Werehog Hedgehog

is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful Day in Danville & Phineas and Ferb are making Postions for Science

Phineas: We made lots of Postions but none of them is Speical, what do you think Ferb?

Ferb: (Creates a Postion) I made a Postion that is made by Dr.Jerklly who has been turned into Mr. Hyde

Phineas: Ferb your a Genius, that is very Special but it's too Dangerous

Candace appears

Candace: You guys are sooo Busted well I tell mum about...

Sonic: (appears) Hey guys what are you doing?

Candace: None of your Bussiness

Sonic: (Grabs the Postion that Ferb makes) Boy A Drink sure is nice, I'm getting Thristy

Phineas: Wait, don't drink that!

Ferb: Stop

But it's too Late, Sonic drank all of it

Sonic: Ahhhh, Much Better (Hiccups) (Turns into Werehog)

Candace: Ahhhhh

Werehog: (Roars)

Candace: (Runs away while Screaming)

Werrehog: (Chases after Candace)

Phineas: That's just weird


Amy: (Skips along while Humming a Tune) I wonder how Sonic is doing

Candace: (Ran past Amy)

Amy: Hey, Wait!

Candace: (Stops) Run there's a Huge Monster right behind you

Werehog is right behind Amy, but with a Hiccup, he turns back into Sonic before Amy Turned around

Amy: (Turns to see Sonic) (Turns back) Hey, who are you calling Sonic a monster, he is my Boyfriend

Candace: But he is a Huge Dark Blue Monster with Sharp Teeth & Snarls like this (Snarls)

Amy: Please leave me alone & don't ever call Sonic a Monster ever again

Sonic: (Touches Amy on the Shoulder) Amy

Amy: (Turns to see Sonic) Sonic

Sonic: Um there's something I need to tell you that I am....

Amy: You don't have to tell me, Jokes over

Sonic: (Facepalm) I gotta go (Walks away)

He walks pass Garfield having Lassange

Sonic: Hi Garfield (Hiccups) (Turns into Werehog)

Garfield: Hi Sonic (Turns to Werehog) Ahhhhhhh (Runs away)

Werehog: (Chasing Garfield)

Candace: (Turns to see Werehog again) Ahhhhhhhhhh (Runs away with Garfield)

Amy: (Notices Candace & Garfield are been chased by Werehog) I don't know what's going on, but I....Oh well (Goes into the Building) I wonder what Building this is?(Takes the Elevator to the Top Floor)

She didn't know she is in the Doofenshmirts Corrperated

Werehog: (Chases Candace & Garfield into the Doofenshmirts Building)

Garfield: If this is an Emergency, I don't know what will

Candace: Oh Brother

Garfield & Candace: (Still Screaming & took the Stairs up the Building)


Garfield & Candace are on the 5th Floor


Garfield & Candace are on the 14th Floor


Garfield & Candace are on the 22nd Floor


Garfield & Candace are on the Top floor at Last

Candace: That's a lot of Stairs

Garfield: Now I need 10 Lassanges to feed my Stomach in an Entire Lifetime

Werehog: (Made it on the Top Floor without Breaking a Sweat) (Growling)

Amy: (Appears right next to them) What's going on here? (Sees Werehog) Eek! Candace I am Sorry, for not Trusting you

Candace: I'm sorry too, any last Regrets

Garfield: I Regret, I've never ate an Entire Cheese Cake

Werehog is getting closer to them until a Cage Trap him out of Nowhere

Amy: What's going on here?

Dr. Doofenshmirts Appears

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Gotcha, Perry the Platipus, Now I....(Notices Werehog in the Cage) Oh Come on

Werehoog: (Hiccups) (Turns back into Sonic)

Sonic: What is going on here?

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Oh Great, do I have to speak it out to you, anyways here's my plan, All I need to do is to Create a Postion that's changes me into Mr. Hyde & I've finished it Already (Shows them the Postion) Behold! "The Hydeinaitor" !

Sonic: That's the Same Postion that I Drank

Dr. Doofenshmirts: I guess I need to... What the?

Just then Phineas & Ferb arrives with an Antidote

Phineas: Ok Sonic drink this

Sonic: Ok (Drinks the Antidote) I'm cured

Amy: (Hugs Sonic) Hooray, My Sonic is ok

Sonic: Cut it out Amy, don't wrinkle the Fur

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Alright enough is enough, now I have drink the Postion I've created and...(Notices the Bottle is Empty) What happen to my Postion?! (Turns to Amy) Amy!

Amy: What?! That's it, no one is Blaming me so I say Goodbye & Farwell to thee (Leaves with the Others)

When Amy & the Others Leaves Dr. Doofenshmirts, Perry the Platipus appears

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Perry the Platipus, I guess your here but Unfortanly, someone already stop me & I guess she is Pink with a Red Headband, Red Dress & Red Boots with a Stripe that goes from the Top to the Tip, well she is Happy, Joyful and.....

Perry: (Kicks Dr. Doofenshmirts & hands him a Perry Dummy made out of Dynimite)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: (Grabs the Dummy) Gotcha Perry the Plati....(He notices that this is a Dummy made out of Dynimite) Ahhhhh, Perry no!


Perry: (Leaves)

Dr. Doofesnhmirts: Oh Well, Curse you Perry the Platipus, Blah,Blah,Blah (Faints)


Later at the Park

Amy: It is beautiful out here guys

Sonic: It sure is

Garfield: It's time to have a Picnic

Candace: I guess there's no such thing as Monsters

Phineas: I guess all well that ends well

Ferb: And we are completly Safe

Amy: (Turns to a Pink Werehog with Sharp Teeth, Her Quills is 3 times larger & her Clothes are still there with Spiked Bracelets & Spiked Boots)

Ferb: Although I could've been wrong you know

Everyone has Ran away from Amy Rose in her Werehog Form while Screaming & that means she has Drank Doofenshmirts' Postion

Amy: I wonder what's going on with them (Munching on a Carrot)

"That's All Folks"