Wacka Doo Doo is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It's a Special Double-Length Episode)


It was a beautiful day on the farm & we see Foghorn Leghorn is getting ready to make fun at Barnyard Daug

Foghorn: (holding a 2x4)

(A poster can be seen, Saying -- "Wecolme! Greetings! Come to HyruleLand! Where you can discover the wonderous Hyrule! Have some fun!")

Foghorn: (goes up to Barnyard Daug) (holds up Barnyard Daug's Tail & spanks Barnyard Daug's bottom with his 2x4) (drops the tail & runs off)

Barnyard Daug: (chases Foghorn while barking at him, but got yanked himself by a piece of rope tied to the dog house & Fell down)

Foghorn: (throws a Cream Pie at Barnyard Daug's Face) Enjoy, ah say, enjoy your cream pie, Daug (laughing)

Jim: Yay!! I've got a ticket to HyruleLand!!! YES!!!!! (Does 'Eario's beat') thumb|300px|right|Yup.

Foghorn: (notices Jim is dancing) I wonder what that Kid is up to. (goes up to Jim) Now what's all, ah say, what's all this hub-bub are you doing here?

Jim: Eario is-a here today-- Oh, i jus won a ticket to the new Theme Park, HyruleLand.

Foghorn: HyruleLand, I never, ah say, I never heard such a place before

Jim: Well, HyruleLand is a place, A wonderful place! It's games and fun, until your donee!! C'mon, sing! ThIs is a musical, ya know!

Foghorn: (sighs) Alright, ah say, alright Jim if that's what you want then I'll just sing & after that, I'll go back to make fun of that Dauuuuuuug! (Covers his mouth) Does that, ah say, does that sound coming from me?

Link, Zelda, Sonic and Mario: Well, why don't you come along and sing this song?

Foghorn: Well o thank you, I am very sorry, but I don't have time for that right now. Because I'm enjoying out here in the Farm

Jim: The park is fun, the day is done. come down to the club, bub!

Link: If you don't stay, then it's okay! You don't have sing along!

Sonic: Go ahead and play your Pong!

Mario: I say-a go ahead any play your-a Pong-a!

Foghorn: What the heck, I'll just go with you, because it's getting boring around here anyway, like someone gets a ding-dong on a Gong (rings a Gong & the Gong Sound waves, makes him shake everywhere & falls on his belly) Alright, ah say, alright, but what the heck. I'll go

Jim: Great! (Gives Foghorn a ticket to HyruleLand)

Foghorn: (grabs the Ticket) There's something, ah say, there's something fishy is going around here & for once it isn't that Daug


Jim: Get ready!! (Gets in the car)

Kyle (Jim's older brother): Well, K, bro! (Gets in)

Foghorn: I'll just travel by foot. Because if I, ah say, if I don't, I'll never get to stop & see the Country Side's beautiful view

Sonic: (Goes at fast speeds)

(As everyone goes, Foghorn Leghorn starts walking to HyrulePark)

Foghorn: I still think there's something fishy going on around here)

(Foghorn passes a Post with another poster, Saying -- "Wecolme! Greetings! Come to HyruleLand! Where you can discover the wonderous Hyrule! Have some fun!". Then the poster blews away by the wind revealing another poster that says "StripperLand: The world is yours")


Foghorn: (arrives at the Theme Park in front of the Entrace to the Theme Park) Here, ah say, Here I am

Emo Dwag: (Sighs) Tickets, please.

Foghorn: Oh yeah (gives Emo Dwag the ticket) Here you are sir

Emo Dwag: Thank you...

Foghorn: (enters in, still wondering what's going on)

Vector (The manager): Hey!! Wanna map, visitor? I'm the manager!

Foghorn: Why man yes. I'll take, ah say, I'll take one please? Cause it's a Deal !

Vector: Here you go! (Mutters; i'd hate to give it for free, but yeah..)

Foghorn: (grabs the Map & looks at it) Hmm, this is, ah say, this is kinda a little bit arkward. But where are the others at?

Jim: (Licking a Link loli-pop) Let's go to the Hyrule tour Ride!

Link, Sonic, Mario, Zelda: Yeah!!

Foghorn: There they are. Yoo Hoo, ah say, Yoo Hoo! I'm over here!

Jim,Link, Sonic, Mario and Zelda: (Go to the Hyrule tour ride)

Foghorn: Hey! Wait for, ah say, wait for me! (goes after them but he was too late to go on the tour ride) Oh well, maybe later

"Tourist": Welcome to Hyrule, a wonderful place! (Gives everone a fake sword) You might wanna use these. *Gasps and points to a cardboard Octarock* It's an Octarock!! Get it with your sword!!

Link: (Fires his real sword at the cardboard Octarock)

Vector: (Sees everything) WHAT WAS THAT?!?!

(The ride stops and everyone stares at Link)

Link: What did i do?


Foghorn: I missed the ride. (to Audience) Sometimes, ah say, sometimes it's like a tatoo, it gets under your skin. Hmm, something is strange around here

Link: What?!?!

Vector: Go on, WORK!!

Foghorn: Oh well, time to go on the next ride (goes to the next ride) HyruleLand is a place to have fun, Do Dah! Do Dah! I'll have a nice Hotdog on a toasty bun! Oh the Do Dah Day! (humming in the same tune) I'm getting tricked with lots of puns, Oh the Do Dah Day!

Jim: I've got a feeling, that Tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night!

Foghorn: (humming) E I E I Oh! (Humming) E I E I Oh!

Sonic: (In a auto-tune voice) Yeahh!


Spirit of Evil: (Grins) Heh heh heh.


Foghorn: Yoo Hoo, ah say, yoo hoo! Where are you guys?


Foghorn: What in the, ah say, what in tarnation is going on here?


Foghorn: Now what was, ah say, what's all the excitment about?

Spirit of Evil: Judgement Day is.. TODAY!!! (Wicked and evil laugh)

Foghorn: Well what do you, ah say, what do you know, it's a boy! (hugs the Spirit of Evil, thinking that he is his new adopted son) I always, ah say, I always wanted a son

Scarface, the Halfbreed.

Spirit of Evil: I look inside myself and see my heart is black, i see my red door and must have it painted black. Maybe then i'll fade away and not have to face the facts, it's not easy facing up when your whole world is black!! No-more will my green world will turn a deeper blue, i could not forsee this thing happening to you!

(An ACME Anvil suddendly falls from the sky, smashing the Spirit of Evil in the Process, knocking him out in the process as well)

Foghorn: TWO BITS! (splashs a Rainbow on Spirit of Evil, making him Rainbow instead of Black) The Rainbow Colour is the place for Good, Do dah, do dah. I paint the Doors back to the colour they should, oh a doo dah day (paints the door back to red) Oh the do dah day! Singing the whole day long! I am singing the Rainbow Song, oh a doo dah day!

(A Halfbreed appears)

Foghorn: Oh hello there, who are, ah say, who are you?

???: (Growls) Scarface. I'm selling cocaine-- uhh, i mean...stuff.

Foghorn: Anyways, I think the boy wants something, but what?

Scarface: (Snarls)

Foghorn: What did I, ah say, What did I say?


Scarce: Heh he he. This will be great! My plan to control the World is working. But i'll need help from... Shredder.

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (appears behind him)

Turahk: Don't worry Scarface, we'll find him

Scarce: Great.

Turahk: Alright Rahkshi, let's move it.

(The Rahkshi goes out to find the Shredder)

(But Scarce didn't notice the note from the Rahkshi that says "Dear, Scarce, don't forget we're still facing our #1 Enemy & it's Amy Rose, but don't worry, we'll find her, from the Rahkshi. P.S. Here's a picture of Amy Rose to know who she really is")

(We see Amy Rose's Picture right beside the Note from the Rahkshi)

Scarce: A..note?

(He reads the note)

Turahk: (Voice over) Dear, Scarce, don't forget we're still facing our #1 Enemy & it's Amy Rose, but don't worry, we'll find her, from the Rahkshi. P.S. Here's a picture of Amy Rose to know who she really is

Scarce: (Grins)


Foghorn: Hmmm, I wonder, ah say, I wonder where is Sonic, Link & the others be at?

Sonic: Here!

Foghorn: (notices Sonic is behind & jumps a bit in fright) Whao! Don't, ah say, don't scare me like that, boy. You nearly, ah say, you nearly scared the pants of me, frankly I don't wear any pants, only feathers

Sonic: Sooo, what's up?

Foghorn: Do you, ah say, do you have the feeling you we're being watched?

Sonic: Nope.

(Just then the Rahkshi appears & Turahk grabs Sonic by the Neck & Panrahk grabs Foghorn by the Neck)

Turahk: Your coming with me gentleman

(The Rahkshi goes back inside the Black Dodge Humpback Panel Truck with Turahk holding Sonic by the Throat & drove off with them)

Vorahk & Kurahk: (puts Foghorn & Sonic inside the Cage)

Foghorn: (inside the Cage with Sonic) Uh oh, here we go again. Hey boy, ah say, hey boy, what's the big idea grabbing me by the Throat for, I gotta breathe air you know

Lerahk: Ahhhh Shad Up! (smacks Foghorn in the head with his Staff)

Guurahk: (giggles)

Turahk: You 2 shall be the perfect bait for capturing our #1 Enemy: Amy Rose

(The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear, with a random Resetti plush)

Michealangelo: Hey, dudes! Not cool!

Panrahk: Buzz Off, Turtles! (smacks the turtles with his Staff)

Vorahk: Nice shot !

Panrahk: Thanks

Kurahk: (to Turtles) Bye, bye.

(The Rahkshi drove away in the Black Dodge Humpback Panel Truck with Sonic & Foghorn in captivity)

(But the Rahkshi didn't notice Amy Rose entering HyruleLand, as they drove away)

Amy: Sonic? Oh Sonic. (looks around) Where'd he go? He said he's meeting me right here in HyruleLand, I wonder why he didn't show up (gasps as he noticed the Turtles got attacked) Oh dear (goes up to the Turtles) Are you guys alright? What happened?

Ralph: Yeah yeah, we're okay!

Don: I'm sorry, but he meant to say we're fine.

Amy: That's good, I thought you guys are hurt. My name is Amy Rose

Leonardo: I'm Leonardo, but call me Leo for short. So, i'm guessing you're a Mutant...Cat?

Don: Hedgehog, Leo.

Amy: Acculty, I'm a Mobian Hedgehog from Planet Mobius & we're on Planet Mobius. (notices the Tire Tracks on the ground) Hey look. I think I saw Tire Tracks.

Mikey: Wut n'tha heck is that?! '3'

Amy: Must've been a Truck or something

Mikey: Hey, dude! ...Ess, want some Pizza?

Amy: (sighs) Ok. But I wonder what happen to Sonic & Foghorn? I haven't seen them. (sighs) Where could they be?

Leonardo: Who?

Amy: Sonic the Hedgehog & Foghorn Leghorn. I haven't seen him in a while. I've checked everywhere in the theme park & there's no sign of him. Where could they have gone? (notices a Note) Hey guys. There's a Note

Leonardo: What does it say?

Amy: It says "Dearest Amy Rose, you ruined our lives by putting us in prison because your the good guy & the Rahkshi & I are the bad guys. But the Rahkshi & I have escaped and we're going to make you pay. Kindest regards, Turahk: Leader of the Rahkshi"

Mikey: Not cool! It's those people again!

Amy: Wait a minute, You know them too?

Don: They're the ones who attacked us!

Amy: (looks back at the Tire Tracks, to see that are Green) Have you noticed that the Tire Tracks are Green instead of Black?

Don: Strange..

Amy: Looks like those Tires belongs to the Rahkshi.

Mikey: Well, c'mon, dudes! We have no time to waste!

Amy: Let's follow those Tracks! (follows the Green Tire Tracks) Let's go!

Ralph: Yeah..

(Amy & the Turtles follows the Green Tire Tracks that leads all the way to the Rahkshi's Secret Lair which is an Abandon Warehouse)


(with the Rahkshi)

(We see the 2 Captives: Sonic & Foghorn Leghorn inside a Thick Dome covered in Electricity)

Lerahk: Looks like we've got the 2 Hostages, eh boss?

Turahk: Yeah, it's the only way to trap that Pink Hedgehog

Guurahk: But what about the Shredder, will he'll be joining us soon?

Panrahk: I guess so, we have to find the Shredder. Scarce said so

Vorahk: Yeah, he'll be joining us in 10 Minutes. It's like playing til the Cows come home

Kurahk: But when will the Cows leave?

Turahk: Oh never mind (looks at the 2 Captives: Sonic & Foghorn Leghorn) At least we have the 2 Captives to trap that Pink Brat

(Hey Sponge, mind playing as Shredder?)

(Spongebob100: Ok, but do you think you play as the Shredder better than me?)

(I dunno)

(Spongebob100: Then let's find out)

????: Rahkshi ! (appears to be the Shredder)

Turahk: Ah, the Shredder, the original arch enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Shredder: I see you men have got our ransom

Kurahk: For you Shredder & our new boss: Scarce

Scarce: (Appears) A plesure to meet you.

The Shredder: Pleasure's all mine.

Lerahk: What should we do with the 2 Captives, boss?

Scarce: Make them slaves!

???: Sorry, but I don't that's gonna happen! (jumps down & reveals to be Amy Rose)

Amy: Who are you? (points to Scarce)

Scarce: Who am i? I'm Scarce the Wolf!


Amy: Ok then, now let my friends go or your in or some serious pain

Turahk: Oh yeah? You & what army?

Amy: (whistles)

(As Amy whistles, the TNMT Appears beside her)

Amy: This one

(Scarce's wolf pack of seven appears)

Flare the Wolf

Amy: Looks like your prepared aren't you?

Sonic: Be careful Amy

Foghorn: And watch, ah say, watch out for their teeth, they're very sharp you know

Amy: Got it. (to TMNT) Let's do it, to it!

Flare (One of the Wolves in the wolf pack): I'M BURNING FOR YOU!! (Laughs insane)

Amy: Oh yeah? (puts on her Fire Fighter Hat & grabs a hose) Say "Cheese"! (sprays Flare with a hose spraying water)

Flare: (Firebends)

(But the Water beats fire, so flare got sprayed by water)

Flare: (Mutters) I couldn't even beat Korra...

Amy: (sprays more water at Flare with a hose, causing him to lose his Fire Powers for 4 seconds) Ok who's next?

Frost: Me. (gets water and waterbends, freezing Amy) Your friend won't move until the ice melts.


...I'm sorry. (Slient crying) I was forced to become a villain, if i betray the pack, i'll be killed..

Amy: (frozen) Oh, I can see why. Fortuanetly, I always keep an ACME Fire Power Ring for such an Emergency (the ACME Fire Power Ring activates itself, melting the ice, freeing Amy in the process) (shivering) T,that's was cl,cl,close (normal) But I feel much better now. (To TNMT) Guys, there's only 6 left, but one of them is forced to be a villain & it's Frost. Leo & Don, you guys take the 2 wolves from the left side. Ralph & Mikey, you guys take the other 2 wolves from the right. I'll take care only 1 Wolf from the Middle.

Leonardo: Got it!

Frost: (Growls) But i'm not gonna be killed. (Attacks Flare)

Amy: I'll help you take out Flare & the Wolf in the middle

Frost: (Slashes Flare)

Amy: (smashes Flare in the head with her Piko Piko Hammer, making Flare feel see stars) Take that, you bad Flare Wolf !

Wind: See if you can defeat me, Leonardo.

Leo: (Slashs Wind with his Katana)



Amy: How are you going over there Leo?

Leo: Fine.

Amy: Oh that's good, I thought you need some help

Ralph: (Fighting Flare with Mikey)

Don: (Fighting Wind with Leo)

Amy: Ok, I guess Frost & I had to take care of the other 4. Let's see which one of the other 4 Wolves will have to come face me first

Frost: (Fighting the wolves)

Amy: (helps Frost fight the wolves) Frost, I'll help you fight the wolves off, with my Piko Piko Hammer (slam the Wolves in the head with her Piko Piko Hammer) Ok, let's stop those evil doers. Guys, you take care of the Shredder while Frost & I take down the Rahkshi. (charges at the Rahkshi)

Turahk: Get her!

The Turtles: (Charges at Shredder)

Rahkshi: (charges at Amy & Frost)

Turahk: I'm gonna ram'em!

Amy: Look out! (carries Frost & jumps over the Rahkshi)

Turahk: What the?

(The Rahkshi turned back to see Amy carrying Frost waving goodbye to them & then they look back to watch where they're heading for....)

Rahkshi: (eyes widen) AHHHHHH!!!

(The Rahkshi crashes into a pile of ACME Anvils & the ACME Anvils got toppoled over the Rahkshi crushing them)

Rahkshi: (comes out of the Wreckage of the Anvils & feels dizzy from crashing into a Pile of Anvils)

Amy: Ow, they should've watch where they're going. Remember "Look before you leap".

Shredder: (Charges at the Turtles)

Amy: Looks like I'm taking on Scarce! (to Scarce) Yoo hoo! Mr. Evil Man. Come & get me !

Scarce: Glady. (Rams into Amy, giving her slight damage)

Amy: (blocks the attack with her Piko Piko Hammer) Close, but no Chilly Dog (slams Scarce on the head with her Piko Piko Hammer, giving him heavy damage & dizziness)
421px-Talvan the Halfwolf

Talvan (Evil)

???:(Bites her leg growling)

Amy: YEOW! (smacks ??? in the head with her Piko Piko Hammer) BAD DOG! Go on shoo, stand in the corner & think about what you have done (her orders made ??? scared & goes away)

???:(Barks and Attacks with rabies) Make me, I am Talvan the Halfwolf

Amy: (dodges) Oh yeah? (her Piko Piko Hammer grows to a Humongus size & it's the same size as Humongasaur, making Talvan the Half looking scared) Taste Hammer you bad wolf from the wolfpack you! (slams Talvan flat like a pancake, crushing his bones in the process) (picks up Talvan's Body & puts him in the Trash Can)

Talvan:(Snaps the hammer in half and claws amy)

Amy: (dodges out of the way & pulls out another Piko Piko Hammer) I never run out of Piko Piko Hammers! (smashes Talvan into Pieces) Come & get me you bad dog !

Talvan:(Turn the hour to night and attacks) I am the last of the Moon slash clan I controll the day and the night

Amy: (dodges, making Talvan crash into a pile of ACME Dumbells, knocking himself out by accindent) Is Princess Celestia the only one that can control the day & night? (notices Talvan is getting weaker & weaker)

Greywing:(Attacks Talvan)

Amy: (walks up to Greywing) Hi there, who are you?

Greywing:I am greywing the Skywolf, Darkstorms new pet

Scarce: (Growls)

Greywing:(More Feircome and barks)

Leonardo: (Has Scarce by the neck)

Greywing:Frost listen to me, join me I won't let them harm you

Amy: (looks around & notices that the Shredder is gone) Where's the Shredder? He's gone!

Scarce: (To Frost) Don't listen to her! Join me, and i'll do anything for you!

Amy: Don't be fooled Frost. Scarce is just tricking you into joining with him again.

Frost: .. (Walks up to Greywing) I'm on Greywing's side.

(Someone grabs Scarce from behind & handcuffed him & it's Foghorn Leghorn wearing a Police Uniform)

Foghorn: Scar, ah say, Scarce...your under arrest in the name, ah say, in the name of the Law!

The Shredder: What?! How did you & that Blue Hedgehog escape? I'm gonna...!

Amy: (slams the Shredder in the Head with her Piko Piko Hammer)

The Shredder: (knocked out)

Amy: And your out !


Amy: How did you & Sonic made your escape, Foghorn?

Foghorn: Acculty, Sonic & I only get out, ah say, only get out of the trap when it was funny

Amy: Figures

Scarce's wolf pack: (Joins Amy)

Scarce: What are you doing?! WAIT, DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!! I BEG FOR MERCY!! ARGH!! (Gets attacked by his former Wolf Pack)

Amy: Looks like the Wolf Pack have a Bone to pick with Scarce.

Foghorn: Hey you made it funny.

Amy: Yeah I guess I did. Are you ok, Sonic?

Sonic: (Sighs) Go... to... my house? Heh heh!

Amy: (gasps) (hugs Sonic) You do love me, Sonikku!

Sonic: >.>

Greywing:(Attavks Talvan)

Foghorn: Come on, ah say, come on guys, let's get outta here. Cause those Villains have got to go

Link: Yeah!

Amy: Link? What are you doing here? I thought your back at HyruleLand fixing the ride for 2 whole weeks

Link: Vector let me go..

Amy: But why? He said "2 Weeks without pay"

Link: He forgot about me when he won 10,000 rings.

Amy: Oh ok, are you sure you want me to remind him that he's forgotten about you or not?

Link: Nah..

Amy: I think it's better to remind Vector. You could get into even more trouble if you don't do what Vector says. Sorry about that. Now if you excuse me, Sonic & I are going to have a date together (turns to Sonic) Right Sonic?

Sonic: Ames, i'd rather date Sally or Mina... but... okay..

Amy: You will? (hugs Sonic) Thank you Sonic, come on. I know just the place for you to relax. A Nice night in the Park (holds Sonic's Hand & goes to the Park with Sonic) Come on Sonic, let's go!

Sonic: heh..

Foghorn: When you gotta, ah say, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Rahkshi: (emerges from the Anvils)

Turahk: Oh now you tell us.

"That's All Folks"

The End