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  • Solina the Hedgehog
  • The Chameleon (disguised as Sonic) [Solina's Version]
  • Amy Rose [Solina's & Amy's Short Version]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog [Solina's & Amy's Short Version]
  • Solina the Hedgehog
  • The Chameleon
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Amy Rose
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

We are in Love is a Merrie Melodies from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes replacing Lola with Solina & Bugs for The Chameleon.

When the Chameleon tries to get revenge on T.U.F.F. & Sonic for putting him in Jail by Disguising as Sonic to frame Sonic the Hedgehog, but Solina mistakens the Chameleon as Sonic.

(This is the first Merrie Melody that have more than 1 Version of the Song)

(The Chameleon is the First Villain to sing a Merrie Melody)

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Prologue TranscriptEdit

(It was a Dark & Stormy Night in the Petropolis Prison & the Chameleon is now ready to be released)

Police Man: Well, your a free man Chameleon. Just sign here on the dotted line to your personal belongings. (And The Chameleon did) (gives the Chameleon his belongings back) Here's your wallet, a pair of keys, a Hi-Tech Transformation Suit when fell into the Wrong Hands can lead to utter world annihilation & a Bag of Crickets

The Chameleon: What about my Sunglasses? (takes out his Sunglasses & puts them on, but the Shades got fallen off because of his eyes) Well these are so much better than they are at the store

Police Man: (stamps on the Contract saying "RELEASED!")

(The Chameleon is now released from Jail)

The Chameleon: (goes outside of Jail with his box filled with his Belongings) Free at last! Now it's the perfect time for my plan to get my revenge on T.U.F.F. & Sonic for putting me in Prison. (takes out his Hi-Tech Transformation Suit from the box)

(The Chameleon puts on his Hi-Tech Transformation Suit)

The Chameleon: Now to plot my revenge & I got the perfect disguise (transforms into Sonic) I am now Sonic the Hedgehog, Fastest Hedgehog on Mobius. I'll get my revenge on Sonic, by framing him for the Crimes I committed for him. Ooh Ladybug! (shoots Tounge & eats the Ladybug) Now nothing can stop me now! Hehehehehehe!

(The Song suddendly starts playing)

The Chameleon: Wait, what's that sound? Oh well (Sonic's Voice) Time to plot my revenge!

Solina's Full Version LyricsEdit

Solina: Been thinkin' for while and there's something I gotta tell you.

(Sonic [The Chameleon]: Uhh, I'm kinda busy here.)

Solina: Been thinkin' that our love for each other has grown so very strong.

(Sonic [The Chameleon]: Love? Wait, what?)

Solina: It's plan to see we're building our worlds together.

(Sonic [The Chameleon]: Uhh, back up for a minute, toots.)

Solina: I'm looking in your eyes right now and I can tell you feel the same.

(Sonic [The Chameleon]: Ack! You're choking me!)

(Both Solina & Sonic [The Chameleon] fell into the Pink Water, with 2 Pink Fish forming a Heart, & the Chameleon got electrocuted by the Water, transforming him back to normal & then back to Sonic)

(We Are In Love)

Solina: I am so in love today.

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (emerges from the Water & get chased by Cupids firing Love Arrows on him, but dodges them every time) I think I'm gonna run away. (closes the Door behind them)

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (Trying to call someone for help) Did you tap my phone lines?

(We are in love)

Solina: Yes, I tapped your phone lines.

Sonic [The Chameleon]: I won't lie, you're a very pretty lady. (runs off)

Solina (Thank you)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: But you're super, super, crazy. (Runs off to Acapulco)

You make me want to move to Acapulco.

Solina: (Oh, I'll go with you)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (in the Shower back home) You know I'm thinking I should get a restraining order.

Solina: (Those are so hard to enforce)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: Cause your car is parked outiside my house. (Now we see Squidward coming back to his Easter Island Head House from the Krusty Krab)

Every night this week. (Squidward spots Solina & goes through a Dog Opening on his front door)

Solina: (Your friends are sweet)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: You're the reason that I have to keep my shades drawn.

Solina: (I'll watch you through the chimney!)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (Turns on the Alarm System with Motion Beam Detectors) I've installed an alarm system.

With motion beam detectors.

Solina: (I have the code)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: AHH! Aw come on! (goes inside the Closet)

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (his eyes appear in the dark) Give me just five more minutes. (Solina's Eyes appears in the Dark) (Turn on the Lights & notices Solina again)

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: WHAT THE...?!

Solina: I think that was five minutes.

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (starts banging on the Door) LET ME OUTTA HERE! (Goes outside the Closet relieazing that Solina moved in with him)

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: Did you just move in with me?

(We are in love)

Solina: Yes, I just moved in with you.

(Scene cuts to Solina rinding a Unicorn with Sonic [The Chameleon] on a Rainbow)

(We are in love)

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (Jumps off the Unicorn & starts falling) No, we're no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ot!

Interlogue TranscriptEdit

Amy: (catches Sonic [The Chameleon]) Sonic, what's the matter?

Sonic [The Chameleon]: Huh? Amy, what are you doing here?

Amy: I'm just walking around, building up the Energy I need. So what's new with you?

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (Looks around) Phew, she's gone

Amy: Who's Gone?

Sonic [The Chameleon]: Solina, but I'm glad all that's over

Solina: Hi Amy, Sonic and I just sang are first love song.

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (facepalms as he spots Solina again) Aw come on!

Sonic #2 [Real Sonic]: (appears) Hi guys, what love song are you talking about Solina? By the way, who's your good-looking friend?

(Both Amy & Solina are shocked & surprized to find that there's 2 Sonics)

Amy: (gasps) Wait a minute? There we're 2 Sonics?

Solina: 2 Sonics, for each of us.

Amy: But which one is the real Sonic?

Sonic #2: I am the Real Sonic, there's no such thing as another me

Amy: Wait if your the Real Sonic, then who's that with Solina?

Sonic [The Chameleon]: (nervous clinging to Tree) (chuckles) Why are you looking at me like that? I've been chased by her (points to Solina) And I don't know what you're talking about. (Chameleon's Voice) Oooh, Silver fish! (shoots tounge & eats it)

Solina: (gasps) Your.....THE CHAMELEON (takes out boxing gloves) How dare you trick me? Your gonna pay for pretanding to be MY Sonic-kun.

The Chameleon: (Transforms back to normal) Yes. Hehehehehehehehehe. It is I, the Chameleon! I only disguise as Sonic the Hedgehog to get my revenge on him & T.U.F.F. for putting me in prison, but thanks to you, I kept getting huggies & kisses from you. But I like it, I like it

Amy: But why would you like Solina's Huggies & Kisses for?

The Chameleon: You see (Flashback) I was very lonely without a girlfriend to talk to & then sometimes I stand alone in the rain and I can hear you & your Boyfriends enjoying your romantic dates with each other with you making out with each other, enjoying your ice cream, sharing personal stories, hugs & kisses.. and rainbow sprinkles. (end of flashback) But since I'm in love with Solina now thanks to her Love Song, I will have to do the girlfriend job myself! (pulls out rocket launcher aiming at Sonic) Oooh, ladybug! (eats ladybug)

Solina: (In her demon voice) YOU SHALL PAY!

Amy: (has her Red Boxing Gloves on) (In her Demon Voice) BIG TIME!

The Chameleon: Whoops, I forgot about Solina's & Amy's Boxing Abilities. PAR SAP VON DOO DOO!

(Amy & Solina punches the Chameleon to the Sky)

The Chameleon: (got shot up to the Sky by Solina & Amy) (screams) (falls back down to Jail)

Police Man: Well welcome back, Chameleon. Hand over the Hi-Tech Transformation Suit.

The Chameleon: (changes into his Jail Clothes & hands the Hi-Tech Transformation Suit to the Police Man) Ok, but I'm keeping the Pens, I'm it's owner.

(Back to the others)

Solina: (Normal Voice) Oh Sonic-kun, I'm sooooo sorry for ever believing that ugly gecko was you (kiss Sonic on the lips) will you ever forgive me?

Sonic: I uh...?

Amy: (Normal Voice) I'm sorry Solina, but Sonic is my Girlfriend so... (kisses Sonic in the Lips) So there. (a lightbulb appears over her head) Wait a minute, I got a great idea. How about we'll both kiss Sonic together & Cooperate as a team

Solina: That a great idea, Amy.

Amy: Let's kiss him!

Sonic: (notices Amy & Solina putting on their Lipstick & they are ready to kiss him) Uh oh! (runs off)

(Amy & Solina chases after Sonic)

Solina's & Amy's Short Version LyricsEdit

Amy: Solina & I are thinking about you

(Sonic: I can see that)

Solina: Because we both love you so much then anybody else

(Sonic: Wait what?)

Amy: That's why, Solina & I decided to work together to go on a date with you

(Sonic: You & Solina, on a date with me? Together?)

Solina: That right, sweetheart Sonic and also we both want marry you.

(Sonic: Oh no!)

(We are in love)

Amy: Solina & I are in love with you today

(We are in love)

Sonic: I think I'm gonna run away! (zooms off, but Amy & Solina stops in front of him)

(We are in love)

Sonic: Did you gain Super Speed?

(We are in love)

Solina: Yes, we gain Super Speed

Sonic: HELP ME! (goes inside a Dark Room)

(We are in Love)

Sonic: Give me just about 10 minutes? (Amy & Solina appears behind him)

(We are in Love)

Amy: I think that was 10 Minutes

Sonic: YIPE! (goes outside the Dark Room to reveal that he's in a Dance Studio)

(We are in Love)

Sonic: Did you take me to the Dance Studio?

(We are in Love)

Solina: Yes, we took you to the dance studio

(Solina & Amy rides a Unicorn with Sonic on the Rainbow)

(We are in Love)

Sonic: (Jumps off) No, we're no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ot! (plummets right into jail)

Solina: we will wait for you, Sonic-kun

Amy: Yeah & by the way, that was our True First Love Song, Sonikku

Sonic: (sighs in relief) At least I'm safe from Solina & Amy

The Chameleon: (is in the same cell as Sonic) Hey Mac.

Sonic: (turns to see the Chameleon)

The Chameleon: What're you in for?