"Ultimate Super-Duper......Villain"  is the pilot episode of ARATLT: Restored, Redone, Rebooted.

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Plot Edit


Dr. Eggman is seen at his base, working on...... a Furby?

Dr. Eggman: (Interacting with the Furby)

Furby: Me love you!

Dr. Eggman: (To the viewers) Oh, hello. Ummm.... you may be wondering why I'm playing with a Furby. Well.... you see, I'm planning to make a robot with it. (Feeds the Furby with the Furby app)

Furby: Koh-Koh! More!

Dr. Eggman: Yeaahhh...... (Sweatdrop)

Orbot & Cubot: (appears)

Orbot: (notices Dr. Eggman with the Furby) Greetings Dr. Eggman.

Dr. Eggman: (Quickly hides the Furby behind his back) Orbot.... ummm, what are you doing here? (Nervous smile)

Orbot: What's that behind your back, sir?

Dr. Eggman: Oh, nothing, nothing....

Cubot: (cowboy's voice) Nothing behind your back? Dang-nabbit!

Dr. Eggman: Oh... time to change your voice chip again, eh?

Cubot: You got it, partner.

Dr. Eggman: (Sighs)

Orbot: So, what should we do first, Dr. Eggman, sir?

Dr. Eggman: Oh. I was planning on upgrading a.......... F-Furby. Don't laugh.

Cubot: (was about to laugh, but Orbot covers his mouth to stop him)

Orbot: Cubot, hold it.

Cubot: (tries his best to hold it in)

Orbot: That's it? A Furby?

Dr. Eggman: Yes.... heh heh. (Sweatdrop)

Orbot: (gets an idea) Say, how about we upgrade this Furby into scary monsters so that we can control them to conquer the planet. What do you think?

Dr. Eggman: Well..... I was thinking of one powerful Furby. This thing costed me fifty-four dollars, you know!

Orbot: Shall we get to work on an evil powerful Furby?

Dr. Eggman: (Nods)

Orbot: Then let's get to work.


(Skittles Rottweiler is seen performing at a concert)

Skittles: (Done with the song he was just doing) Yo, peeps! Here's one of my favorite songs comin' up. Let's -

(A figure blasts through)

Skittles: (Beat) Ummm... got tickets?

(The figure [the furby] blasts Skittles with a plasma gun)

Jack: (with Patricia): What the? What's going on? (notices the figure [the furby]) And who is that?

Patricia: I'm not sure, but that thing is ruining the concert.

Jack: (goes up to the figure [the Furby]) Alright, if you want to destroy the concert, you have to go through me.

The Figure: (Takes off hood, smirks) Glady. (Blasts Jack with the plasma gun)

Jack: (got blasted) Ow! (got burned by the blast) That hurt. Patricia, take over.

Patricia: Um, ok? (to the figure) You betta stop hurting my friend or else I'll spray my skunk spray at you!

The Figure: (Screw Kicks Patricia by using Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald in it's hand)

Patricia: Ow! Alright, your asking for it ! (sprays her Skunk Scent at the Figure)

The Figure: (Chaos Controls right before she sprays and appears behind her) Chaos.... (Charges up energy) BLAST!!! (Fires at Patricia)

(A black hedgehog tackles the figure)

The Figure: Who.... are you?

The Hedgehog: (Has the figure by the neck) I'm the Ultimate Lifeform. (Throws the figure into a wall)

Jack: (saves Patricia before she got hit by the Chaos Blast, but got hit instead) GAH! (feels dizzy)

The Figure: (Punches the Hedgehog) Sorry, I only accept specific names.

The Hedgehog: Shadow. (Kicks the Figure) Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Figure: A tough one, eh? (Slashes at Shadow) Name's Zero.

Patricia: Thanks Jack for saving me, but who is that?

Jack: (recovers) I don't know, but that thing packs a punch!

Shadow: Hmph, Zero. Stupid name you got there.

"Zero": Grrr.... (Tries to kick Shadow)

Shafow: (Dodges and backstabs)

"Zero": I'll be back..... later. (Transports out)

Patricia: What is that thing?

Jack: I guess his name is Zero. We need some help, taking down that figure.

Patricia: Who are we gonna call?

Jack: Amy Rose. Come on, let's go see her.

Patricia: Okie dokie

Shadow: (Rolls his eyes) When I already did all that for you....

Jack & Patricia: Oh...

Amy: (appears, holding her Piko Piko Hammer) Hi guys, Shadow sent me to help.

Shadow: (Smashes her Piko Piko Hammer) NO I DIDN'T. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, STALKER???

(Cricket chirping sound effect)

Shadow: Ummm.....

Amy: (holds out another Piko Piko Hammer) Good thing I've never run out of Piko Hammers.

Jack: (to Shadow) If it's not Amy, then who did you send?

Shadow: (Snaps his fingers together)

Rouge and Omega: (Appear)

Rouge: (Teases Jack in a flirty way)

Jack: (gets annoyed by Rouge's teasing, but then blushes in embarassment)

Patricia: (sighs) Guess we need all the help we can get.

Amy: (sighs) I'll guess I'll just go.


(At Eggman's Lair)

Eggman: YOU FAILED?!?!

"Zero": Sir, I did the best I could. Do not blame me-

Eggman: Ahhhh, SHADAAP! (Slaps Zero)

Orbot: It's because of Shadow the Hedgehog. After all, he's the ultimate lifeform.

Cubot: (Pirate's voice) And ye grandfather's creation.

Eggman: .....

Cubot: What?

Orbot: What should we do about Jack & Patricia who has also attacked Zero?

Eggman: (Growls) Summon Metal Sonic. Together, their strength is impossible to defeat!

Orbot: Yes sir. (summons Metal Sonic & activate him)

Eggman: Metal Sonic, Zero. Go attack Station Square and capture Jack the Hedgehog and his friend.

Metal Sonic and Zero: As you wish. (Leave)


(At Amy's House)

Amy: (sighs) No one wants my help today. (notices the Piraka had moved in next door) Hi Neighbour.

Zaktan: (growls) Amy Rose.

Reidak: Sound familiar?

Avak: Yep. (imitates as Timmy Turner's dad) Dinkleberg

Hakann, Vezok & Thok: (laughing)

Zaktan: Quiet guys, can't you see I despise Amy Rose.

Reidak: Dude, can't you be nice to our new neighbour?

Zaktan: She is my long time rival ever since I first met her.

Avak: Oh right.

Daffy: (Walking down the street with Bugs and notices) Well, me and Bugsy here.... you don't wanna know!

Bugs: No offense, Daf, but you're the stupid one....

Daffy: Hey! I got straight D's in math!

Bugs: (Sighs) And I got A's. (Faceplam)

Amy: Hi Bugs & Daffy.

Daffy: Hey, stalker hedgeho-

Bugs: (Elbows Daffy) Hey, Amy!

Amy: How's it going?

Bugs: (Shurgs) Not much.

Zaktan: (notices Zero & Metal Sonic attacking the town) Not much? Then how do you suppose 2 robots are attacking the town?

Bugs: (Beat) Ummm....

Amy: (gasps) That's Metal Sonic! A Robotic copy of Sonic. And who's that? (points to Zero)

Zero: (Rolls it's eyes) Ugh. More hedgehogs to deal with. (Slashes at Amy)

Amy: (carries out her Piko Piko Hammer to protect herself from the slash)

Thok: Whao! What is that?

Zero: You tell me. (Attacks)

Reidak: (tackles at Zero)

Zaktan: (tackles at Metal Sonic) Gotcha!

Metal Sonic: (Kicks off) I am the true Sonic.

Zaktan: Ow!

Vezok: (growls & then rams at Metal Sonic) That Metal Sonic reminds me...of my father... Doh! Now I'm crazy!

Zero: (Helps Metal Sonic)

Amy: Looks like we need some help.

Zaktan: Why bother, there's 7 of us & only 2 of them. There's no way that there's metal versions of us.

Bugs: Not to mention, me and Daf.

Amy: So that's 9 of us & only 2 of them.

Zero: (Kicks Amy)

Amy: Ow! That hurt! (hits Zero with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Jack & Patricia: (from nearby) (notices Amy, the Piraka, Bugs & Daffy fighting against Metal Sonic & Zero) (gasps)

Jack: Shadow, Rouge, Omega, look!

Patricia: There's Metal Sonic & Zero. And Amy, the Piraka, Bugs & Daffy might need our help!

Metal Sonic: (Glances at Jack) So there you are, orange hedgehog. (Tries to capture Jack)

Jack: Oh no!

Patricia: Hiiya! (uses Iron Tail at Metal Sonic)

Zero: (PIns Patricia)

Metal Sonic: (Captures Jack fully) One more to go.

Jack: Shadow! Rouge! Omega! Save us!

Hakann: Let him go! (tackles Metal Sonic)

Zero: (Red scerlas turn to light blue, and lets go of Patricia) Hm.... (Shakes 'her' head and walks away, not heading towards Eggman's base, though)

Amy: (breaks free Jack with her Piko Piko Hammer) Your free.

Metal Sonic: Zero is a traitor. I must tell the boss. (Retreats)

Jack: Thanks Amy.

Amy: Your welcome.

Zaktan: So what's going on here?

Jack: You see, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Patricia & I are trying to stop Zero & Metal Sonic, but I just want to know, what just happened?

Patricia: Zero's eyes turn from red to blue & then Zero lets me go & leaves. I wonder why?

Shadow: It's called "scleras".... the white part of the eye.

Patricia: Oh ok then.

Bugs: Eh...

Jack: So now what should we do?

Daffy: (Shurgs)

Patricia: I think we're safe for now.

Shadow: That is..... for now.

Jack: Yeah.

Patricia: Let's just relax for a bit & when Metal Sonic comes back, we will be ready for him


Orbot: (notices Metal Sonic is back) Eggman, Metal Sonic has returned.

Eggman: Yes... but Ze-

Metal Sonic: Master, Zero is a traitor. Forgive me....

Cubot: Oh my goodness! Zero's a traitor! What are we going to do now?

Eggman: (Growls) We'll find another way to take over Mobius....

Cubot: (pirate's voice) Arrgh! How are we gonna do that, captain?

Eggman: Meh. (Shrugs)

Orbot: (starts searching the files of Jack & Patricia) Sir, I am searching the info about those two new enemies & they are Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia the Skunk.

Eggman: Ummmm...... I know about them already. I assigned Metal Sonic to find them and capture them, but he failed. (Growls)

Orbot: Oh yeah, sorry.

Eggman: (Sweatdrop)

Orbot: Although, we have info about Patricia's special defence system & that is her Skunk spray, which she uses to defend herself from her enemies.

Eggman: Hm....

Cubot: That Skunk Spray of her's could be smelly & I hope it doesn't melt the metal.

Eggman: (Nodds)

Orbot: We'll check more info about the both of them later.

Cubot: Okie dokie then

Eggman: (Sighs)


Jack & Patricia: (at the park)

Jack: Patricia? I wonder why Rouge is teasing me in a flirty kind of way?

Patricia: I think Rouge likes you.

Jack: (blushes when he heard that) Oh my.

Jim: Sheeeesh. And I thought you had a wife!

Jack: Oh yeah, I do have a wife & her name is Blaze the Hedgecat.

Jim: (Rolls his eyes)

Patricia: Hi Jim.

Jack: What is Rouge trying to do, anyway? I've already had a wife.

Jim: (Shurgs) Don't Know....

Patricia: Anyways, let's just relax & forget about it, ok?

Jack: Ok then Patricia.

Jim: (Faceplams)

Jack: What?

"That's All Folks"

The En-

Jim: Hold it! If we wanna air, then we gotta have a good pilot ending! Besides, what ever happened to that robot?

Jack: I'm not sure.

Patricia: Me neither, and what happen to Amy & the Piraka?

Amy & the Piraka: (arrives)

Amy: Hi guys.

Zaktan: Amy & I had settle things out & we've decided that I'll be living with Amy Rose to learn more of our new friendship. I'm putting Avak in charge of the Piraka's house while I'm still learning on how me & Amy can turn us from rivals to best friends.

Jim: Friendship my-

Skittles: (Slaps Jim) (Speaks in a "Hood" accent) Jeez, bro, why you such a JERK?

Amy: Sure Zaktan, you can live in my house to learn about Friendship. (hugs Zaktan)

Zaktan: (hugs Amy back) Don't worry, Amy. I'll study about friendship, harder than ever before.

Daffy: Seriously? This isn't even the plot!

Bugs: (Sighs) Just shut up, Daffy.

Amy & Zaktan: (walks back to Amy's house together)

Daffy: (Faceplam)

Reidak: Now that's what I call a happy ending.

"That's All Folks"

The End



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