run

Sylvester: Hmm, they might be able to help me. Uh excuse me, but I couldn't help you noticing on catching that tweety bird, I was wondering can you help me catch him?

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad all look at each other)

Slish: Sure we can, fellow cat!

X-Nad: That bird won't get away from me.

Sylvester: Then come on, let's catch that bird!

Tweety: Uh Oh!

(Sylvester & the Cat Squad starts chasing Tweety)

Tweety: Uh oh, it's that Black Puddy Tat again plus 3 more Puddy Tats. That equals 4 Puddy Tats (starts running away)

Slish: *runs forward but gets blown up into the air by steam from a sidewalk vent. She makes a grab for Tweety while she's in the air but falls down with a thud*

Sylvester: Eeesh, I wouldn't want to do that.

Tweety: (goes through the Door while Sylvester & the Cat Squad follows Tweety inside)

(But they didn't know they run inside a City Dog Pound)

(We can hear Sylvester & the Cat Squad got attacked by an Army of Bulldogs whose purpose in life seemingly is to protect Tweety from predators)

(all 4 cats got out of the Pound by closing the door behind the BullDogs with scared looks on their faces)

Sylvester: (his skin & fun turns white when he's scared)

Nerin & Slish: *Their chests are puffing out really far since they're breathing so heavy*

X-Nad: That's it. *starts running in place for a minute then dashes off leaving a puff of smoke shaped like himself behind*

Sylvester: (his colour turns back to normal & peeks over the fence to see 1000 BullDogs in the City Dog Pound & spots Tweety up high on a Tall Tree) Eeesh, there must be a way to catch that bird. And where is X-Nad?

X-Nad: *comes back with a bunch of dog disguises*

Sylvester: Perfect !


(Sylvester & the Cat Squad goes inside the Dog Pound with their Dog Disguises on)

(The dogs startle their new "companions", causing Sylvester's Dog Disguise head to come loose, and Sylvester quickly tries to secure it before the dogs notice.)

Sylvester: (to Cat Squad) Quick make like a dog & bark (barking like a dog)

Nerin & X-Nad: *bark*

Slish: Bow wow!

(However, either having already noticed or never being fooled from the start, the dogs reject Sylvester & the cat Squad (as fake dogs) and force them to flee)

(The 4 Cats temporarily gets away, but the city dog catcher quickly returns him to his home think that they are dogs)

Dog Catcher: (Carrying Sylvester, Nerin, Slish & X-Nad to the Entrance) We can't have dogs running on the streets you know, so we'll just have to put you back where you'll be safe & sound (throws the 4 Cats into the City Dog Pound & leaves)

(We can hear more fighting going on inside the Dog Pound & the 4 Cats screaming)


Sylvester: (pacing back & forth until he notices a guide wire connecting to a light pole and the tree) Hmm, time for Plan B

Nerin: What do you have in mind?

Sylvester: Follow my lead


(We see Sylvester & the Cat Squad walking on the Guide Wire connect a light pole & the tree while holding they're Umbrellas for balance. It's like walking on a tightrope in the circus)

Tweety: (chuckles) Look at those 4 Puddy Tats walking on a tight rope wike they are in a circus

Slish: Hee hee look at me I'm a pretty ballerina!

Nerin: Slish, cut it out we're almost there!

(The dogs collectively blow a gust of doggie breath at their foes, causing Sylvester & the Cat Squad to lose his balance and float slowly into the waiting horde of dogs because their umbrellas making them slow down they're fall. The 4 Cats tries to blow at the Umbrella to make them float upwards, but fails & ends up got attacked again)


Sylvester: This next plan is where we start digging a tunnel under the Pound to get that bird. I'll start us off (starts digging)

X-Nad: Stand back. *blasts a hole in the ground with his arm cannon*

Sylvester: Let's go!

(They started Digging a tunnel beneath the dog pound, to get at the tree unnoticed and snatch Tweety.)

(But the dogs, already having anticipated this latest scheme, have dug their own tunnel and wait for Sylvester & the Cat Squad to break through to their side)

(And when they did, they started attacking the Cats again & after 10 seconds of attacks from them, they manage to escape & tries to cover the tunnel they dug up & they did)

Sylvester: Got anymore bright ideas?


Sylvester: Hmmm, I wonder if we can climb over the Fence

Nerin: That's too easy. Wouldn't the dogs get us?

Sylvester: Relax I knew this technique like the back of my hand (tries to climb over the fence, but the fence post knocks him to the ground inside the Dog Pound as a dog comes on the outside.)

(The dog goes back in, flipping the fence frame back and revealing Sylvester having been clobbered by the Dogs.)

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad all winced when they saw Sylvester)

Slish: *pulls him off the fence and he's flat, she shakes him and he becomes 3D again*

X-Nad: Now do you have any more bright ideas?


Sylvester: (reads a book about Mass hypnotism & goes inside)

(The BullDogs tries to attack Slyvester again, but Sylvester is able to freeze and paralyze the dogs in place by staring at them)

Nerin: Nice. *can't help but stop and make fun of the dogs while they're frozen*

Slish: Hee hee, dogs are so stupid!

Sylvester: Come on

(Sylvester & the Cat Squad walks past the dogs while they're frozen & grabs Tweety)

Tweety: Help! Save me Doggies! Help me from those Puddy Tats! Save me!

Sylvester: Go on, yell your little head off, there's only one thing that'll wake them up

Tweety: What is it Mr. Puddy Tat? Tell me please, tell me!

Sylvester: (chuckles) Should I ever tell you that the only thing that'll wake them up is a Police Whistle?

Tweety: (holds up a Police Whistle) Like tis Puddy

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad start shaking their heads rapidly)

Tweety: (instantly provides one and begins to blow ... except Sylvester quickly sees that coming and places a glass over Tweety & no sound is heard) There

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad all breathe a sigh of relief)

X-Nad: We've got you now.

Tweety: (grins at the 4 Cats while holding up a Needle)

Nerin: What does he plan on doing with that?

Sylvester: Oh no

Tweety: (pokes Sylvester's Palm with a Needle)

Sylvester: YEOW! (jumps up, letting go of Tweety)

Tweety: (Blows the Police Whistle, breaking the dogs' out of their trance)

(The Dogs we're free from their Trance & starts attacking the 4 Cats once again)


(Sylvester & the Cat Squad enters inside the Dog Pound only to find that it's completly empty)

Slish: Oh look, maybe they all went on vacation!

Nerin: *facepalm*

Sylvester: Let's just get that Tweety Bird & go

(The 4 Cats starts climbing up the tree. But only to discover the dogs waiting on the branches)

Nerin: Well that figures. Let's get this over with. *closes her eyes as the dogs kick them all out of the pound*


Sylvester: (tied himself to a Firework that looks like a Rocket)

Tweety: (chuckles) Now that Puddy Tat tinks he's Friedwald

Sylvester: Hop on, we'll fly up to the Tree with this Rocket shaped Firework

(Nerin, Slish, and X-Nad all get on the firework)

Sylvester: (lits a match & onto the Firework String & gets ready to Blast off in a rocket Firework, the firework shoots without Sylvester and he is shown furless & he is wearing boxers & covers himself in embarassment)

Tweety: (notices the Cat Squad riding on the Firework) Uh Oh

(The firework gets stuck on the tree which bends all the way to the ground then flings it backwards into the air and it explodes. The Cat Squad falls to the ground and they're all black)


(Sylvester & the Cat Squad made a Swing allowing to catch Tweety while they are on the Swing)

Sylvester: (to the Bulldogs) Now just try & get us you Spoiled Mutts!

Sylvester & the Cat Squad swing harmlessly above the dogs to the tree. However, the swing's reach is too low, and the dogs are able to get at Sylvester & the Cat Squad ... who never returns to the outside.

Tweety: Now where did those Puddy Tats go?


Sylvester: Don't worry Nerin, Slish & X-Nad, I got one more idea & if this doesn't work then nothing will

Nerin & Slish: *are covered in bandanges*

X-Nad: This one better work.

Sylvester: Hold still (fluff up their tails & grabs a bucket of White Paint & paints a Phony Skunk Stripe on Nerin's Back, then on Slish's Back & finally X-Nad's Back & on his own back as well) There we go

Slish: We look like that skunk that hangs around with the orange hedgehog!

X-Nad: Let's just go.

Sylvester: Right

(The 4 Cats goes inside the Dog Pound & the Dogs are scared of them & ran away from them because they think that Sylvester & the Cat Squad are Skunks)

Sylvester: Look at them run

Nerin: Perfect. Let's get the bird.

(Sylvester & the Cat Squad climbs up the tree, grabs Tweety & climbs down the tree)

(The 4 Cats we're about to leave for their Victory until...)

Pepe Le Pew: (appears & starts hugging Sylvester, Nerin, Slish & X-Nad, causing them to let go of Tweety) Ah, my beautiful skunk fetales. It is love at first sight, no? (kisses them a couple times) Ah my beautiful girls, I guess 4 is better than 1, 2 & 3, yes? (kisses them a couple times)

Slish: Eeek!

X-Nad: Do I look like a girl to you?

Pepe Le Pew: Ah, but are like one to me, the female skunks of my dreams (kisses them a couple times)

X-Nad: Let go! *struggling*

Sylvester: Sufferin’ succotash! Let us go right now! We're not Skunks, we're Cats!! C-A-T, CAT !!!

Pepe Le Pew: So what if you are, I've just gone batty with you. (kisses them a couple times)

X-Nad: *tries to push Pepe away by extending his arm*

Slyvester: Quick, Nerin do something! Anything!

Nerin: Urgh.. Chaos spear!

(But it failed, due to Pepe Le Pew's Skunk Stench)

Pepe Le Pew: Your making fireworks for me? How nice of you (kisses them a couple times again)

Sylvester: HELP!

Tweety: (chuckles) Who knew those Puddy Tats turn out to be awful stinkers

(The Cartoon Fades as we hear a High Pitched Kissing Sound from Pepe Le Pew)

"That's All Folks"

The End