Zira's Vengence is a Amy Rose and Looney Tunes Ep.

Zira had survived her near drowning experience, thanks to her loyal bodyguard Everburn the Halfbreed (Incomplete clone of Darkstorm and very dangerous) now they plan to exact their revenge on the pridelanders and their betrayers. First step though is to ally with Shan Yu and Layla and kidnapp Thrash who is now a year old. Can our hero's stop Zira and Everburn with their new ally, a theif named Sly Cooper the Racoon?

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(This is VenomTheEchidna's last episode along with "Amy's Late Halloween Episode!", after that she moved on to ARATLT: Restored, Redone, Rebooted)


Sly:(Reading the Thevius Racoonus)

Dante: (Former gnaw wolf, had become a member of the Watch)

Jack & Patricia: (riding on Patricia's Flying Broom)
Frost Wolf Faolan


Patricia: So how did you enjoy your Flying Broom ride?

Jack: Very nice, thanks for asking.

Patricia: Your welcome Jack. Anything for a best friend.

Faolan: (Welcomes Dante, then continues his conversation with his mate, Edme.)

Sly: Hmmmm

Jack: (notices Sly) Who's that down there?

Patricia: I have no idea. Let's go say hi.

Jack: Good idea

Patricia: (flies her flying broom to the ground & then hovers her Flying Broom only a few inches above the ground) (to Sly) Hi there.


Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: (waves hello)

Dante: (Growls)

Jack: (To Sly) So it's very nice to meet you Mr...

Dante: (Slashes) Who are you, and why do you come to the Watch?!

Jack & Patricia: (dodges)

Jack: (To Dante) Who are you?

Sly Slows time

Jack: (looks around) Whao

Patricia: Wow.

(The Wolves of the Watch all group up)

Dante: I am Dante. (Points his muzzle to Faolan and Edme) This is Faolan and Edme. Everyone else will be imtroduced....soon..

Faolan: (Growls) Dante, stop acting like you run this place!

Jack: What's that?

Greywing:(Skywolf)*Attacks Faolan*

Dante: (Growls and attacks Greywing)

Silverpaw:(Greywings ma lands)Leave my daughter alone

Jack & Patricia: (notices the fight)

Jack: What the barnicles is going on here?

Patricia: I have no idea what I'm looking at.

skywolf puppies are seen

Jack: Look Patricia, puppies.

Patricia: Aww, they all look so cute & adorable.

the puppies are Greywings pups

Dante: (Takes one of the pups away)

Fengo: What are you doing?!

Dante: She attacked Faolan for no reason!!

Fengo: Put the pup down!!!

Jack: TIME OUT!!!

(His shout causes everyone to look at Jack)

Jack: Uh hi?

Dante: (Teeth bare)


Dante: (Sleeps)

the pup runs to fengo

Jack: Sorry to interrupt but you guys gotta stop arguing each other.

Sly:(In the Shadows)

Patricia: Where did that Raccoon run off to, Jack?

Jack: I don't know. He never even mention his name.

Fengo: (Licks the pups)

Patricia: I guess we'll never know.


(At Layla's House in the Dark Forest)

Layla: (giggles) I wonder what should I do today?

Kaz: (Enters) Layla, i have heard, of a wolf pup that is a malcadh, or cursed one, since she has a twisted back leg and cannot use it. I have also heard that Zira lived. Should we team up with Zira and kiddnap the pup?

Lyra. Base by Caneage on dA. Base --

Layla: That would be a great idea Kaz. Let's go to Zira's place & asked her for help.

?????: You mention my mistress

Kaz: (Nodds)

Everburn:(Face clawed)

Layla: (To ?????) Yes, why did you asked?

Kaz: ??



Lyra: (Playing with a root)

Everburn:(Walks in)

Jack: (points to Lyra) What's that?

Patricia: I don't know, but it looks so cute.

Lyra: (She cannot use her right back leg, since it's twisted)

Everburn:(Heals lyra) Sick 'em girl

Lyra: (Thinking - My back leg is healed? Does this not make me a macladh?)

Jack: I think we should get outta here.

Lyra: (Had just noticed her plumage on her chest) No....

Patricia: Wait Jack, look.

Jack: (notices Everburn) It's Everburn.

Patricia: What's he doing here with the female cub?

Lyra: (Growls) Pup..... My name is Lyraus, called Lyra. And i rekon you people are...?

Patricia: Sorry

Jack: Our apologizes, my name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk

Everburn: (Teleports them away from his, Lyra's and Zira's home)

Jack: Okay? What just happened?

Patricia: I don't know.


(With Layla & Kaz)

Layla: (arrives at Everburn's, Lyra's & Zira's home) Kaz, we're here.

Everburn:(Petting Lyra)

Layla: Greetings, my name is Layla the FoxSkunk & this is my new friend, Kaz


Layla: Calm down, we're here to see Zira.

Everburn:(Walks in)

Layla: Hey there, you must be Everburn.

Lyra: (The ghost of Luna, her second milk giver, protecting her)

Layla: And Kaz & I are here to see Zira

Lyra: (Thinking - Great Lupus, protect me) (Pounces on Everburn)

Layla: (goes to Zira with Kaz) Hey Zira.

Zira: Who are you? (Growls at Lyra) GET AWAY FROM HIM!! (Slashes at Lyra)

Lyra: (Growls and bites at Zira's ear, giving her a bigger notch than the one than before)

Layla: (to Zira) My name is Layla the FoxSkunk & this is my friend, Kaz the Dog

Everburn:(Roars and nuzzles Lyra)

Lyra: (Scratches Layla and runs away)

Everburn:(Picks up Lyra by her scruff)

Layla: I guess Lyra is a strong scratcher. (waves her dark magic wand, healing herself, making her scratch marks dissapear)

Everburn:(Licks bathes Lyra)

Layla: There we go, good as new.

Everburn:(Roars, Looks like Darkstorm but evil)

Lyra: (Snarls)

Layla: You were saying, Zira?

Zira: Hmmm, we should raise the pup, she could help us take down the heroes....

Layla: Great idea, Zira. Kaz, what do you think?

Kaz: I agree.

Layla: Then it's a deal

Zira: (Nods)

Layla: Now that we have Zira in our side, our plan would be in completion, Kaz.

Everburn: My lady If I may say, Sonic and Amy have a son as you know

Zira: ....His name?

Everburn: Thrash the Hedgehog

Layla: And don't forget about their daughter, Terra.

Everburn: I have no interest in the girl

Lyra: Hmmm.... (Thinks of a new name for her - Ni for 'i am' in swahili....and Maudire for 'curse' in french... Nimaudire? Sounds stupid, but it works...) My name's.... Nimaudire. (Gives a slight chuckle that no one hears)

Everburn: Good

"Nimaudire" (Lyra): So....

Everburn: Welcome to the Pride

"Nimaudire": (Smirks)


Layla: Anyways, let's stop those Pridelanders or my name isn't Layla the FoxSkunk, which it is.

Everburn: You have no Authority, only Zira decides

Layla: (sighs) Fine. What's your plan, Zira?

Zira: (Pancing) Nimaudire and Everburn distracts the Pridelanders and attacks the Ring of the Sacred Volcanoes, where the wolves of the Watch reside. Then, i ally with Shan Yu, and Layla and Kaz, you two track down Thrash.


Nimaudire: Hmmm, seems like a good plan.

(Our pc tp)


(At the Sacred Volcanoes)

Greywing:(Licks Dante)

Jack: So what should we do, Patricia?

Patricia: I'm not sure.

Greywing: Protect this place, I must go to Airial Battle Watch, we sky Wolves are feared warriors in the sky

Dante: I will, along with the Fengo and Faolan....

Greywing:(Flies up to the Clouds)

Jack: What is this place?

Patricia: I'm not sure, but there's volcanos everywhere

Jack: No wonder this place is hot all of the sudden. Right Patricia? (No answer) Patricia?

John:(Greywings Ladies man Son) *Flirts with Patricia)

Patricia: (giggles)


Patricia: Oh sorry Jack, this is John.

Jack: Hi John.

Patricia: He's Greywing's Son

Jack: It's very pleased to meet you John.


Anu: Patricia

Patricia: Oh Hi Anu (hugs Anu) How's my Husband doing today?

Dante: Jack, Patricia, as far as i'm concerned, there's only four Volcanoes, here.

Jack: Sorry. Patricia & I didn't know that.



Nimaudire: (Panting) We're almost there.

Everburn:(Licks Lyra)

Layla: Ready to track down Thrash, Kaz?

Kaz: Yes....

Layla: Then let's go get Amy's Son. And we betta be careful, he could be crafty.

Kaz: (Nodds)

Layla: (hops on her Dark Flying Broom, side saddle) Then hop on, Kaz.

Kaz: (Gets on)

Layla: Let's go (flys her flying broom with Kaz, trying to find Thrash)

Nimaudire: (Has arrived at the Watch)

Layla: (spots Thrash) There he is.

Nimaudire: (In hiding)

Layla: Kaz, let's sneak up on Thrash. (hides in the bushes with Kaz)

Kaz: (Smirks)

Layla: (quietly sneaks up to Thrash)

Thrash:(Playing with his ball)

Layla: (now behind Thrash)

Kaz: (Following Layla)

A future Flash shows Thrash as the future of all evil

Kaz: !!!

Layla: What the?! (shakes her head) (captures Thrash in a sack) Got him! Let's get outta here.


Kaz: (Smirks)

Layla: (hops on her Dark Flying Broom) Hop on, Kaz.

Kaz: (Gets on)

Thrash:(Grabs Layla's butt)

Layla: Hey! Thrash, quit grabbing my butt cheeks!


Layla: Kaz, what is Thrash doing? And why is he grabbing my butt cheeks for?

Thrash:(Hugs and sleep)

Layla: Looks like he likes me & he is sleeping like a baby. Now that's adorable. Let's head backto

(Layla & Kaz hops on Layla's Flying Broom & heads back to Everburn's, Lyra's & Zira's Home with Thrash in their posession)

Thrash:(Suckling Zira, hungry from the trip)

Nimaudire (Lyra): (Nuzzles Thrash)

Layla: (to Kaz) Now that we have Kaz, the others will acomplish their plans

Everburn: Somewhat

Layla: Zira, Kaz & I have captured Thrash for you.

Zira: Good.....

Layla: Now it's Nimaudire's & Everburn's turn.


Layla: (to Nimarudire & Everburn) Good luck you two

Everburn: Yeah


(Back with Jack & Patricia)

Jack: So what should we do?

Dante: Dunno.....

Nimaudire: (Finally arrives)

the Sky Wolf armies arrive

Patricia: What is that?

(The wolves of the Watch group with the Sky Wolf army)

Sky wolf Females giggle at the Watch males sounding in heat

Jack: I have no idea what I'm looking at. I think we betta sneak in & find out what they're up to with these. (pulls out 2 ACME Camoflauge Suits) It also comes with female size (gives Patricia the Female ACME Camo Suit & then puts on the Male ACME Camo Suit, which covers his whole body except his face & his tail) There

Patricia: (puts on a Female ACME Camo Suit, which covers her whole body except her face & her skunk tail) I look nice. And it's skin-tight too.

Jack: Let's go

Jack & Patricia: (sneaks in the bushes, getting closer to the Sky Wolf Army & the Wolves of the Watch without them noticing the two)

Faolan: ?

Jack: We betta make sure that we're not being watched

Patricia: Okie dokie

A Skywolf Male:(Bites Patricia's tail)

Faolan: (Glares at Nimaudire) You come to the Watch because...?

Patricia: Ouch!

Jack: Patricia & I are checking out to see what's going on?

Patricia: (comforting her Skunk Tail)

Nimaudire: (Growls)

Jack & Patricia: (notices Nimaudire) Who are you?

Nimaudire: (Looking more like a lioness than a wolf. Is a gyre soul)

Jack: Who is that?

Patricia: I'm not sure.

Sky wolf male walks to Nimaudire

Nimaudire: (Fully transformed, roars) Who are you? (Nimaudire's past soul has taken over her)

Jack: Maybe we can find out who she is later. (points to Nimaudire) Right now we need to go outside & have some fun

Patricia: Okie dokie

Nimaudire: (Glares at the Sky Wolf Male) Don't think I'm still here. Because Nimaudire sure isn't. I am not Nimaudire. I am Galan, one of the great kings of the past. Us lions have the same heaven of owls, bears, and wolves. All the heavens are one. But I fell off the star ladder and was born as a wolf.... explaining why I am a lioness....

Darkstorm: (Appears) Talk

Galan: Hmmm?

Jack & Patricia: (notices Galan)

Darkstorm: I grow tired

Patricia: (notices her skunk tail sencing something) Oh my, my skunk tail is fluffing up like crazy. I feel it senced something evil

Galan: (Roars)

Patricia: (to her Skunk Tail) What is it girl? (her skunk tail begins to sputter) Hmm, my skunk tail named "Skunky" said that a lioness named Zira is using her plan to stop the Pridelanders & the wolves of the watch.

Nimaudire: (Partly transformed) That's right....


Jack: Hope you like pie. (throws a pie at Nimaudire)

Nimaudire: (Spits acid blood)

Jack & Patricia: (dodges the acid)

Jack: Whao, that Acid is strong, thanks for the warning about Zira's Plan

Patricia: Your welcome. And you can also thank my Skunk Tail, Skunky

Everburn:(Pins Patricia and bites her tail)

Nimaudire: (Slashes at her face, helping Everburn keep her pinned)

Patricia: Ow! That really stings like a bee sting.

Jack: Don't you touch her! (spindashes at both Everburn & Nimaudire, helping Patricia get away)

Patricia: (gets up & comforts her tail) Thank you Jack

Jack: Don't mention it. Now let's get outta here & warn the others. (carries Patricia, bridal style & then makes a run for it while carrying Patricia)

Faolan: (Howls)

Jack: Do you think we've lost them?

Patricia: (uses chaos heal on her face & on her tail) I don't know, let me check (looks around to make sure that their safe from Nimaudire & Everburn)

Faolan: (Slashes at Nimaudire, looking more like a bear)

Jack: (notices Nimaudire & Everburn) Man, these guys never give up, do they?

Patricia: I think we need some help.

Jack: Like who?

"Faolan" (Eo): (Roars)

Patricia: Maybe that Racoon can help us

Jack: Who? Rigby? Who is Mordecai's friend?

Patricia: No, I meant that robber racoon, Sly the Racoon.

Jack: Oh, nice. Let's ask Sly for help

Faolan/Eo: (Slashes at Nimaudire)

Patricia: Let's go.

Nimaudire/Galan: (Bites Faolan/Eo's ear)


Nimaudire/Galan: (Roars)

Faolan/Eo: (Roars)

Jack: What are we gonna do about them? They're tearing each other apart

Patricia: I know. We need Sly's help (notices Sly) And there he is now

Sly: Who are you?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And my name is Patricia the Skunk

Sly: Sly Cooper

Faolan/Eo: ????

Jack: Nice to meet you

Patricia: We need your help. It's Zira, her plan is to take over the Pride Landers & the Wolves of the watch.

Sly: THey have Thrash

Faolan (Normal): Thrash...?

Jack: Oh no, they got Amy's Son.

Patricia: We gotta find Zira & her lackeys before it's too late

Jack: Yeah. Of course you realized, this means war.


Zira: (Pancing)

Layla: So, when is the time to attack the Pride Landers & the Wolves of the Watch, Zira?

Zira: (Roars) THEY FAILED.

Layla: And I think I know why. It's that Orange Hedgehog name Jack the Hedgehog along with his Female Skunk friend, Patricia the Skunk.

Zira: (Glares) And the wolf, Faolan.

Everburn:(Half his face gone)

Layla: We have to stop these 3 before our plan breaks apart.

Everburn:Agreed, my lady I volunteer my self to deal with Vitani

Zira: Go ahead....


Layla: Hm, who wants to stop Jack, Patricia & Faolan for us?

Everburn:(The Skull part of his face is seen) Me

Nimaudire: (Howls)

Layla: Excellent choice.

Everburn:(Licks Nimaudire and leaves)

Layla: Jack, Patricia & Faolan doesn't stand a chance

Nimaudire: (Nods)


Jack: So where do you think Pride Rock is?

Patricia: I have no idea. I never been there before

Jack: Me neither.

Faolan: Pride Rock? I've been in the Beyond, the Outermost, and the Distant Blue. That's all....

Jack: Still, how can we find Pride Rock?

Faolan: Don't know, but we can atleast try.

Patricia: (notices Pride Rock) There it is!

Jack: Great spoting Patricia.

Faolan: But..... it's so far away....

Patricia: How are we gonna get there if it's so far away?

Faolan: Just use your flying thingie...?

Patricia: You mean my Flying Broom?

Faolan: I'm a wolf.... I don't know anything about that stuff!

Jack: Ok then. By the way, I have Super sonic speed cause I'm the Cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Patricia: Say Faolan, wanna hop on my flying broom?

Faolan: Oh, sure. I'm faster than an average wolf, but I'm not THAT fast..... (Gets on)

Jack: Let's go (runs in super sonic speed towards Pride Rock)

Patricia: (rides off on her Flying Broom with Faolan, following Jack in the same speed as Jack)

Faolan: !!!!!

Patricia: What do you think of your first Flying broom ride?

Faolan: Well..... I've never flewn before.

Patricia: Well I guess this your first time.

Jack: (stops) We're here.

Patricia: (stops) We've made it.

Faolan: (Gets off)

Patricia: (hops off)

Jack: Now then, let's go meet the lions. (climbs up Pride Rock)

Patricia: (climbs up Pride Rock as well)

Faolan: (Runs up Pride Rock)

Jack: (looks around) Hello? Is anybody home? We need professional help

Faolan: (Nods)

Patricia: (nods as well)



Rafiki: (In his tree)

Layla: (appears behind him) (giggles evily) Hey.

Rafiki: (Knocks her out with his staff) Rafiki knows who you are.

Layla: (falls on her back)

Kiara: (Hears it)

Layla: (knocked out)

Kiara: (Drags Layla to the other lions)


Jack: (looking around for any lions) Guys? Have you found any lions here?

Patricia: Not yet, but we're still looking.

Faolan: (Sees Kiara dragging Layla) There's one. (Points his muzzle to Kiara)

Patricia: And look who she captured.

Jack: That's Layla!

Faolan: (Runs up to Kiara) Cuse' us, but we need some help.

Patricia: Do you think you can help us stop Zira?

Kiara: And how is she alive?

Faolan: We don't know, but she's planning to kill us...

Patricia: We have to stop her, but how?

Layla: (suddeldy wakes up slowly) Ow that actually hurt. (notices Jack, Patricia, Faolan & Kiara) You!

Faolan and Kiara: (Growl)

Jack & Patricia: (gets into their battle stances)


(Kiara and Faolan charge at Layla)

Jack: Here she comes!

Jack & Patricia: (charges at Layla)

Layla: Hah! (uses her Dark Magic to levitate Jack, Patricia, Kiara & Faolan up in the air) Not even my time

Jack: Hey! Get us down!

(But Layla is seen in the air too, in the grasp of a light silver hedgehog)

Darkstorm:(Chanting in Latin and glows White)

Silver: (Slams Layla into wall)

Everburn: NOOOOOOO

Nimaudire: (Growls)

Everbirn:(Bites Silver)

Silver: (Groans)

Everburn: Run

Silver: Ugh..... !!!!!

Layla: (crashes to the wall & then gets up slowly) Hey Silver, care to take our Telekinesis up to another level?

Jack & Patricia: (lands on the ground, but Jack falls flat on his face)

Jack: (gets dizzy) (slurry) Uh guys? Maybe we can turn it down a noach?

Patricia: (to Nimaudire & Everburn) Remember, your asking for it. (throws two pies at Nimaudire & Everburn)

Everburn:(Burns the Pie)

Nimaudire: (Dodges) Pathetic.

Jack: (spindashes Everburn & Nimaudire from behind) There's mud in your eyes. Litterally there's mud in your eyes

Heep: (Appears) Not fair. (Tears some flesh from Jack's ear, letting go of the duo)

Jack: Hey! Who are you?

Faolan: Heep!

Heep: You bet it's me, mutt.

Edme: (Had arrived by using the last of the Sark's potions) Never call him a mutt! (Rams into Heep)

Greywing:(Echo Howls)

Jack: (inflates his chewed up ear back to where it was before with his ACME Body Restore Inflater) Much better

Patricia: (sprays her Skunk Scent at Heep)

Heep: (Coughs)

Patricia: Gassy, isn't it?

Jack: Yep & not to mention, smelly & ripe too.

Edme: (Growls)

Jack: Patricia & I we're talking about Patricia's Skunk Scent.

Edme: So?

Patricia: My skunk scent is one of my main defences

Edme: Yes.... but what about Nimaudire and Everburn? I don't care about the skunk stuff now...

Patricia: Oh ok then. They're asking for it. (sprays her skunk scent at Nimaudire & Everburn)

Edme: (Bites them)

Jack: So what now?

Layla: (fighting against Silver)

Silver: (Kicks Layla in the face)

Kiara: (Slashes at Layla's leg)

Layla: Ow! That actually hurt.

Amy: (whistles at Layla)

Layla: (turns to Amy) What!

Amy: Come & get me (kisses Layla in the lips & runs off)

Layla: (spits out Amy's kisses & chases after Amy on her Dark Flying Broom, riding side saddled)

Everburn:(Slashes Kiara's Face)

Kovu: (Sees) KIARA! (Attacks Everburn)

Amy: (lets Layla chase her & goes right in front of Everburn)

Layla: I got you now!

Amy: (sidesteps to the left, making Layla crashes into Everburn, Nimaudire & Heep)


Amy: Watch your step guys (giggles)

Layla: (growls) I guess I need Kaz's & Zira's help.

Kaz: Hmmm... do you? Because I quit! (Joins Amy)

Layla: Aw what?!

Amy: Sorry Layla, but your friends are tied up for the moment (points to Everburn, Nimaudire & Heep who are tied up by Amy's Allies) Now to stop you & Zira.

Layla: You will regret this!

Kaz: No Layla, you will.

Amy: (Smashes Layla with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Everburn: FIRE SHEILD (He and his allies are engulfed by fire)

(The hammer then burns froms it)

Amy: My hammer! It's burnt to dust. Good thing I got another one which is fire proof (pulls out another Fire Proof Piko Piko Hammer & then uses it against the Fire Sheild)

Kaz: (Howls)

Layla: Don't make me use my Skunk Scent on all of you!

Everburn:(Grabs Layla and Teleports)

Amy: Buh Bye, Layla. (giggles)

Kaz: (Would call her a slut, but realizes it's a kid's show) Awww... darn it.

Amy: Now to stop Zira.

Jack: How do we stop Zira again?

Patricia: Hmm this is a tough question

Darkstorm: I think I know a few guys but I don't think you'll approve

Amy: Ok, so who are they?

Jack: Yeah, who are they?

Darkstorm: Davy Jones

Amy: (gasps)

Amy, Jack & Patricia: Davy Jones?!

Davy Jones: Someone call?

Amy: Hi there. I believe that we need your help on stopping Zira.

Davy Jones: At a price

Jack: And what price could that be?

Davy Jones:(Your immortal soul

Jack & Patricia: (gasps)

Amy: Yeah yeah, I know. My immortal soul. I've seen this a thousand times already in TV

Edme: (Growls) Amy!

Amy: Yes?

Edme: (Mumbles) Nevermind....

Jack: I don't want my soul to be taken away

Patricia: Me neither

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a soul from Soul Edge)

Faolan: Okay....

Amy: I guess that'll do. Thank you Darkstorm.

Davy Jones: Ok 

Amy: Alright then, let's go stop Zira together!

Davy Jones:(Heads to his ship the flying Dutchmen)

Faolan and Edme: (Follow)

Amy, Jack & Patricia: (follows as well)


(On the Dutchmen)

the crew are cursed pirates

Faolan: (Is reminded of the Others [the humans that onced lived before the dire wolves came back, but all of them are dead])

Amy, Jack & Patricia: (climbing up the anchor's chain)

Amy: We're here

Amy, Jack & Patricia: (goes inside the Dutchmen)

Faolan and Edme: (Already on)

Amy: Alright then, now where's the Flying Dutchman?

Faolan and Edme: Who?

Amy: The Flying Dutchman is the captain of the Dutchmen.

Faolan: By the way, what's a ship? Animals in Ga'Hoole and the Distant Blue no nothing about this!

Amy: A ship is a vessel larger than a boat for transporting people or goods by sea.

Faolan: (Confused) Boat?

Amy: (sighs) Oh boy. A Boat is a small vessel propelled on oars, sails, or an engine.

Faolan: (Teeth bare) I'm an animal, I know nothing about it. Only the owls probably know, they can be blacksmiths or rogue smiths in Ga'Hoole.

Amy: Oh.

Jack: So where is the Flying Dutchman?

Faolan: I don't think he would be on this "ship".

Jack: And he's a ghost.

Faolan: (Facepaw)

Patricia: (waiting for the Flying Dutchmen)

Faolan: I thought it was Davy Jones's ship.... (Sighs)

Jack: Oh. (places his hand on his forehead) Davy jones. I forgot about him when we've got there.

Amy: Me too

Patricia: Me three

Jack: So where is Davy Jones?

Edme: (Annoyed) On this ship somewhere.

Darkstorm: THe Dutchmen is his ship

Jack: Oh.

Amy: Ok Darkstorm, now that we're in the Dutchmen, where is Davy Jones?

Edme: No talking, just searching.

Amy: Oh sorry.

Davy Jones:(Playing his pipe organ)

Faolan: (Hears)

Jack: There he is.

Amy: Excuse me, Davy Jones? We need your help to stop Zira.

Edme: (Nods)

Davy Jones: (Points to a contract)

Faolan: Eh?

Davy Jones: If you do not sort out my contracts before I finish I can't help

Faolan: Wait, contract? ...I'm a wolf. So the hedgehog and the others are gonna have to.... errr, sign it.

Darkstorm: Not sign, sort out his contracts

Faolan: Whatever....

Amy: Oh

Jack: How do we do that?

Edme: (Facepaw) You're the mobians, you should know!

Darkstorm:(Almost halfway done)

Jack: Hey, I have a condition that makes me forget everyting in times of extreme stress you know.

Faolan: ....

Davy Jones:(Plays a bad note)

Faolan: ?!

Davy Jones:(Restarts the song)

Patricia: Ok, we can sort out your contract. (starts sorting our Davy Jones' contracts)

Darkstorm: Done

Jack: Nicely done Patricia

Patricia: Thanks Jack.

Faolan: Hmph...

Davy Jones:(Walks off his pipe organ)

Jack: Now that Davy Jones can help us, let's go stop Zira.

Edme: (Nods)

The dutchmen sets sail

Patricia: Watch out Zira, we're coming to get you.


(With Zira & the villains)

Layla: So Zira, now that we have Thrash in our posession, what is your plan?

Zira: (Growls) We ally with Shan Yu.

Lyra: (Feeding on a ground sloth, the sloth looking similar to Sid from "Ice Age" (It isn't Sid, though. :P))

Layla: Ok then. (looks through her telescope to find Shan Yu)

Lyra/Nimaudire: (Nudges the corpse of the ground sloth to Everburn, if he's hungry) (To Layla) No, idiot. We have to locate where he is...... by foot. There's no way we'll find him with that tele-tele-tel..... thing.

Layla: Telescope. It's a telescope. And ok then. Guess we have no choice. Lead the way Zira.

Everburn:(Eats the Sloth)

(After Everburn eats, everyone follows Zira)

Everburn:(Smells something, and it is far too quiet)

Layla: (suddendly hears some female purring from the background) Hold on, I can hear purring & that purring sounds like Patricia's purring. She's near.

Zira: (Growls) Fine. You deal with the skunk, and we'll find Shan Yu...

Layla: Got it. (goes off to follow the sound of Patricia's purring)

an arrow flies by

Layla: (dodges the arrow) Hey! Who did that?

A hun loads another and aim at Patricia

Patricia: (smirks as she activates the trap, that caused the hun to fall into a slippery pit)

Layla: Huh? How did you...?

(Suddendly more Patricias appears)

Layla: What the heck?!

25 Patricias: (in union) Hello Layla! How did you like my new clone making spell? You can't even tell which one is the real one.

Layla: (growls)

25 Patricias: And I'm not the only one that I make clones of.

Layla: What do you mean?

Shan Yu:(Walks into veiw)

Patricia #12: Who are you?

Shan Yu:(Smirks and Unsheaths sword)

Nimaudire: (Lunges at one of the clones, had tracked down the scent of Layla)

(One of the clones, dissapeared)

24 Patricias: (attacks at Nimaudire)


Zira: (Lunges at the clones)

Patricia #1: Eat this!

24 Patricias: (sprays their skunk spray at Zira, Everburn, Nimaudire, Layla & Shan Yu)

Everburn:(Reverses her own attack on Patrica)

24 Patricias: (coughing)

23 Fake Patricias: (dissapears)

Patricia: Whoopsie! You've found me, looks like you've won the "Spot the Difference" Game. And for that, here's your reward! (gives Everburn a blow kiss & then runs off in super sonic speed as Pink streaks of light, spraying her skunk scent behind her)

Layla: She's getting away! Let's get her! (chases after Patricia)

Everburn:(Steps on Layla's tail)

Layla: Ow! What was that for?

Everburn:(Growls and eyes glow Red) I am in command, you obey me and Zira

Layla: Don't you use the glowing red eyes at me mister (slaps Everburn) And that is for hurting my tail for stepping on it !

Everburn:(Knocks her on her back and slashes it) Hold your tongue next time or I'll do worse

Layla: That's it! (uses her dark magic to slash at his back, his face & his stomach) And that is for slashing my back!

Everburn: Bleeding) I AM YOUR SUPIERIOR

Layla: WELL YOU CAN CONSIDER ME OFF THE GROUP, BECAUSE I QUIT. Q, U, I, T, QUIT!!!! (leaves on her Dark Flying Broom) I'll do it, myself.

Everburn: *Eyes turn Green* 

Jack: (hiding in the bushes far away) Phase 1, complete. (goes back to the heroes)


(With the Heroes)

Jack: (comes back) Layla's out of the group!

Patricia: Then Phase 1 is complete

Amy: Ok, now that Phase 1 is complete, it's time for Phase 2.

Darkstorm: Hmmm

Edme: Huh.... where's Fao- (She sees her mate coming back weakly, his back with scars and neck being bloody. He also has a teared up tail, and his muzzle is covered in blood) lan?!

Darkstorm:*Heals Faolan*

Jack: Faolan, are you ok? What happened?

Darkstorm: Who knows

Patricia: First Kaz has quit the Villains Team, now Layla has quit. We're going so far so good.

Darkstorm: Don't count you luck

Amy: We still have to remain alert for other villains.

Darkstorm: Agreed