Two wolves of love is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


Cervantes: (walking and whistling)

Pepe Le Pew: (appears) Bonjour, Misure. I am ze lonely lovure, that who is all alone with lots of love have gone down the drain

Shadow The Wolf: (is sitting on a roof with her eyes closed)

Cervantes: Err... hello?

Shadow the Wolf: (jumps down and lands next to Cervantes)

Cervantes: ...! shadow!

Pepe Le Pew: Oh, bonjour Misures. My name is Pepe Le Pew

Cervantes: oh hi I'm Cervantes...

Citizen: Bonjour mesurme & what can I do for you? (smells Pepe Le Pew's Scent) HOLY ON SMOKE! EH SKUNK LE PEW! (runs away)

Pepe Le Pew: Something?

Shadow the Wolf: Hi Cervantes and Hello Iam Shadow the Wolf (kisses Cervantes's cheek)

Cervantes: -blushes-

Shadow the Wolf: (smiles)

Cervantes: So pepe what's this about love problem?

Pepe Le Pew: I wonder why they have all go? Why did they leave me alone?

Cervantes: who?

Citizen #2: (smells Pepe Le Pew's Scent) SARCRE LE BLUE SKI ! EH SKUNK LE PEW! EVECT, PEW! (runs away)

Pepe Le Pew: Pew?

Cervantes: -scent runs through cervantes' nose- I don't anything foul

Pepe Le Pew: Not Pew. LE Pew. Pepe Le Pew is my name

Cervantes: ohhh to french right?

Pepe Le Pew: Quite correct, mizour

(ShadowTheWolf7: Did you boys miss a wolf?)

(SB100: Welcome back, ShadowTheWolf. It's been a long time.)

Shadow the Wolf: Way to french man

Pepe Le Pew: Thank you, madam.

Shadow The Wolf: Now lets see if we can find you a girl Pepe